Huckabee digs into US companies siding with China, reacts to the NBA

Fox News contributor Mike Hucakbee weighs in on the NBA rift with China. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), ...


sean ausome: China backed by Russia are not good for freedom and human rights.

Living the Dream: Fuk China Trump knows there’s a war with this Pooh bear looking muthafukA. Gotta take them out make China another tourist attraction for the USA!

WAKE UP JEFF: Fake News Martha.

Emmett Mitcham: NBA should go away forever

Chuck Dalton: NBA is irrelevant

Scott Croce: china communist mafia fentenyl is chemical warfare against America

The Sandman: Spend some time in Vegas if you want to see the impact of China in the US. Every large casino has separate Chinese or "far east" teams and bring in huge players by the thousands. And of course Chinese New Year is massive and the casinos spend tons of cash to attract more big spenders every year.

Zen: NFL, NBA, etc all trash. Stop supporting millionaire communists.


Svoon V: Stupid overpaid athletes.

Jelly Belly: Is Huckabee kidding? Everything is about money, just watch this administration. The one with the most wins!! How IS that trade war going? Who cares about the NBA.

Joe Nooze: Oh gee, Huckabee, China isn't our Real Friends?... Oh, thank you for the deep i sight.

mic pic: You stupid round eyes will dance to our communist stick chasing your paper Benjamin's.

Denzo D: It's time for America and the rest of the Western world to reduce, if not stop, trading with a repressive and totalitarian communist regime of China
which has not been playing fair on trade, has a terrible record on human rights and environment protection, steals intellectual properties, cyber-hacks
servers of government agencies and businesses of other countries, spies on governments, belligerently bullies its smaller neighbors in South East
Asia, and illegally claims sovereignty over 90% of the South China Sea building artificial islands in the Spratly archipelago and militarizing the same
with impunity, and now threatening to do a “Tiananmen Square 2.0” in Hong Kong. They can always source their consumer products from friendly
ASEAN countries, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan.

Dustin Daake: Who's this beeeotch. Praying for Hong Kong. Let freedom ring!!! So brave

Street Cat: Don't buy anything made in China . It's real simple

nothing wong: What about if Chinese sportsmen or artists say "they support Trump impeachment"?? How will the US react??

Al Wilk: China says; They will never be a democracy. America! wake up! China is on a mission to control the world. They are the true enemy of the world.


Robert DiMeglio: Asians in general are more concerned with peer pressure and being part of the collective, which makes them ripe for Communist exploitation! the chinese people are victims TOO!

nothing wong: I am from HK. These HK protests were started from a minor of HK people. It is not the majority of HK people wanted. 75% of the HK population still for pro-Beijing!! So please respects the rest of the HK population.

Lloyd Y Benoit: Bible says " Respect the laws of the Land". These old guys really think that China needs us to survive. USA are only 200+ years of existence, if you're China why would follow American laws. See , we are building Walls ,Barriers , China is building highway and bridges around European ,Asian ,African countries. They are reaching out to Caribbean countries.

Tim Penni: China reminds me of a baby.. Dont get what we want we cry

richard corbiere: Why does Huckaby Not mention the fact that FIVE Families Control China.

allnighter2011: my position on this is simple, don't expect a private business, the NBA in this case, to fight our political wars without us giving them the political backing and protection...If we want the NBA to standup for China, we should be ready to ensure they are not harmed, that we impose sanctions on China if they impose sanctions on the USA, etc. We are asking the NBA to face a country, while the US government did not come out officially condemning China for the concentration camps and what's going on in Hong Kong, and we did not take any action or apply any pressure directly or through lobbying a UN resolution... why hold a business to this high standard of taking action immediately on matters of foreign policy when the government itself isn't taking action? by the way forget the NBA, almost all of the big US companies have huge business interests in China, why not demand Apple for example to take a stand?

jan deen: Certain class of people have no difficulty with prostitution on any level. The Chinese have a savage value system outside of their arts.

Crispin Dannug: Reality check: You can't bite the hand that feeds you. The NBA is getting rich from largesse coming from China, so the Chinese leaders are really incensed.

Jake Roberts: What's up? Epstiens not news anymore? Where's Podesta? Is Ruthey still dead?

Gdurant: Filthy dirty pigs in the NBA players that are a bunch of wimps.

Warren Jackson: This is a disgrace china is a pig.

MichaelAngelo RevSantee: Stop Dealin with China ! Switch to INDIA and china Falls and Fails Rapoidly ! Simply PUT: Chin's Economy, DEPENDS on US, NOT the other Way Around ! End of china !


cnccarving: at first, why did you take from china their money?

the forever issue, do not mix sport with politics
usa like the kapernick people, china dont

Phil Donahue: Maybe the NBA needs to move to China and become the CBA. It's time to focus on college basketball.

James Maher: I suggest China retain Herr Mueller to threaten anyone who support HK. Andrew Weissman should be available, too. I am opposed to speech

Clyde Albert: I stand with Lebron 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Gary Sumlin: This is one of the reasons I do not watch NBA NFL or baseball f*** all of them

Michael T: Please get Adam away from the nba... plus the dude looks sick and weird

Rust belt American Patriot: Well definitely am not watching the NBA anymore ! March Madness is definitely over with in my category...

Paul Bee: Only China and America watch basketball anyway, the rest of the world doesn't care

Godfrey of Bouillon: Commies trying to strongarm everyone and attack the free speech. Must be a day ending with y

jason b: Can be pro china for a fee. Send money to queens nyc. Good rates on pro China dictatorship T shirts and bumper stickers! Positive feedback for your atrocities! Save money over NBA whores and go direct.

Jack Brown: The NBA has become the poster child for anti American views. They took a team away from a man who said something in private to his girlfriend. They mostly have used La Broning James as their National spokesman to share their hate for America while prompting China .

Rit Janulawicz: Need to put and keep 40% tariffs on all Chinese products. We should have never done business with them.

Mrs R.W. Foon: The Chinese Communist would never back down; money is their god, so I hope the US do not back down as well and stop pandering to them before it is too late. If they like (the Chinese), let them deal with the east while the US concentrate on looking after its people. God will always protect His people.

HonklerBear: Grabble grabble.

Noah Clark: We all know the double standard, America is a country of free speech? No, it’s really not. Those people are asked to shut up in some issues of America, but they can comment something about other countries, that’s double standard, that’s it. Western medias are evils.

psalm bird: China asked if they would fire him? Quid pro quo???? hehehe

Art V: LeBron sold out!

J Be: Americans should boycott China.
China has no power over the American people. Shame on the People who agrees to submit to China.