Ingraham: The Democrat bitter bunch

Unhappy Democrats find misery in America's success.


YouKnow Who: Excellent analysis , thats exactly how it is.

Rashone: What genocide are they talking about? No USA at all? Huh? Have they run out of slogans? Bunch of useless, oxygen wasting fools...decked out in black masks....oooooooooooo.....scary....

Tom Sengkhamyong: Alll Democrats want first they try to take your gun, away,everything is free then they will control you

studfindingball: Every city and town in the US has flush toilets. But notice, California can't provide enough toilets for their homeless now. WHAT HAPPENS when we open borders and the newcomers can't find work?

Inge Hoy: -Do NOT let any more of those into the US !

SUSAN CHAPPEL: Were any arrested for this violence?

James Parsons: Oh Laura if you ever need a boy toy I'm available😘😘😘

rich s: Another silly meaningless opinion show from the government propaganda Network for idiots

Jim Ritter: Another great day. The president is still in office. And my coffee is still hot as you are..

Darkly Dreaming: They might think they want a civil war, but as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for...the only thing keeping them from getting their wish is the moral restraint of middle america. If that ever changes, God help them.

STEVE PAJEK: Their hatred of President Trump is so deep that it has caused the party to be intellectually dysfunctional, almost to the point of paralysis. Thanks again for all your juvenile hatred and embellishments towards our POTUS. Midterms are just around the corner. The good news is the economy is singing and you’re always welcome at the RedHen for employment opportunities post elections!

Todd K: People at the begining, in those videos. They are all so fake. Police should knock them on their asses. City mayors should order their police department to arrest these idiots.

B Vines: It's a strange time when the center right is the counter culture. We're gonna have a VERY good time tearing down their icons and sacred cows.

Tony Arcieri: Demonrats are only successful when they make everyone miserable and poor, dependant on state. That’s what they did when they had unlimited power in Soviet Union. That was most miserable country in the world.

Bill De Graaf: Load up the rubber bullets...poof goes the weasels.

Jeffery Thorndyke: Exactly right, Democrats are always complaining but are never interested in fixing the problems. They only want to gain support while swearing to fix the problems. When are you gonna learn, Democrats never fix problems they exploit them.

Tony Arcieri: The Demonrat Party is the party of salty slaveowners and their useful idiot slaves

Michael Grant JR: ICE need to deport Republicans back to Russia

Charles Pappas: Trump deserves credit forctrafe sgreements with China. Dealing with Iran in an affective manner. N NEW foreign trade agreement witj. Allies thay protects American interests and jobs.

He is my President: They all want a distopia,

DB Cisco: The left thrives on misery and lies.

Olga Cotto: Why if they are not happy they don’t leave the USA I want them happy and out of here so that all Americans that love this country can be happy and live in peace

Lisa Irizarry: Keep watching pls:::: These people are monsters: coded: TRUreporting

Lisa Irizarry: DemoRats are lying to the American people, they do not care for children::::::::;:;;;:::: Must Watch pls:::: New Q: Lucrative fetus & Organ black market behind abortion DNC Never ha...dnajilion7

Bootney Lee: Remember when Phil Donahue was relevant?....yeah me neither.
Wah wahhh.👎

space man reviews: America was always great for everyone! You need to know how! Well it's so great that millions have died to defend it, while millions die trying to sneak into it for a better life!

gioknows: Perfectly said, God bless America, her people and her President. Cheers from Ottawa, Canada.

Danny Valastro: Arrest the Democrats

Danny Valastro: Democrats are nothing but lying inmoral scheming criminal scumbags

Michael Bing: Lol. Take all the idiots, round them up and send them to Mexico and then we will see how much they like it. They are a waste of air and space.... completely useless people, stripped of any form of talent. Just waste!.

scorpio in the house cyberhunter: No...not trusting dems...their teachers will kil my son.

scorpio in the house cyberhunter: Run like wisvonsin public schools?


Patti Willing: Excellent analysis, Laura!

Emma Louise: masked and weapon ANTI F irst A mendment terrorists roaming our streets using violence and intimidation and it,s allowed?!..This Would NOT be allowed in any other country without serious consequences!

Mukhtat Abdikera: Yeah two visions: one racist (trump) and one without racism. And we know which one conservatives choose.

RICK NICK: I think the Democratic party needs another JFK someone who's like there's not a republican way there's not a Democrat way there is a right way

Jay M: its punch a liberal / communist day.

Mukhtat Abdikera: Allright Laura ingraham you are trying to fool uneducated. You say the stock market is good. The problem is that 75 % of americans doesn't have any stock. Just the wealthy people. Job numbers down. And yet people still have to work in 3-4 jobs to support the family. You have to look the people behind the numbers.

Chicosta687: Ingram is a dude👨

Rrudy DeDogg: The Socialist/Leftist/Democrats will lose big in 2020 and here's why: rather than selling the "values" of their ideas to the American public they instead say they will force those ideas down our collective throats. Rather than swaying over those who have different ideas they shout insults, berate those who are not already on their side and they intimidate and even assault people for little to no reason. Lastly, not all Democrats are onboard with these extremists and have left the party. They have set the stage for an even bigger win for Trump and America in 2020.

frank bivona: thats they wayyyyyyyyy they became the bitter bunch.. duh duh. da da, da da duh duh, dun dun!

Marcus: Ingraham you belong in the gutter....laughable that Paul Ryan who hates Trump is on the Board at Fox!!

costa mammis: Antifa members life in prison

costa mammis: Angry feminist, snowflakes, lesbians, gays ship them out if you don’t like America

Steve Solaka: Libs are melting 😎

costa mammis: Round them up revoke their citizenship and send them to Haiti

Jay Dub: This alleged woman has all characteristics as a sissy, this thing is really a man i cant stop stressing the transsy issue

Dark Truth: The democrats are sealing the coffin on their own political future, unless the rest of us become complacent and forget what's at stake.