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Barbara Norman: Dear BCP and family. WE love you and these years would have been much more difficult without You to Walk with. WWG1WGA ♥️🙏 💪

Astrafire1: Can we say Coup d'etat. Yes we can. Look it up people, what scilhiff and pelosi are doing is a Coup d'etat.
Coup d'état definition, a sudden and decisive action in politics, especially one resulting in a change of government illegally or by force.

Dragon Slayer: He really needs to give Mark Twain his mustache back. It doesnt work with his beady little DemonicRat eye balls.

C Rowel: Drain the swampy House of Representatives!!!!!!

Melissa Reed: just subscribed,, I really like your channel, thanks for keeping us updated on what's really going on.

Denise Bilby: She also put a marker on news about George Soros who was intimately involved in corrupt Ukrainian affairs.

Wounded Warr1or: Great point, an a very important one. I get the importance of at least one family dinner a week; it is the best opportunity to keep up with what is going in each others life.

My parents have passed; and as the senior member of our family line; besides keeping up with each other; I feel it is also important for the grandparents to teach the family history; so that the young ones coming up one day will have a good idea where they came from; and help them in their determination of knowing who they are; one day it will be their job to share the family history.

Although, in military families it can be a challenge; my son is also in uniform, and my daughter married a career soldier; we cannot always talk every day or often weeks at a time; but that doesn't mean we do not think about each other daily; and pray for each other nightly or care any less.

After all, they spent the first 20 years of their life traveling all over the globe with me; and so that is how life was as they knew it; and has helped them be comfortable integrating in and out of organizations, and communities.


John McMordie: Bolton is pissed because Trump fires his ass

Peter: FOX NEWS is comparing the other much better.

signe tulupan: Start making calls to the Prez to get Judicial Watch lawyers in there anf Larry Klayman, formerly of Judicial watch who was begging to become AG before the Bush neocon Barr got in there. people, come on!

signe tulupan: A Kangaroo court w/no due process whatsoever

signe tulupan: And tell me ONE solid thing that William Barr did??? Hes seems to be as do-nothing as Sessions! Seditious conspiracy if u take a look at these laws have been committed over n over n over n over,,,nothing ever seems to be done and Larry Klayman was BEGGING to be AGeneral, he was w/Judicial Watch

signe tulupan: Once again, NO IG report on Thursday...just all hype n lies! Nobody on Thursday mentioned the promised IG report due on thursday, WOW!!?? Hannity barely mentioned it and said on Friday it was delayed again.

signe tulupan: Dont forget AJ InfW patriots! Please!

AllTeredstatement: What is yavonavitches nationality

Eagle1: Everybody from the deep state is ganging up on Donald Trump. He's making too many changes to the old corrupt ways of Washington, he's making it harder for the old thieves to make money so they all hating on him. Right now they are twisting this Ukrainian story to make it look as if Trump is the bad guy when it is crooked sleepy Joe and his fking corrupt drug addicted son who are the scamps of this story.

C. Char: BCP...good advice regarding the basis of all biases.. How to Think!

C. Char: When will some authority charge Schiff and jail him for All the LIES he has been giving to the US public. Looks like a person possessed!

Nachuak: Adam Schiff is a direct descendant of the Rothschild Banker Jacob Schiff, the same Jacob Schiff who funded Lenin and Leon Trotsky in their bloody overthrow of Russia, creating the Soviet Union. It was also Jacob Schiff who ordered and gave the green light for the murder of Nicholas ll the Czar of Russia.

Lord Fancourt: Have we considered that the original Whistleblower, whose identity can't be revealed, IS Schiff himself?

Charles Campbell: Love Fox but they have some people on there that always attacks the Pres.

Biggus Dickus: Soooooo when do we fight back? I'm tired of getting kicked in the beans!


freedom fox: Pilgrim Society American Intelligence Media. Killer Bankers

Robert Esposito: If the left is so sure they have all this evidence they need why not have a vote and impeach until they do, it all means nothing because they have nothing, it’s just another hoax, I can’t wait until 2020 so we can get rid of these rotten treasonous bastards once and for all. 🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸

Joseph Lipari: "You have the right to remain silent "


richard quick: U r # 1

Leslie Lang: Sure Schiff has a ton of evidence just like when he held all the evidence during the Mueller stunt. If he did he would probably burn a path to the MSM microphones to tell everyone. But what happened, he had nothing just like he has nothing now. Good bye DemonRATS Schiff, Pelosi, Green, Schumer, Hoyer, etc. All you're doing to causing people to leave the DemonRAT plantation to join the sane side. Thank you for helping to re-elect Pres Trump. The Deplorables, Sheep, & Cattle are tired of the wasted time & money at the constant attacks being made. Hope you all have a military tribunal lawyer.

Leslie Lang: Fiona Hill can't have too much to say since she quit her job & left. Very telling. You can't testify to something you weren't there for.

Linda Freeman: Bolton is a globalist of course he wants war after war and the displacement of people.- he needs to get more migrants up to Europe to dilute the cultures and creat chaos and bankruptcy in the EU countries. How can you have a one World Government with countries protecting their sovereignty.

Jacalyn Walden: Trump better get moving and send in the Marines! No one else is going to stop this crap. They all need to go to jail!!!

SeekTruthinLight: Its really sad because those Democrats in power pick unsuspecting people to do their biding who they don't mind throwing under the bus. Notice Obama used a lot of women who work hard to do what they are told to do, even the shady stuff like communications, even people like Samantha Powers and Victoria Nulan and others like Huma whom they would lay the blame upon in error. "My staff was responsible for that!"And now we see how they are being outed to take part in this erroneous impeachment scheme where they would embellish, exaggerate, or even white lie, to misrepresent the facts, so they can try to impeach the President; and when they fail they will be blamed and even thrown under the proverbial bus. It's a no win for them caught up in error, even Hunter Biden, the mess they would become a central figure in. The problem with ways of Error in Spirit and truth, like Hillary Benghazi operations and Fusion GPS, is how very serious it is, the harms way people that are put in, in error, subject to prison, and many even die in error, of the error in their approach of policies like those on the ground in Libia.

Sharon J: If Schiff would twist the truth on the floor of the house, why would this gossip be true. So far, I don't think any of them were 1st hand witness to anything they're saying. 😇

Anthony Orlow: too many ads

Sharon J: What does monitored mean? That just means watching their public statements. If clandestine she was spying. We want to know, how and for who😇

Karen Oller: Thank you BCP

Todd Aaron: Jeff flake is being investigated for child trafficking.....why don't you here about that on the news

glen bolden: Remember democrats hated Bolton when trump hired him,, & now they love him because they think they can use him against trump, this is how the democrats worked your only as good as what they can get from you then they throw you away

glen bolden: This is treason if it's true, right under our noses she worked against America everyone that helped her should at least be fired or jailed, but we all know if your a democrat you'll get a free pass

T Hull-Loucks: Hillsdale College sent me some interesting information the other day and a Flag sticker that stated "I stand for the Flag." Seem much more 1st amendment than other colleges. ♥️ Thanks for all you do BCP.

severian monk: 'Our Great Republic' is one bloody mess with a goverment that has gone completely berserk and is now conducted by undisguised criminals.

Alma Loretto: Do you think "Joe's Garage" (by Frank Zappa) may have been Divine prophesy, or do you think Frank Zappa was just really wired into the "entertainment" power base??

Robert Stewart: Let's read the phone call. Ok president Trump ask for information on CROWD STRIKE and the server then Ukranian president brings up Biden would someone please point this out

maxaltube: BCP....KICKS $ass Thank You

Mayumi Yamamoto: someone please cap adams ass NOW!

George Fulton: George Kent looks like a freak... No wonder he likes Obama.

Tree Climbing: DEM Congress - has become a Secret Society
where facts are Never presented to the Public.
Our 1933 Brown Shirt moment.


Tree Climbing: Snowden Warned us❕
Bolton takes orders through his Wired Mustache
he’s not the working bulb 💡in the chandelier.

Wesley Bruce: I think Rudy and Bolton are baiting the left into something big and are probably on the same side. They are trying to draw out of the wood work another deep state cell. I think Wray is helping. If there are key deep state sleepers there then there is a lot Wray can't release until they are drawn out. This is another canary trap but a much bigger one and high stakes. Remember how much we now know about what Sessions was doing under cover of his recusal. Bolton looks like he's doing or done the same thing. More 3D chess.