Jim Jordan's message to Pelosi refusing to reopen the House

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee says there is more work to be done in the House. #FoxNews #WattersWorld FOX ...


Tabby Dividers: God forgive me, but HATE Pelosi!

Cherian Mathai: If TRUMP did not open the economy the democraps would blame TRUMP for the tanking of the economy because he did not respond fast enough. When TRUMP open the economy the democrapists dont want to follow through. In November completely avoid the democraps like we are going to do with China.

Gary Rogers: Hay , X coach, put on a jacket, stupid looking hillbilly, dress for success

Sandhill PREPPER: What's wrong with them all meeting on virtual video like so many are having to do from home? I'm sure they all have the means to do so! Meanwhile were all going to be homeless and children hungry because they refuse to do their jobs! Hopefully she'll get voted out soon!!!

walter atencio: Impeachment

Roy Gutierrez: Jordan is trash and I wouldnt take anything he says seriously. This guys is a puppet and does not care about people dying... he cares more about money and who stays in power... hence his vote for Kavanaugh...you almost hope people like this catch COVID-19...it would help the country as a whole.

77Victory1: Nancy Pelosi crime to the United states should be punished it should be mandatory for all politicians to show up and if there not there it should still take place or the president take over and decides whats right for the country.

RJ Kross: Vote all Democrats out on 2020!

walter atencio: She is non essential!!!

Harry Chode: All politicians are obsolete

Randi Gut: You people most definitely do not care about you and lives nor We the People since you have opened up the country again ugh the curve has jumped way back up in my County yet I'm going back to work and it's a big mistake ....big!!!!

EnfieldJoe: This country needs totally new (Fed & State) Government. Vote ALL of them out of office!! Our Democracy is failing because of all the "politics". Main Street is failing because these politicians just want to protect their jobs.

Bill wolfe: we love Jim Jordan good job man

Karen Sweet: I'm surprised the way the gangs are in Michigan, They haven't deceased her!

Anthony Sanchez: Duck the full of Schiff Femocraps

Jon McCargar: She's worried about getting sick while all this time shes been making us sick with her shenanigans. She has no shame.

Sandra Van Lankvelt: Pricey ice cream and lots of v o d k a???

Jennifer Massey: Pelosi needs to resign. She has overstayed her usefulness. She is a hypocrite of the worst kind and is out of touch with real people and their needs. She is supposed to be for the people...she is only for herself!!!

Nicholas Mitzuk: Jim Jordan speaks, I listen.

Mike Ashford: nancy is a doddering old women, more interested in ice cream than the public how is the quality of life for the working folk in her district? I love needles and feces said no one ever. her district is a disgrace

VenaZ: Pelosi dont want the house to question 'who' bc theyr part of it...


g bridgman: Whitmer looks like Morticia on The Adams Family.

Samuel Howie: Trump needs to force Congress to convene.

WTFtube: She is 80 years old, and can hardly keep her dentures planted.

M T Corner: I heard they were opening

Chaz Slater: what a vile demon nancy pelosi is . absolutely disgusting but it doesnt surprise me.

g bridgman: I don't think Pelosi does a thing that isn't nefarious and political.

Phyuck Yiu: Term limits and stipends.

Leah Beale: she needs to work from home on the internet, NOT just stop working at all. She SUCKS

James Garrison Taylor: She will come back when her high -zoot ice cream stock in her house runs out. .

NOBULL ziggster: We see the line they have set up. They act like Children.. Attorney Gen. of the USA bless you.

Bill Meriwether: “Well we were “going to” come back to work but we were “told” that we cannot come back to help people who we told they cannot work” - Here have some ice cream!

Mike Mckay: Maybe 300 year old reanimated corpses need to be more careful than everyone else

xNBK- YOTIEx: Those cops at the Michigan protest were not social distancing....... just saying.

Jason Bourne: This 💩head again?

Candace Wilderman-Resler: Hey Jordan!!🖕 you!!

Tommy P: seriously when is she being removed from her position? i cant stand her and im sure im among the majority with those feelings.

g bridgman: Trump, the #1 man in DC, and a senior, never left the city. He's been there throughout the pandemic working.

Das Karnickel: The Constitution is even more important in times of crisis.

William Dixon: Tell me ! What fool will vote these Sick Dem's back in power over us in November?

Brian Hurley: And last but not least , here comes lying Trump turd Jordan. As if things weren't bad enough.

wigwamman1: It's easy for these politicians and media to say "stay home" because they are still getting paid! Enough- CDC stats tell us this is no more deadly to the population than the "common flu"...and in fact, it has killed FAR LESS!

Roberto Viana: Pelosi is the crisis. she is basically putting her head in the sand while these democratic controlled states stomp all over our civil rights. Don’t allow it! These governors are the traitors within our government, period. They need to go, NOW!

Bob Brownson: President Trump should send her a plane and fly her over the pacific and hit the flush lever

Sean Tiwell: Pelosi always is looking seemingly dead...

Pie Face: Gym just wants to wrassle smooth young boys

Kenneth Schauer: Nancy Pelosi is above her subjects , California you some stupid MF slaves on the west coast!!!!

Donna Vaughn: she's so out of touch, she doesn't realize she can get a mask that fits over her ears, a real mask

Chris Dixon: Then Peloski agrees Trump should proceed with cabinet appointments without the House Demreps. She need to stay out of Washington permanently! Jim Jordan is a warrior for liberty, thank you Rep Jordan.