Inside a Chinese Labor Camp: A True Story | China Uncensored

In 2013, a woman made a shocking discovery in her Kmart Halloween decorations—a handwritten letter from an inmate of Masanjia Labor Camp in China.


China Uncensored: UPDATE! Watch Letter from Masanjia, I can't recommend it enough.
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build a dyson sphere now!: if you think chinese people are evil, you are wrong. it's the CCP that is evil.
i hate the CCP so much and i want all of their members to rot in hell, and i also think that xi jinping is nazi and wants to take over the world.
i can't let that happen, and i want democracy across the world, and i want the communist party to get bankrupt and go to hell.
i am from taiwan, and i want democracy in my country. thank you for reading this.

Vicki Chavez: So sad that people are being tortured

Max Peters: Could someone tell me what exactly the reason was that the man got into the camp?

aidsgill: these Chinese dickheads piss me off

Emil Hartman: American prisons make products too.

Timothy Buehler: Persecution against Falun Gong?!?!?
So no one remembers the sarin gas attack in a Tokyo subway that killed twelve and injured almost a thousand.
Kinda think that Cult deserves persecution.

Patrick Fuchs: Do you have a podcast? If not, you should make one.

Michael Brant: Why are people in the labour camps ? They didn’t get there because of smelly armpits.

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Undead Will: We keep getting these shipments from china and lately the quality has been lower, and we start getting these characters with our packages can anyone translate?

Andrew Lawgar: Chris, I guess you started this channel years ago for fun. Today has become a voice of the truth in noise of lies. You should be proud of yourself. I an currently living in China so I cannot become your patron but next year I will be out of here and I will definitely support your channel.

Miguel Diaz: GUEST: Torture.
CHRIS: Excellent.

Yulia Yulia: CHina: this is just propaganda by the US..same old conflation deflection techniques by China..

Cliff Lee: Yet we gave China MFN?

Both China and North Korea have concentration camps.

Why are we still doing business with that country? Specifically China.

Mista Keez: So K-Mart supports CCP and their labor camps to make Halloween candy? :0

Cuon Ly: OMG I never knew China communist socialists have hard labor camps is it really? if so 🙈 all Hongkonger protests will end up there 😂😂🙊🙉🙈

ImAlive 4U: Even though you might disagree why these people are sent to these prisons you can't deny how effective they are. Anyone that is sent to these prisons will likely not repeat the crime which is why they had been sent there in the first place once they are released.

Using convicts as labor is extremely intelligent being cost effective the government is already paying for their shelter, food, clothing and if needed medical expenses in turn they provide labor for various projects which otherwise would had to be outsourced to private companies to do the work. And through backbreaking labor these convicts after being released won't want to be sent back to these prisons which I would not doubt have a high rehabilitation rate.

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Nikolai Sandbeck: Aleksandr Solsjenitsyn (auther of The Gulag archipelago) said it also.
While he was in a gulag prison cell with other inmates, he heard a guard drag another man through the snow.

Alexandr said the guard is also opressed, should he fall pity on the prisoner he is about to torture, should he want to spare him and help him, it would not matter. If he refused to be a monster he himself would become a prisoner, the guard has no choice.

MsRwong: What was the name of the movie?

Tamian San: Dont worry not all merchendise is made in Chinese labor camps many products are made in US labor camps aka prison system.

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Cesar Aguilar: Leon lee is what Michael Moore is in the U.S even though he is Canadian with Chinese roots.

Gustav Hebner: Thank you for your continued reporting. This is incredibly important and your bravery is inspiring.

Jills Mcfarland: Happens everywhere everyday.

2rich2Mr: Nothing new. How do you think Stalin built the Soviet Union?
Isn't socialism wonderful?

KL CHAI: you behave like trumpet, telling lie and cheat your people, this is shameless and disgusting behavior.

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Shawn O: Someone please start a shopping site called “Not made in China”. I will buy all my stuff from you.

david diaz: I have found that Google is shadow-censoring media that is critical of China. As freedom-loving peoples, we should boycott China. We should also not buy products manufactured by Western companies in China. We should boycott the Chinese-made Apple iPhone, for example.

Josh King: The reason the Chinese people are in this communist situation is cuz they believe propaganda like CNN when this Chinese douchebag said it's all over the news CNN blah blah blah he deserves to be in that concentration camp for believing anything that that communist News Network would say CNN is the equivalent of Nazi propaganda and they call everyone else are Nazis racist and radicals but they are the Communist News Network

Michael Lim: Go ahead and bad mouth China. Hei! US, many innocent children have you killed in the middle east and africa, how many? Go ahead and make a movie out of it.

Michael Lim: How about Guantanamo Bay in Cuba or Rykers Island?
It's ok if US is doing it.
In China it's whether you're for development or against it, you choose!

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Norman Comeau: Bravo to all concerned.
Docs rule!

B Brunson: Beware America! Be ever vigilant. May God be with us. I’m praying for all of the world’s political dissidents.

Youtuber 390: This Documentary is a must watch.

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JZ 星星之火 Wu: Most of the Chinese are just slaves.

D H: North koreas buisness partner

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Diana Stokes-Harmon: Why are the Chinese so brutal to their own people?