Ingraham: A calamitous casting call

Democrats try to make impeachment exciting but Americans just don't care. #IngrahamAngle #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), ...


Red Line: Never trust a Democrat


Alex: Lol who said fossils can’t talk lol 🤣

Insights: Laura, your pathetic monologue seems more like self therapy than any other thing, if it makes you happy just keep sucking it.

Paul Yandle: Moscow Mitch McChina, 2009...
" Our number one priority will be to make sure this is a one term presidency. " You folks evidently revere criminal fascist autocrats, cause that's the crowd you so devotedly support.

Nicole Valiente: Laura why pedobiden is not totally on top of their bs. He’s the one who bribe, extort Ukraine. He the criminal.......Pelocy has MANY coverup.
And lately she is PRAYING! How insulting GOD works...........GOD knows she sold her soul to the devil. F....ken hypocrite.
Laura, demon democrats will cry harder on 2020. It will be the biggest show of the century and the biggest democratic funeral suicide.
With or without impeachment demon democrats lost and this country will NEVER be a SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST CRAP


Randy Whitaker: So tired of negative democrats. We have the greatest country ever and things are going great. They need to do more in helping this great country and our president, instead of trying to drag us down. We need all Americans to get on board and do the right thing by making our country the best ever, I feel that we are on the way of being better than we have been in years, So stand up and be part of the change for the better. God bless the U.S.A.

Emilio: The American people are not stupid this is the biggest B.S by the Democrats, they are telling you on your face that you are stupid yes the Democrats thinks America people are stupid

barski: ABC POLL on FOX NEWS???

Thanks Obama: There you go again...using a Member of the Fake News to push your Faux News agenda...

Rick Fox: Schiff is human trash.

Marimilitarybrat: I want a refund on my tax money wasted on hearing.

Raven Stark: This is the lady who sucked meat with glass in it through straws...

Bob Evers: ..BOMBSHELL NEWS FLASH.....Adam Schiff TODAY announced ...."We will now bring in our SECRET STAR WITNESS....sore loser, Hillary Clinton....who will EMOTIONALLY TESTIFY about her HURT FEELINGS over losing ro Russian Spy, President Trump...." ....turning to House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi...Nancy stutteringly continued,...." ...The CON...sti STI TUU tion....CLEARLY pro PRO-vides a pathway for HURT FEELINGS being an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE!......""

Olivier Bolton: Just boycott these people...
why are they playing their game...
Kick Pelosi Schiff tandem out...Out!

bobby bobbyscotch23: Republicans are like a married lady that is being cheated on and everyone knows it but the wife

Mr Lee: No body cares to watch the dems clown show... we all know the truth. The dems are delusional and will lose either way.

Randy Churchill: Democracy is founded in Greek pagan dualism. Dualism leads to civil war. It can never give you what it promises.

socalpumpballer: she trying to steal tucker's tempo and it's coming off as try hard and awkward

Fran Ponick: The people we voted to go to Congress need to do the job we sent them there to do. They are slackers when they focus on impeachment instead of legislation. In fact, impeachment for them is easier to do than actual work. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

GHOULARDI Boom Boom: Now can we eliminate voting fraud before the 2020 elections?

Mike Reiley: Americans are not watching the investigation because it’s absolutely stupid a total clown show.

SlowBoilingFrogs: You'd think by now, the liberal tears would have all dried up. But no.....they pool their tears into a collective conspiracy tub in which to take turns bobbing for crimes. Too late to come back up for air now. So desperate, they'll willing drown themselves in the attempt.

William Unknown: I remember when Republicans were the party of law and order, as well as respecting our troops, and embracing good family values. Now we have a crooked draft dodging coward in the White House who has said that any of his administration who do cooperate with the law are rats, has also said horribly disrespectful things about American military heroes, and has paid off a porn star for his adulterous affair with her. It is truly unbelievable to watch.

GHOULARDI Boom Boom: The only intimidating of the witness is coming from Shifty Schiff?

bludog: I love laughing in the morning, thanks Dems.

Wild Man of the North now in the South: Fe Fi Fo Fum Schiff

Alec Ohare: When is Schiff's Standard Hotel video going to come out? Many have it! Ed Buck did the same and finally got caught! NEXT!

Tony Garcia: Adam Schiff is SOOOO exciting~ and cute~Only to Don Lemon and the spoiled white hair black glasses brat on CNN

Jess Foster: Eric Eric Eric!!!!

DurdenTyler21: WOW even the democrat owned and bolstered ABC is trying to back out of the original impeachment circus scam! HAHAHA

And how would Yovanovitch have known of Trumps tweet if Schiff didn't read the tweet right to her????
She was in the middle of being questioned and wasn't even monitoring twitter at the time! She wouldn't have been "intimidated" until AFTER her testimony... Ridiculous..

Bubs1214: The DEMS would have a better chance at selling Hypodermic Syringes tainted with HIV then getting ANYONE to buy this impeachment fiasco!!!! I SMELL VICTORY for a second term!!!! GOD BLESS OUR POTUS four more years or as far as I'm concerned HE can BE POTUS 4 LIFE!!!

Clark Kent: GO TRUMP

Graham Taylor: Laura; "Now that's real drama. The type that could bring down the House." Ha ! Laura must be a Q follower, because he said the same thing...

FISA will bring down the House.

Mr X: Fellow republicans... 6 Trump associates convicted, 2 more under investigation, his personal lawyer also under investigation, Trump witness intimidation and tampering live tweets during inquiry. Impeachment is coming. Rejoice! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Bash: Only 91k views because no one who is actually smart, watches the sham Fox News anymore lmao

Shae Nickerson: I'm actually looking forward to next year, when we get the sequel of Demonrat faces when they realize Trump gets 4 more years, and it is all their own fault!! This is going to be priceless.

Frank Murrell: The last thing I would want to see this guy's around a kid reading a book to sorry I know it's now we don't need him around any kids he needs to be locked up.

Gary Gowan: I'd rather have that drag queen with no underwear reading to my kids than that Shifty shift!

Pensa Simpson: Actually, Laura you are very wrong. Many of us are watching the impeachment inquiry and many of us are not democrats but those who believe in our country, our Constitution and the Rule of Law which this administration has abused over and over since Day One. Your propaganda machine is anti-American and you and Fox should be ashamed of yourselves for misleading your audience who believe the propaganda that you spew from the Russian asset in our White House. I am so ashamed that you call yourselves Americans to the rest of the world. We are all watching. When the impeachment and removal of all these thugs is over, your station shall be banned from the airwaves as complicit in this coup. Wow, just wow.

How did so many people partake of this long-planned coup by the Republicans and corporations on our country for power and greed and racial superiority?

Lucky Luciano: Schiff is bringing down the Democratic Party single handedly.

The Stinger: ANYONE at this point, who endorses impeachment, based on testimonies of emotion & total hearsay, should be permanently banned from voting...for being so ignorant.


Larry Dye: If lyings a crime Schiff, Pelosi, and most of the impeachment Democrats should be under the jail. If hipocracy is a crime Schiff would be public enemy no.1.

terry gunderson: Dems just can't seem to learn... they can keep going on and on until everybody looses their Schiff!!

Beastmode -: So the CBS poll says only 21% ate following hearings closely. Huh. An Fox News poll says 51% thinks President Trump should be impeached? I call BULL$HIT on Fox News. Aside from already knowing their poll is full of crap the CBS poll supports that its B.S. plus there are reports that the Fox News polls have been ran by a corrupt company who have been skewing (if that's the word) the polls. Doing things like only polling in known highly democrat populated areas. What a bunch of bull

MIchael C: The arrest of criminals and the reelection of Trump will change the way people see the world. More freedom and prosperity!

REDBEAM58: We are the laughing stock of the world. All this BS and nothing getting done. My head is hanging low.

Kay_J: Why aren’t more people on Fox News defending Chris Wallace?????