Ingraham: When do we get our country back?

We need an American resurrection, sooner rather than later. #FoxNews #IngrahamAngle FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business ...


Joh B: Lets put the story straight because Fox News won't. China informed the World Health Organization of the possible threat to public health back in late December 2019. And let's not forget that America is a paid-up member of the WHO and plays a big part with many Americans working for the WHO. So!! when Taiwan woke-up to this threat as early as January of this year. And with this knowledge easily and readily available to Trump from his very own intel and WHO, why did he take so long to wake up to security threat to the United States? All the evidence is clear as day for all to see. Question, perhaps both America and the WHO should be made accountable for this mess, especially as they work so closely together?

Craig Bigelow: I guess if you're one of the 300,000 that's had Covid and survived then you're good to go!😳👍

Mr Tiesman: Hey leftist sheep. Can u hear what is being reported?

KJ: Hey, Christians celebrate Passover too— you separated the two, on your first statement. Just sayin.

Kenneth Schauer: Can someone please explain why a Syracuse NY hospital is sitting almost empty !!!?????? Where are all the so called Corona patience in NY well ??????

Teresa Kelley: Yeah the 2 Governors that let foreigners into NYC and New Orleans during January and February, so New Yorkers and New Orleans you can thank your Governor that you elected for the Coronavirus you are enduring!!!!!!!!

JupiterLounge: If somebody steals something you stole can you really complain?

Salvatore Galiano: People have to turn to God and repent for there sins against him and wake up

Whicker Boy: Try these CDC FACTS WHICH R NOT BEING PROPAGATED BY NEWS ORGS NOR TV DOCTORS::::::  Flu kills upwards of 63,000 Americans PER FLU SEASON!!! Corona RECOVERY IS 99 out of 100!!!!! The % of deaths attributed to FLU/pneumonia is 8.2%!!!!! That's significantly ABOVE
epidemic threshold of 7.2%!!!

Chris OLeary: I live in South Carolina. 30 miles from the Georgia border. Our local hospital is LAYING STAFF OFF because of lack of patients. We have THREE PEOPLE confirmed Covid cases in a population of 38,000. Many here believe that the quarantine has gone too far. Time will tell.

Vang Cruz: I thought it was a hoax?

istartedajoke: Im voting Democrats for the rest of my life, thanks to fox news

dalexxa: it's proven hydroxitrump heals, shouldn't the recovery numbers be higher, suspicious 😑😒😷

Wayne Kay: I've never hit a woman in my life. But if I can get her within my reach I'd like to strangle her.

Craigs architecture and video: Typical Democrats trying to block benefits to the people because of a political agenda and their arrogance and stupidity!

John Summers: Never😂😂😂😂

jesse gohen: horseface laura wants citizens dead,,,,,

rey quinones: Some times we have to take drastic mesures and after the end results are positive people will not think of them as drastic but as a way to survive this mess that many are thinking was done by the same government that now will take credit as the heroes who killed all this people with a virus who they are now doing their best to cure? Even if truth is to late for acusations so let's focus on getting better and not this crezy things forget the conspiracies , and lets get better by sharing ideas that can stop the spread and get people better with out letting people to continue to die

Krazy White Boy KWB: Well this is how Rome fell. Rot from within. I dont think we'll ever get it back.. Chinese are in sunk in deep through abuse of of our first amendment and also illegal immigration is still bringing us down.

Thomas Jensen: Show all these full hospitals it's bull

Chett Smith: There using the regular flu as a cover for a money and power grab over the American people
Nuff said

Jay Ok: Oh geez. Did he just accuse the corona virus of being racist

SidEffecT: Our country? Ingraham clearly doesn’t know her history. It’s not really our country is it? Just saying technically we stole it.😂 Oh and the virus will tell us when..

John Ringel: In America we suffer 20,000 to 50,000 flu related deaths every year. No one said anything. The media didn't scream " it's the end of the world ". The government didn't shut down the country.

Soraeon: If our government would have listened to science and experts we would have been testing and isolating in January. We would have implemented strong social distancing practices. Shelter in place practices would have only been necessary in local areas where larger outbreaks were identified and isolated. This needed to be done while the majority of the people who were asymptomatic and spreading the virus silently could be identified. You encouraged this lack of seriousness early on, knowledge that and take ownership in your actions that have contributed to this catastrophe.

ch012: You have given it to a get it from him.

SergeTheBlerge: The Karens of the world have never been happier to scold anyone who thinks we shouldn't be locked down indefinitely.

Daniel Prohonas: Never, never, never, take a vaccine .... pills work what's the vaccine for?

Dewayne Miguel: The number of deaths are inflated how many of those died from the flue and other things they claim died from the virus?

Imon2udude: Everyone needs to shut their mouth and accept population reduction advocate Bill Gates injection as well as his digital tattoo showing you have received the injection. Those who don't comply are putting others at risk and will be dealt with severely. You have been warned. There's just too many of you bastards. This is for your own good.

troll master: we have an idiot for president
he dropped the ball
when he's out
America will be great again

William Dixon: THE PLAN - Nov vote out all Dem's , Turn off Fake News - Live happily ever after !

rey quinones: Looking at the releave of all this other issues takes away from the real problem we have , a less concentration on the patients and still they continue to die and get infected ,instead of getting this people the antibodies and other treatments while looking for a cure and a vaccines they continue to focus on this numbers of the curve as if to say ,there' re just waiting for this number of people to die so the cure or vaccine or some kind of miracle to happen then more will die we should be putting the sick and infected in one place to stop the spread in stead of sending people home so they can keep infecting others then more will die and we can take over the stadiums and let people go as they get better and then people can go back to work and without fear of getting infected and the economy will return to normal faster but thousands will continue to die

All Day: Just go outside and you’ll get what you’re looking for. Fox News got your back!

Arthur Gueiros: From a democrat perspective: If someone told me 2 months ago that Fox News piece would relieve my anxiety I would have laughed. I aint laughing now.

Mac Dietz: Even the way fox is covering this virus seems over the top...

Jayson foo: Why? The government will give you money to stay home and bailout failed countries.

mvubu1234: How can it be national shut down DAY 21? An invention to make Trump and Fox look better?
Apart from NY and California the rest have been running around likes nothing is wrong on the advice of Pres and Fox.

mongo revera: stop the votes and you see how fast the pandemic comes into control. politicking is above everything else. that's what the President shall do.


Sam Sam: There are specific antibiotics used to cure typhoid,lemonia,std etc.

Michelle Grant: Q sent me Done in 30

kelso b: Is sad how clueless trump is when it comes to economics and politics

1234: I heard from a reliable source that when you vaccinate a crooked billionaire in the eyes they loose their sight.

GLORY be to GOD! for CHRIST JESUS!: 2 Chronicles 7:14
1. By humbling ourselves
2. admitting our sins
3. praying to our🙏🏾Heavenly Father...asking for forgiveness
4. seeking our🙏🏾Heavenly Father continually
5. and turning from our sinful behavior(s)

Roger Wells: i think she has bone spears too

Tom Lehr: One hateful hussie, fake as fox

pretzel Bob Rocks: We don't get our country back.

Lord Caben: ♪Where my country gone♪
- Mr. Garrison

goldwildbill: they say it will come back i call it bs!