Joey Jones speaks out against fencer kneeling at podium

U.S. fencing team kneels for national anthem after winning gold medal. Reaction from Fox News contributor and former Marine Corps bomb technician Joey ...


William O'Connell: What a great way to get attention and make yourself famous

1 11: These people need to go to the front line of a war and see the sacrifice that people make for this country .

Tommy Boy: He's oppressed.

Mr. Thomas: Kneeling is an unusually American privilege to be able to express your freedom without fear of being executed. It's not disrespectful to be critical of a President or injustice in a country that you love. USA!USA!....

Patrick: Bet that guy would run to the first Board if the Government bring back the draft. I met some who moved to Canada and stayed there until the US changed the laws. All Gutless wonders.

Common Sense: Why doesn’t he simply not fence? Isn’t that a benefit of white privilege? Don’t see a ton of black fencers. 🤔

Jonathan Martin: He won a gold medal in fencing. How else was anyone supposed to hear about it???

Andrew Schnatter: He should be disqualified and have his medal revoked he represented no nation by his own choice making him ineligible ✌️🇺🇸

Tlhalefo Leshomo: being able to kneel in the world stage is what makes america great

Not See: So the country that made him filthy rich for being useless and playing with other mens balls isn't worth his respect? Pussies like him deserved to get curb stomped!

Charles Burton: Being a Nam Vet anyone that is this disrespectful needs to get the f* ck out of the US!! I will gladly pay for a one way out!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

liberal killer: Leftists just loooove being on their knees! We need to kick them in the face

1thess523: My suggestion for these limp wristed liberals is don't represent America!

Hollywood T: That's right, stay on bended knee soyboy. You do not deserve to stand. Kneel in my presence during an anthem and I will make you one with the ground until it is over.

Kevin Labelle: Imagine how proud his parents must be... How embarrassing for his family...

BERNARD CREATIVE: If they can't respect the flag and the country they represent they should not be part of the Olympic team. These entitled [email protected]$$ys need a reality check.

Josie Whales: Your a little late dork...Kap already did this

Sunny Olsen: ALL Americans who take a knee during our anthem or pledge of allegiance are the products of bad parenting and poor education in public schools. Ignorance is NOT a good quality.

Deric Pinales: Aren't liberals suppose to be the snowflakes?

Why are you so Angry?: It is good they are floating to the top for all the world to see!

Handy woman Cart.: He is white liberals that’s why! Read dr.sowell books about them!

brent darrin: So wait a second it’s disrespectful to use the freedoms that our great nation has
You all don’t make any sense saying that he should stand but he also is free to do what he wants because of the soldiers who fought and died
So is he free to do what he wants or under your idea of freedom everyone should be robots

David Lindsay: Fencing is not a sport,,dude is not an athlete.

Pissed off Paula: I applaud that kid!!!!!!!!

rafael fonseca: Brain dead ungrateful fool this is what happens when society normalizes mental disorder

огромная эрекция: They want to sell out our country to globalism. They are traitors.

Myriam Rankine: WHAT A TOTAL WASTE OF WHITE SKIN!!!!!!!!

John Buchanan: A spoiled rich SJW whom probably never suffered a day in his life and to him 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Pull his title and ban the little asshat


Mr Bowhunter4L: Do these athletes even realize that they are actually showing the world that they are truly ignorant pathetic people that take their freedoms for granted? This reoccurring action is going to backfire on them and there happy little world is gonna crash and burn

Crusty Fuzz: Ungrateful Cupcakes. Sad.

chap22_sam Chap: the Fencer is a true American ...... he actually understands the great values of the USA ...and also understands how Trump is destroying those great american values .......respect this man.

100101mint mint101001: I don't see how it's disrespectful you're taking the knee to honor your country

VINCENT C: gotta call out virtue signaling and feigned morality when you see it

Nathan Samuels: At this point its just attention seeking.

snowflake melter: WHILE YOUR DOWN THERE .............(ZIP) !! YOU , SQUIRLY , LITTLE , PUKE !!

Joker 64: I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. These punk kids who think kneeling makes a statement are correct. The statement is that they are spoiled, entitled brats with no clue what this country stands for. The great thing about America is that when we see injustice, we ultimately correct it. We are not too great too see our faults, fix them and learn from them. As for our President... KAG 2020! As for these snot-nosed kneelers, why don’t you go do something constructive. You play a GAME! That’s REALLY important. 🙄

On The Brink Report: This has nothing to do with anything but making himself go viral and he has. Mission accomplished and people are feeding right into it. If we want to stop this, its simple. Kick them off of the team and erase them from history.

Nathan Strickland: This nation is raising the biggest bunch of PUSSYS that I have ever seen!!!!!

Americans FIRST GodBlessAmerica: The participation trophy generation all grown up 🤦‍♀️

Pissed off Paula: That's their prerogative!!!!!
Get over it assholes. We should all be on one knee, fighting for human rights. But nope, we have been brainwashed for over 100 years that everything is ok.

bargain bob: Fencer can get his two seconds of fame

SquirrelyBlake: I see Giuliani is on Fox News talking about Epstein. Better not disable comments when you send it over to YouTube.

Nessa Veganio: U represent your country. Respect your flag and your country.

Noble Tarkan: Why enter to represent a country that you then disrespect? Virtue signalling in the extreme.
He should repay all the hours and money his parents and his country spent to help him to get to this place.

Dre Zee: Put the fencing Ginger behind the Southern border fence

Modok: Lol....its spreading to fencers now ?? Whats next...equestrians and crochet players ??? Lol

Insane Hobbies and Rc's: If the media would stop talking about it this would all stop. Stop promoting their hatred for America

Aaron Betonie: He must be a part of the new generation of pussys

captain edwardo: Scum bag