Ingraham: The 'experts' strike again

Why were the experts so off on COVID-19? #FoxNews #IngrahamAngle FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX ...


andriy7sheva: Listening to this woman just made my IQ drop. I have rarely seen anyone sounding so stupid

Make Charleston Great Again: Big corporations make money while everyone else suffers on a daily basis

Swivarithan L'Gooding-Splatt: Cruella Decunt at it again

Jeremie Montes: Fox is ignorant and low in class

Jesse Pinkman: Vitamin D and C also put the brakes on inflammatory cytokines.

IMMORTAL ONE: The "Experts" have PROVEN their Stupidity both individually and separately.


Samuel Kachel: Worthless Health Organization

Rose Marie Leonard: Why is Trump, working with those 2 doctors, they both are Working With Gates, the crater of those vaccins, killing so many kids, through the world, he also predicted a collapse of food, this virus 🦠 and a new one in 5 years, making billions with his vaccins!! Only the author of those virus could predict the time the’ll be coming, he did... think about it!

ronin Band: 999 dislike what's wrong with you people!

ora et labora: Yes it's all a joke but people like jokes and they sell so stop joking around about jokes.


JacobsParry: The UN is expert ined NOTHING and NEVER has been!!

Johnny Rotundo: there should be consequences for the "experts" who f**cked this up so badly. maybe they would be a bit more careful, when they made their predictions and computer models the next time around, if their necks were on the line.
they have done waaaay more damage than the virus itself that have effected billions of people's prosperity and mental health.
the cure was worse than the disease by far....
you don't quarantine healthy people, you quarantine the sick!

Rhonda Negrete: Who terrorists

theodore lovesu: Turns out the "experts" aren't so expert. Could be they are a bunch of crooks.

Bulletproof Belv: Ingraham is a Television personality, she does NOT RESEARCH ANYTHING SHE SAYS, she just reads off of a script projected to her by a device.

Robert Cook: Correction Auto spells not too good it's Gates not potato

R Terry: Just put your masks away, go outside and hug as many people as you can.

Saunter Sway: Appreciate your honesty.

Henry Cole: State government still wanting fees, fines, DMV fees, all monies due to them. and they keep landscapers and house cleaners employed. .

Ben Vinodrai: Any of you think drumpff (trump) is a expert or has any idea about anything? You're education system had done its job.
You see that stupid huge smile.
You can almost see the bs coming out of her mouth.
Those watching you (fox) will be worse off.
Inject bleach bitches.. trumps stamp of approval is there

Tia Brooks: Your a beautiful woman...with your mouth shut and my eyes closed.

Russell Simmons: Why are they not using hydroxy chloroquine?

Bill Gates

Orlando Rotundo: experts work for china

hr 777: The "experts" are megalomaniacs. The so called "experts" want to tell you Socialism is a good thing and will not lead to Communism. And after that advice fails, the "experts" want to tell you Communism is a "utopia" (and then we find out the truth after it is too late to turn back, that it is utopia for thee but not for me, reserved just for a small group of elites at the top to enjoy, and massacre the millions at the bottom with impunity). If we ignore the lessons of history then we are doomed to repeat them.

Tim Gavin: The one single reason NYC and Toronto have become hotbeds for this virus that nobody has the balls to talk about is because they have the two largest ethnically Chinese populations in the world outside China. Greater than SanFranshithole, more than Bangkoobah. This has made airports like LaGuardia and Pearson International veritable wuflu distribution hubs.

Horis Stedman: Hydrochloroquine is not a benign drug! The data is not that good!

Chainsaw: Instead of marching in protest on your states capital angered because they asked that you stay home.March in protest on your states capital because the government keeps bending you over and doing you dry everyday.

Alan T: The lockdown MUST BE WORKING because the governor of Oregon just extended it to July 6, 2020

Frank Suarez: I Serve For My Boy's Future - YouTube

No Nope: How sad it mist be - believing that scientists, scholars, historians, economists, and journalists have devoted their whole lives to deceiving you, while a reality-tv star with decades of fraud and exhaustively-documented lying is your only beacon of honesty.

Robert Cook: They're against hydroxychloroquine because they have that expensive drug they want to sell you and falchi in potato get rich

Kamil Krawczak: When Trump gets to 200000 dead he gets plush toy from Putin.

Patrick ESQ: Graham is running out the clock - all talk and no action.

Scott Wolf: Apostrophes instead of quotations?

Waking TheDead: But Fox needs to stop going down the Iraq WMD 2.0 road of 'Muh China Wuhan lab'.

This is an organised conspiracy by globalist insiders working in the WHO and the health industry. Even if they believe their own lies, THERE IS NO VIRUS. They're testing for INDIGENOUS HUMAN DNA. HENCE MOST PEOPLE TEST POSITIVE.

THE SAME IS TRUE FOR POLIO. 97%+ or something of people are 'asymptomatic' it means they are WRONG about the cause of these conditions. People are not being INFECTED. They are being POISONED. And often by Vaccines.

MTUMWA MTUMWA: What the hell is this "news report" about?

cheese Wiz: Well if you get it, you can ask for hydroxychloroquine with 91% success rate. Or you can ask for the experimental drug, that has a 50% success rate, you know the one the pharmaceutical companies want you to try.

Joe Parmer: FDA and Fauci are all about the Money from the Big Pharma like Gilead and their remdisivir (sp?) treatment.

Pat Chisholm: Why dont you also mention that trump also praised the Chinese gov’t. It’s ironic how you mislead the public and cherry pick what info you want to share, Fox News has the worse reporter. You are tabloid reports not journalists. Fox is FAKE news. I’m not American. Maybe you should take a look at what comments are being said globally.

Nanker Phelge: I simply cannot believe that Laura is still pushing hydroxychloroquine! It has been debunked by the scientific community. The only expert still touting it is the French quack who has to do so because he staked his professional reputation on its effectiveness before there were any peer reviewed studies. She also quotes other non-peer reviewed work about how social distancing was actually harmful in Europe. Peer review is how science works. No one should be listening to this partisan drivel.

r lavada: Why don't you talk about countries like Taiwan, South Korea, Australia & New Zealand who listened to their experts and as a result are close to eliminating COVID in their countries. Contrast this with the USA, nearly 1.2 million infections and 70,000 deaths. A truly pathetic performance. Why don't you all stop talking, stop complaining, quit the self-praise and do what you have to do to control this pandemic.

clever one: Experts? You mean paid to guess? Come on people, wake up..... these experts are just puppets and pawns in the rich man's game. Just like the the news in general. Agendas and propaganda

Kath Davies: Wish someone would prevent you from opening your mouth.

M G: Hell will freeze over by the time Lyndsey Graham does act on any what is coming out of his mouth, he is all mouth with just Words with no Action behind those words, as he has been a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission for 30 years, so all he will do is spill words out of his mouth!! Have a great day, today! 😬😠😷

Danny Smith: If these people couldn't do their job right they need fired....obviously they couldn't do that look how far the "GUESSTIMATES" were off!! Fire them!!

Larry Pyle: My question is to every American out there why is Bernie Sanders setting left of the guy of the world health organization you have to look really close and quick at the video but you will see Bernie Sanders right of the guy if you're just looking at video

brodpc: Stop playing Fox News they should be sued they lie more than the President.