Kayleigh McEnany on why WH is blocking Fauci's testimony

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Blue Yellow: Put dr. Judy Mikovits to testify, it will be explosive

DARKMAN313: Lock Fauci up for good

PETER JOHN BRANDAL: Fauci isn't actually qualified to provide testimony about anything. He invented the HIV = AIDS myth, allowing $1 TRILLION in drug sales from which he and his cronies profited. I could care less to hear what someone from the medical mafia has to say.

Tyler Summers: The interview with James comey where he admitted to setting up mr Flynn he accidentally showed the that arms of the government never planned on giving the trump administration the same leisures and curtsies as former administrations from the beginning

Chriss Gaines: Did I hear this right? They want to trace every single American? I can see it now. Cops asking, why are you outside without your phone? You get a text message telling you that you are not inside or where you should not be - based upon co-ordinates. They do have our phone numbers. Not hard to implement.

NZMCA Waikato Editor: Kayleigh McEnany is "absorbing his [Trumps] thinking" so are going to get more of the usual 'fair and accurate' mind of the madman stuff? 'New Press Secretary" - so what number is this ?

Bob Anderson: Fauci has revealed his character. He is evil.

cmelch555: Another 2 weeks for real
F off and do it now ####🐴

Jason Roper: The next Monica Lewinsky scandal and Trump's second impeachment lol.

Gregory Phillips: Was Nancy Pelosi conducting this interview? Who is this clown masquerading as a journalist? He was applying the same tired agenda driven lies that represent the MSNBC/Rachel Maddow talking points.

If Pelosi is now trying to say that the president didn't act fast enough in February to protect America from the Coronavirus then why did she come out against the president's Jan. 31 China travel ban? Why was Pelosi seen on videotape Feb. 19th hugging Chinese citizens in San Francisco's Chinatown telling everyone that it was okay to travel here and our president is a xenophobic racist.

It gets very tiring and non productive to see democrats trying to speak out of both sides of their mouths. Someone should mention this to the interviewer.

Boobby Knox: You are falling the American people. Get read of Donna Berzil...

C Truth: Keyleigh is a ROCK STAR.

S.A. Morris: ...the purple tie says it all...


Jim Lewandowsky: What is Trump afraid of? He has been doing hours of interviews so it is not a matter of him not having enough time.

Toronto Citizen: Kayleigh is a known liar. Everyone in this administration is a liar and corrupt. And Fox is state media.

Margaret Lilley: Yet another Fox democrat shill.....bye bye Fox....

Mr. Mick: Democrats are perfect examples as to why they need less power not more. They Suck. Waste of our time.

Ronald Wilson: I don't know why Republicans fall for the f**** f*** Democrats bulshit tell them to go lick a salt pile

Batko10: Who is this sack of human feces doing the interview??? He appears to be pond scum like Juan Williams and Chris Wallace.

maynunal: Internal RNC polling shown to POTUS: Voters in swing states have negative views on Trump & coronavirus. 54% say he was too slow to respond & 52% said the government should be doing more. 37% say country is heading in the right direction, a huge drop:

slimmy1962: Bill Gates should be next on the list!

Caper By: Is he ever little

Mike D: 80,000 people died of the flu in 2018 and nobody was concerned about testing!

CLERICSOUL: press secretary is a cutie yum yum

Jay Ramsay: Water board Fauci !

Nathan Hall: I can't wait for November, I'm so sick of the Dems in Congress constantly spewing lies and sewing division in the American people. We need to vote them out and continue to support our President, no he isn't perfect, but he has done amazing things for we the people all while being brow beat by congress and the press. Trump 2020 . WWG1WGA

Terence Kelly Mybestscooters: Who is this stupid guy

Heather Fossis: This is about an entire month trump did nothing to keep the americans citizens safe. He stated he would provide a list of things he did during February to keep us safe but still hasnt provided a single thing. The only thing he can say is he issued a travel restriction at the end of January.

Mariel Nazach: So, the line of questioning is an example of how Fauci's time would be wasted. Journalism has a more important role than just digging destructively in an attempt to fine some Avenue of attack against the president. There is far more to be done than dig, attack, dig, attack. Ignorance, incompetence and criminality in journalism.

ProfoundClarity: I will never lie....one hour later...ooppssss I lied lol...

High-Rise 850: After being bought out by Disney, Fox Is slowly becoming more and more Democratic everyday. 😥

Demetrius Evans: Y'all know why, stop playing stupid.

Scott Glover: Could it be maybe just one person would ask him about the garbage they shot into us in 91 ? But that may be the gulf war syndrome kicking up and I'm talking outmyaz

Andrew Vaughan: faith in the lord Jesus almighty is the most powerful way to live, for atheism is believing what is in front of you, but faith is believing what is not in front of you, but you know is real! Praise Jesus!!

Ramesh Mahadeo: The Democrats want to create enemy between President Trump and Dr Fauci.

Yogi and Booboo: We’ve yet to see any real results from a committee hearing. It’s simply a clown show and circus, wasting more taxpayer money. 🤥

andreas obuaculla: trumps latest bimbo.wonder if trump has felt her up yet,already has lied wont say latest governor who praised trump DUMP TRUMP and his crooks that he surrounds self with

Jay Man: Is this Fox of CNN? I feel like Fox is forgetting who is President.

Pamela Mccarthy: if biden wins kiss your freedom good by

Paul Roberts: Don't listen to her lies America, NO-ONE in the whole world is praising America for their response,we shake our heads in disbelief at your governments gross incompetence,and England's also.

MegaSkilla: This news anchor is fairly ignorant of basic facts. He would fit in perfectly at CNN.

Pamela Mccarthy: fauci will be the next impeachment witness

encdee: Lol.. People actually want someone in a professional position to simply confirm their wishful thinking, as if that would make it a reality...

Trump is like the Pied Piper leading lemmings off a cliff in droves.

I can save you the time. No hearing necessary.. "Dr.Fauci is Trump great?" "Are we handling this tremendously?" "Is everything someone else's fault.. namely people who don't take Trump's uninformed words as law?" "Thank you very much"

Sin Co: Yes! She is awesome!

Alan Burnett: Every weekend, without fail, the loser interviewers are dragged out of mothballs to push Fox's creepy agenda. Tomorrow, we probably will get a dose of C. Wallace ... ugh!

Denise Angela: Tracing? What are we living in a communist... Trace what in over exaggerated virus... 61000 or more last year had died of the flu last year..America wasn't shut down...no one even spoke about . Just Corona virus is nothing but lies

Heather Fossis: How is it yall distrust everybody BUT trump? That is crazy as hell.

Jhonny Chacha: China+WHO +Fauci +CNN, no thank you....Ill pass to his advice.

MegaSkilla: No contact trace.