Ingraham: Storytime with Adam Schiff

Democrats twist Sondland's words to sell impeachment. #IngrahamAngle #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network ...


Steve Cray: When Sondland walks into a room with another country's Representatives I am quite sure that they have been in the Next Room laughing at this guy! I am just wondering who in the hell appointed him an ambassador for the United States of America! My question is what has the Congress accomplished since President Trump was elected? The answer is absolutely nothing. I don't think the framers of the Constitution when they stated that congressman could say whatever they want in the Well of Congress meant that they could spew any lie they wanted to. These people would have all been charged with sedition and should be! And by the way... What kind of shape is schiff's District in? He doesn't care about his district and he doesn't care about America! He cares about one thing and one thing only... Himself!

Jeff Killingsworth: MY GOD SHITTY SCHIFF!?!?!?! YOU HAVE NOTHING!!


Gunner 1985: Time to recall Schiff?

andrew chambers: American media apart from fox is lower than an african tin pot country

Mohsen Gharib: I believe that woman doesn’t believe herself

LatinRider: Why isn't the media asking Schiff who's paying him to attack the president, it's because he works for the Deep State

Iasan O’lunney: oh whistle-blower OH WHISTLE-BLOWER ...where are you??????

the outdoor family guide winter and summer: So we know Dems do all this but no one is forced to retire or anyone arrested like we are going to go down with these stupid people if we don't get our heads out of our asses come one people !!!!!!!!!

Sid Manchester: The Russian bot farm hacks & their brainwash trolls are busy at work on this comments section. Mostly childish name calling.

FPV RAW Podcast: How can I get his job?

John Holmes jr: Laura Ingraham preaching philosophy what a man looking woman

Linda Diehl: Just because they're sitting in Congress doesn't mean they represent our interests or US. THEY DO NOT LOVE US -- they hate our decision in 2016 -- they hate US -- and they WILL DO ANYTHING (even lie, cheat, steal ANYthing) to get rid of our great President. And this MUST ALL be done soon or they'll miss their paycheck when funding runs out because they've DONE NOTHING for the country!

Jeff Nelson: Laura NAILS IT! BOOM!

Mike MJP52: Trump needs to review every Ambassador and their staff and immediately fire anyone not loyal to him and his foreign policy!

Phil Donahue: Each person that testifies against Trump is another SWAMP creature being exposed. Once all this testifing is done, it will be time for President Trump to fire each of them. It's time for the public to fire the Democrats. It's time for the public to get there news from reliable sources. And we think Ukrain is corrupt.

Mortisha Styles: Snowflacks are dancing in the street with glee oh explosive we got em now.

V Cat: I thought the explosion they were talking about was Eric Swalwel’s fart! 🤷‍♀️🤣😜

Dennis Lucas: Joe Biden reminds me of a Saturday night live interview from the 70s so funny .

Aaaa Bbbb: Nunes is a legend. Love em'

Ms Roxy Baby: Ingram must be a transvestite !! This is abominable

Flat Top: When he said “2+2 =4”
I was SHOOK!

StarSeed: Sondland is a low grade moron.... Can we start firing incompetent/corrupt government Apparachiks now?

Ms Roxy Baby: No there there??? Trump admitted a long time ago I never knew I would be in a World where Ingram would try to place blinders on America. Who can be made dumb by Ingram? Raise your hands

Christopher Steele: Can anyone BELIEVE any more BS, other then my own presumptions?! What a waste of time and a couple Billion dollars worth of BS!!

G.V.: Aww Ingraham trying to make jokes while this joke of a president is getting ridiculed the world over right now. Who's the joke really on here? The American people that voted for Trump 😂

Al 2: Hard to get around the fact that:
1. trump held up aid
2. trump asked for a favor
3. trump obstructing congress withholding evidence
4. trump tried to intimidate witnesses via tweet.

Douglas Adams: If you look into the bottom of the outhouse their is schitt staring back at you ..

The Battle For Ideas: Schiff is evil.

Maggie Vedrenne: Adam Schiff is a traitor to the American people. And thinks the American people are children. And needs to be told how to play.

Ledhole 67: I can't believe that grown people tie themselves into knots to protect a terrible person. Have some self respect FFS. How condescending

Layla Reeves: Schiff really is delusional. The other media cannot be watching, they just can’t be. This is all to besmirch the president nothing less nothing more. Sondland was told by the president he wants nothing by the Ukraine but for Zelensky to do what he ran on to get a meeting with him. That’s it.

Susan Krug: Cindermella, An Impeachment Fairytale.

Chris Allan: Whet evidence? There is NONE!!!! These hearings are a waste of valuable time and taxpayer dollars


David Underwood: Look at the Snowflake dislike button.

Ms Roxy Baby: Get over it like Maloney says GOP Trump is guilty! Yes hide your kids from this disgraceful wicked lies!! Ingram is the 😈

Andy ///: That should read: Stories & Lies by Adam Schiff.

Enriqueta Coronado: NO DACA INBESTIG THEM

vambo13257: the bomb was when he admitted that the Aid was never tied to anythin!

driftingstar Angelicgemz auctions: This is truly sick we now how how truly curupt the govt is and how much they fear Trump and his supporters

Ms Roxy Baby: You have to be a businessman 'business minded to beat Trump you need grownman experience!! Trump has been a career scheme artist and crook for half a century

sevenzdown: "Explosive" Do they not know how ridiculous and ineffective a montage of this sounds in the cold light of the facts? One would think it would embarrass some of them into buying a thesaurus.

Sonya Harshman: Democreeps are going down? Americans want justice for our great president "TRUMP"


Michael RedCrow: NEVER lose sight of the FACT that Adam Schiff is the guy who said he had "clear evidence of Russian collusion " for TWO YEARS . And yet, he never produced it , nor even clarified what that "evidence" was. He told the same LIE over and over for TWO YEARS. That's all you really need to know, nothing else . Schiff has zero credibility and is a plain, every day liar ,and not even a very good one. He has no place being in Congress at all, let alone the head of a critically important committee. Schiff is a weasely modern day Josef Goebbels .

Biber0315: It all seems too incredible to believe that these people actually are the morons they come across as being! Schiff has some serious psych problems.

Citizen EU: Where are all the other video clips about the impeachment inquiry? Is Fox News not really happy with the evidence of Trµmp's criminal behaviour 😂?

Darian Blaine: Story Time Hour...........LMAO!!!!

Gayle Green: When this gets to the senate, Schiff WILL HAVE TO TESTIFY. But I'll bet the dems find a way to keep it from going that far. The REAL TRUTH would be told and they don't want that.