Ingraham: Not an Obama re-Pete

Pete Buttigieg is the media's new savior. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX News Radio, FOX News ...


RJ: Why does Laura have an Adam’s Apple?

Cool Monkey MC: Sanders should have been jailed as soon as he admitted being a socialist.Why did our American patriots have to fall in battle.Maybe we should have taken votes when foreign powers tried to take over our country.

Brendan Chwascinski: I believe Putin is the real Antichrist

Brendan Chwascinski: The Antichrist is has already been revealed it was Obama since 2008

dad bear: I saw how Mayor Pete won votes on a fiddled coin toss on the Jimmy Dore show and couldn’t believe how corrupt the Democrats were, then I went back to the Jimmy Dore show to find that Facebook had marked his video as Fake News and the person who marked it as Fake News was an ex CNN staffer

tlbh01: I missed a memo somewhere? Cuz it seems now that these rainbow people are in a special class, getting special treatment everywhere

MrShado: When I was growing up, if journalists wanted to offer an opinion it would say “COMMENTARY” in big bold letters at the bottom of the screen. What happened?

lena pistone: Obama is at least as bad as Convict Biden, Joe #30330

Ina Viljoen: Please try and sound original Laura - not like a wannabe Judge Jeanine.


Brendan Chwascinski: I’m voting for trump tired of all the drama and violence




Steve Preston: Obama couldn't get impeached in eight years, Trump did it in three. Finally something Trump did better than Obama 😃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😃😂😃😂😂😂😁😁😀😀😉

Black Privilege Exists: He's not charming at all.

David Philippi: Wasn't that long ago we heard the same thing about that skateboard riding, anti gun, anti ICE baffoon.........What his name?

Shamcie Pears: Oh no God we don't want Obama's style again 👎🤭🤭

Mike Hill: Why are you guys bitching when the left thinks Sanders is too far left too.

Mary McReynolds: Bernie can't win, period, and neither can any other dimmo candidate. Giggitygig isn't going to get any traction. It's disgusting how MSM grooms the ones they want to run. The Press should be a third party. Giggitgig has the depth of a thimble.

ExIm Asia: Obama was bi so Pete is the just the next step right?

Sal Caruso: Democrats are so bad off they even exhibit tyranny in their own party. like a bunch of cannibals they seek to devour their own kind. Their is no sanity amoung them. The only good ones act like Republicans. They need to abandon the party of disgrace.

Rose Marie Leonard: It just doesn’t matter who wins, the real leader of the DemonRat Party, is Old Nazis Soros, after him it will be his family, Chelsea Clinton, married his grand son, there is no more Democrat Party.

Jimi Jam Passed the Past: Wether it be this fruitcake, or the commie, or the red little doesn’t matter! The Dems have ZERO chance of beating Trump. The numbers don’t lie! Sorry liberal buffoons, the Democrat’s plans for America do NOT surpass what Trump is doing and what Trump has already achieved!! You are idiots for even thinking you have a chance!! Here comes the tears and the pain!!! Trump 2020

Berta Rodriguez: I guess at this point we are ready to vote for a young, honest, educated, and someone with some sense of integrity, all things absent from our joke of a President we have now!!!

A S: trumps corruption on the executive branch under way.
trumps corruption on the legislative branch under way.
trumps corruption on the judiciary branch under way.
What is left of our government?
Poor USA so far away from God and so close to trump.

Christian Runkowski: This is all a plot to allow crooked Hiliary to be called to jump in to save the Democrats. It is so obvious play by the Globalist pack.

iamnotaprophet: He’s basically a US Trudeau.

Jane B: That is sad!!!

Hala Heleu: He could have another heart attack that would spoil everything. Hope he stays healthy and strong.

BoobooJonez: @ 1:12 Caregiver? Call the coroner. He's a walking corpse...

The Dog Tutor: cany buy bernie so dems are freaking... obomba spoke like a preacher and Americans like that

Whiskeybuisness: SORRY there mayor BUTT-GIG................WE THE PEOPLE DONT WANT YOU or your HUSBAND any where NEAR the Whitehouse ........

TRUMP IN 2020 !!!! MAGA !!!! KAGAlways !!!!

Uncle Daddy: Proof Fox is more objective than all the other main stream media sources.

Alvin Choo: Buttockjerk will do a South Bend for his husband.
The POTUS and his hubby the PokeUS

Rick Sibley: I don’t care what anybody else says, he looks creepy to me. Just saying........

Alea iacta est: Bernie vs Bloomberg coming up!
Socialism vs Oligarchy

American Monster: Obama was horrible and they're still trying to attach his name to their boy. They dont get it at all.

Pisces Iscariot: China now owns Fox, still trusted news? Lol

C K: This chick is a straight up puppet... And the sheep will follow.
Fyi; being a Republican or a Democrat will not get you into heaven , keep fighting for what they tell you too.

RAY THOMAS: Pete believes the solution to drugs and crime is therapy! How about education and opportunities? Invest in Americans first. We cannot help others if we don't help ourselves first. Dem's want to give America away.

Larry Pyle: No one's going to put a butt licker in officematter of fact he oughta be throwing out a southbend wherever the hell she wherever the hell he's a mirror at 😂😂😂

Joseph Mann: Correction he is like Obama but white. Your welcome

Chris G: Yeah, Trump 2020 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸👍

Kabuto FH: F*ck Bernie and all the rest!!

Billyballs Littlefalls: It Boy? Yes he takes “it” in the butt! The disgusting freak of nature will never be our president!!!!

Mark Callicoat Sr: Why are these people still even talking about Obama? I’m so sick of hearing about a dead beat president!

Kell Brigan: One of the 2,000 reason Black voters can't stand Buttguage is because people keep comparing being a non-white person to being someone with a mental dysfunction.

Ghost_Troupe: I guess Pete Bootygig will be the first female president too

BullyFrog67: How sad the Democrats have no real choice.Which mean our politics are in bad shape.