James Lindsay: Deep Dive Into “Critical Social Justice” & How It Took Over the Humanities

To “expose the political corruption that's taken hold of the university,” James Lindsay, Peter Boghossian, and Helen Pluckrose made headlines in 2018 with a ...


Jan Jekielek: Really enjoyed doing this interview, I have to say.

Tom Ski: Another group that refuses to take personal responsibility and blames the system are conspiracy theorists. They endlessly complain to each other how bad everything is and how everything is against them.

Churchills Cat: Cancel all courses ending "Studies". Job done.

Maggie Lou: "How to Subvert a Nation from Within' & "Destroying a Nation Without Going to War' - After his defection from the KGB, Yuri Bezvenov warned the Western World in his 1983 interview with Ed Griffin, about all this. A nation without religion/ideology and no family structure, is a weak nation. He warned us that the subversion started in the 60's already when unis were forced to appoint only liberal educators. Feminism, queerness, gender confusion, free sex with no commitment, dis-regard for elders & authority, breaking down of Christianity, breaking down 'whiteness' (specifically males) were all part of that agenda. Then there would be obsession with sports, entertainment (hollywood) and ........ the climate hoax ...... all to distract from what was really playing off. Needless to say, all was removed from media as we were not supposed to be aware of the Agenda. Seems we have reached full circle.

Maggie Lou: mmmm I'll be deleting a lot of 'subscriptions' now that I've found this channel.

Vincent Stouter: This is a superb historical review and synthesis of post modernist philosophy and identify politics.

Pol Pot, educated in the French school was the most recent example of where this philosophy will lead.

Post-modernism is the greatest threat western culture now faces because it destroys the cohesive fabric of our western traditions from within and will result in disorder and chaos .

The gulag or the grave is the destination for any who will not exhibit ‘right-think’ if this destructive philosophy ever gains the reigns of political and military power.

Thank-you for sunshine 🌞 to expose and cleanse this philosophical virus.

Alana Adams: If you can't do teach. Academic people are self righteous snobs. Class conscience closed minded arrogant boobs. They hold their students hostage to force feed them communist ideology.

cuan mccarogher: PPPudding face

William Woke: James needs to write a movie script in the spirit of PCU (1994) where the various activist groups vied for status. Now we have the intersectional hierarchy which took the disparate special interest groups and organized them into the Progressive Stack.

To James himself, dear god man bring your work to the level of art. There’s too many essential details to string together logically, you need to weave a cloak. You need to write a story that’s not too on the nose yet
A sledgehammer to the nose. Love you man 🖖

J N: There is more diversity to be found within groups than between groups.

J N: Nothing is my fault ... nothing....except... I am to blame for slavery that happened over 150 years ago, and perpetrated by people I'm not related to. I am to blame only because of the color of my skin.

J N: Great job Jan! One thing - you're still starting some opening sentences with (and not to state a conclusion) the word "so." Please don't be offended. Jonathan Haidt (whom I admire) does it as well. Sounds like a very young adult.

Ken Richard: It's not the answer people want, it's the last thing they want, it is experiential and empirical. Someone can play the same petty game with conservative issues and wedge them sideways into conservative publications, why don't you try that angle? I bet I could sell a story such as, "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, Saddam Hussein is working at training al Queda, and all we have to do is capture or kill him and the fighting will stop."... I bet people would be dumb enough to believe it.

LҽαɾɳƚσSɯιɱ: Such a powerful & critically important conversation. Excellent job peeling back several layers of the underlying pathology of social justice. Beneath the veneer of sensitivity & elevated consideration of others, political correctness has a much darker objective, as it is wielded as a weapon for attacking, browbeating into submission, and ultimately oppressing anyone interfering with the attainment of power over others to which the SJW feels entitled, or who is deemed responsible for the cumulative failures and/or poor life decisions made by the SJW.

morthim: Tbis would be high value in a denser topical form.

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Rashone: The issue with words hurting goes back to not taking in someone’s negative definition of you. Less secure people, perhaps those with lower self esteem, are more affected by words?

Skip Pallo: Remember Postmodernism seeks Power and seeks to acquire all power and maintain control of that power. All Language is Symbolic and Deride sought to destroy the Idea of the Logos (God) and the warfare begins. What is dangerous is that this will lead to a Civilization Collapse.

Skip Pallo: In Group status they get to decide who is at the top and that is what fight is over and where it begins. It inevitably become a fight against God and Religion vs Humanism and Atheistic Naturalism.

Skip Pallo: This is a Evolutionary Ideological Warfare and I can prove it. It comes out of Plato and the Tubergen School which was the advanced Student of Plato which was the basis of Hegelian Thought and that is the basis of Marx's Theory of the Dialectic and all of those that follow Socialism, Postmodernism and all are based on the same construct. It has at its core in all is Violence.

Skip Pallo: How dangerous you might ask watch Jordan Peterson explain and I fully agree. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLoG9zBvvLQ

Skip Pallo: It is dangerous watch where we are going … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yASb05JRmnE

TheUniversalAcid: Fuck this is a good interview. James has obviously progressed his understanding of the root causes of Grievance Studies over the last year. This has been insightful.



Sir Laughs a Lot: Compelled speech. Fascinating stuff.
I recall reading something a while back written by a North Korean. They were recalling a time just after one of the Kims died (the first one?)
But they were describing compelled tears. The torrential weeping of fellow citizens in a large crowd, while being watched by watchers whose job it was to make sure the emotional outburst was the genuine article.
Stop a moment. And imagine weeping for your very life. Imagine that the weeping had to consist of torrents of tears shed for a dead tyrant whom you might well have considered to have wrecked the lives of yourself, your family, your extended kin and god knows who else....but the trick was not only to shed great quantities of sobbing, soppy tears, but to make sure that it was obvious (to the watchers) that you were doing all that weeping not for yourself (or anyone else you actually really cared about) but for the object of THAT misery.
Now, that's compulsion. At its corrupt finest.

That P-20 thing that was mentioned. Twenty years of forced incarceration (formerly known as an education.) My formal education turned me critical. One other thing it did for me was give me 50 adult years' worth of possession of an insatiable curiosity that matches that of a precocious 5 year-old. Critical mass was a thing much studied during the Manhattan Project. Critical masses, on the other hand, are a thing vital to the psychological health of the nation.
And by "critical" I mean suspicious of the professional blame game, the infantilization of adults, and especially pseudo-intellectual bullshit.

The bit about functioning society. When I was much younger and more compulsive, I researched Mao's Cultural Revolution. A decade of complete chaos and mayhem. "Correctness" that listened in at every keyhole. Accompanied every footstep. Blanketed existence from dawn to dusk, and even dreams were not free. That's what is waiting at the end of this yellow brick road.

This is a great interview. A lot to unpack here. Worth a few listenings.

Santucci Pontarelli: Critical social justice the victim mentality or self pity indulgences

Santucci Pontarelli: Violence of categorization causes cognitive dissonance in the insecure individual trying to be something they are not and never will be.

Santucci Pontarelli: Soul strikes effect only the insecure

Santucci Pontarelli: James is wearing a suit but look at his feet. He's wearing some ugly big old gym shoes let's you know he's against normal dress attire 🤷‍♀️. He's the Devils 😈advocate

Santucci Pontarelli: Identify politics cultural politics false consciousness classical liberalism a broader philosophy Group identity James is a racists hidden behind his big words. These narratives are the projectors they spring from 😱

Santucci Pontarelli: Should not be censored the political right

Santucci Pontarelli: Critical Consciousness this is designed to dismantle our society and encourages extensive protests therefore, disrupting the status quo. James seems to enjoy this. Social depravity

Santucci Pontarelli: Undermine scholarship. Black Feminists Criminology?. Horrifying cesspool bullshit so called humanities very disturbing just plain sick beyond evil

Santucci Pontarelli: God will certainly destroy this depraved deeply filthy amoral society/world S revived 🐍😈

Roy D: The dilution of truth is the start of every lie

xx My Amazing Reality xx: ATL is excellent- i hope the return of common sense grows exponentially over the coming years; if it doesnt, free western culture will not survive.

igc development: @59:00 What if the Right had correctly predicted this crap, all the way back to the 90s. George Carlin was also complaining about it in the early 2000s. Was he a right-winger?

Sam Norris: Postmodernism is hilariously dumb. I love trolling unsuspecting lefties with the PoMo Generator.

Critical Theory is not only dumb but dangerously dumb. In the end it's all just ideological subversion, 'The Long March Through the Institutions', communism by the backdoor...

Gwen J: You can't parody or out extreme the left/sjw mindset.

ED Morphis: The Sokol hoaxes these three carried out are not political at all. What they have to do with is showing that gender studies is primarily political, and non-academic. They proved exactly that. They are all three political liberalists, perhaps even leftists, while I am a Christian scholar, classical liberal who am not leftist, and I agree exactly with them in the necessity of real scholarship. I also agree with them in their analysis of post-modern thought.

catallaxy: The purpose of Cultural Marxism is to disrupt traditional Western values, to the point where the Communists can take over. After this take-over, the constituents of Cultural Marxism: multi-cultures, ethnic racial identities, feminists, environmentalists and homosexuals, will no longer be needed, so they will be exterminated, if they fail to acquiesce in Communism. Communism has never tolerated diverse identities, especially homosexuals.

Ron McNeely: Academia’s pseudo-intellectuals live in an echo chamber of their own wishful thinking

H. Martín de'Campo: #Trump Is Trapped‼️Trump is utterly unsuited to deal with this crisis, either intellectually or temperamentally. In #HumanResources or industrial psychology or #talentacquisitions it's called a lack of qualifying "emotional quotient" or a lack of evolved psychology, maturity and wisdom‼️‼️ It's quite CLEAR to see and many are scared‼️ #gopCULT #gopCRIMES #gopATROCITIES #gopRACISTS #gopGROUPTHINK #gopTREASON #gopNAZIS https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/03/presidents-character-unequal-task/608743/?fbclid=IwAR26ULTUzY82FsRO8bmoH-M2HWmpsFLOL9sYYKwbZZ5nVuqjW2u_SKhJLeU

xcom54: This is very insightful.

Roland Strauss: Which gender explores, invents and builds? Is rational and logical? Men. Which gender consumes, complains and denies any responsiblity? Is emotional and manipulative? Women. The whole social justice is female nature in motion. What you experience is a feminist dictatorship.

GB 3423: Outstanding interview! The way Mr. Lindsey articulates his position is darn near impossible to refute.

Jenna Caruthers: I'd call it the corrective social justice thing. They hate how EVERYthing is done and their ideology never allows for tolerance--as much as they say they're tolerant. They only ever want to correct the things and people that don't agree with them. The notion of living in a pluralistic society terrifies them. And to be honest, I don't want to be tolerated. If you're tolerating something, like your beloved dog who unfortunately pees on the bed whenever you leave the house, it's barely allowed.