Larry Kudlow: The president will continue to defend our economy

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow speaks out on the administration's economic messaging strategy for the 2020 election on 'Journal Editorial Report.


Tim Dog: History will not be kind to those who polished turds for a racist, draft dodging, pathological lying sexual predator

Christopher Davis: I'm glad someone is looking out for the important things. Lord knows the Dems aren't doing anything except trying to impeach and illegally affect the election

Sally Portillo: Socialism spends money not their own, Christ is the energy and money for Christianity or who believes in the Savior.

Richard Willette: LOCK HIM UP

Sally Portillo: If you win is so bigly, why is there no news in the Uk liberal media, George Soros is their master. You little children of the devil are unaware of the big change that is about to come, Socialism and Christianity don't mix.

GTP: How did the governor election in Louisiana, work out for you? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Sally Portillo: Who sold their souls in the devil's contract? And who do you expect to free you from hell? A cruel master trains vicious animals, a shepherd's flocks live peacefully in the greenest meadows.

Dwayne Johnson: This is the bottom line for president. Do you guys remember when he made his first speech at the United Nation Assembly, he said that he wanted to pull America out of all treaties he did not like not to mention he wanted to make America First that was his agenda. He believed that no one should interfere in foreign affairs he did not believe that people was paying America greatly for us services, now let's just sit here and think about do Ukraine situation that is going on now the president said that he is against corruption in Ukraine, my point is that the president would like for America to believe that he is making his decisions based on caring for Ukraine when he made it obvious that he does not wish to be involved in foreign affairs

Sally Portillo: American Dream ended with tears in the heart, it is borne in Hollywood, any laugh hides their sadness, a real free man does not regret anything, there is nothing in the past needs correction, the Truth walks with the time, perfecting its shape and knowledge.

chris winkler: Just turned this on to check if I could read the comments. I noticed that I couldn't on the Greg Gutfeld show. Why??

Sally Portillo: and Socialism is not the utopian world for free people.

Per Thorenfeldt: and

Sally Portillo: When the mind is free, there is freedom of speech. Literature will not flourish with the dictates of the master's whip. Passion is not lust, it is the energy of desire, it seeks liberation from darkness, thus, it creates a paradise on one's mind.

Sally Portillo: Socialism can never win, EU is collapsing, more debts and more taxes are not an equation for prosperity, a new revolution must occur, the revolution of the minds.

joe Domjan: Rodger Stone found guilty on all charges. Seems like a lot of members of Team Trump are being arrested and thrown in prison. Keep draining the swamp Donnie youโ€™re next.

Rebel Justice: Thank you President Sharpie for holding two rallies in Louisiana, and making sure Louisianans voted for a Democrat, โ˜บ the reddest of red States, keep up the good work!

John Doe: FOX sucks

Sally Portillo: If we were born once again, it is easy to recognize the enmity between us?

Malcolm Mills: $2 trillion increase in government debt, $600 billion increase in budget deficit and $70 billion increase in trade deficit all in just three years when Trump inherited a growing economy and low unemployment. God help the USA if Trump had inherited the recession, financial crisis and high unemployment Obama inherited from the last republican administration. Trump will bankrupt the USA like he did his companies. Note that the largest single lender (holder of government bonds) to the US is China.

Sally Portillo: Walt Whitman wrote an adulation for a Great Man, it was fitted for a hero's tribute. Though Great Abe might have had his dark side working on him too, it showed on his passion and temper at the same time, he saw an opportunity from liberating the slaves, they can be more free and happy in the New Government, the atrocities were astounding, the shackles kept them in the darkness. Great Abe's vision of America, the Land of the Free must start with a revolution, each man must be borne once again by spirit that all men are equal.

Jeff F: Propagandist!!!!

Tony Whitten: Impeachment update โ€“ Trump-et's taxes are about to be exposed. I wonder what these will tell us. The banks know! His businesses are bleeding money. Yet he claims to be wealthy... but we know he is a liar (foot spurs). Deutsche bank maybe waiting to foreclose on him hence his push to claim impunity from prosecution as President. You never know, the Russian mafia maybe going to foreclose, because they seem like trustworthy businessmen.

Jeff F: It would be really helpful if Fox News would give you Fox News viewing morons, permission to watch comedy. I know all comedy is evil and liberal, and blah blah, blah whatever, but being constantly told that minorities are taking your whiteness, or claiming that minorities donโ€™t believe that Jesus and Santa are white, must take a heavy toll on you guys. Take a propaganda break and watch some comedy, or even better, turn off the 60in TV.

Sally Portillo: He made lots of enemies out of the Democrats, the slave owners and traders. Lincoln was more advanced-thinker, he defeated the less military experienced Confederates. A cunning man, he also broke the cotton monopoly trade of the slave owners.

Sally Portillo: I was 15 when I read that poem, then, I learned the poem was meant for Great Abe so I seek more stories about him, he's not that handsome but what was so special about him, he looked creepy with his lanky frame. Then, I learned that he was a very good lawyer, one of the best with his persuasive speeches. No one has ever analyzed his voice, it can be one of those extraordinary manly voice.

Mo Fungo: yes, ...because you know he's "the most transparent president in history". HAHAHAHHAHA! You sheep are really loving it!!!

Sally Portillo: When you loved truly, you can write a poem... but I can never write a poem again, my heart speaks another language, Freedom and Liberty has a cost, numbers are more understood clearly.

Sally Portillo: I used to have a Book of Poem, there was Elizabeth Barret Browning, his husband, Walt Whitman... that's all I remember.

Kelly Gibson: What type of man Bully's a woman publicly Trump this is so presidential.

If he had nothing to hide he wouldn't obstruct in every area like a Manchild.

Poor Trump he's been treated so unfairly.

Sally Portillo: I admire Abe... Walt Whitman had a poem O Captain My Captain. If I am his reincarnation, I know the English don't like me too.

Sally Portillo: Why did you delete my comment... Moses and Abe Lincoln were both holy figures to me. Democrats can never praise Moses and Abe.

Citizen EU: Trยตmp is like a drug dealer telling his clients after they shot up that they are feeling good because of him. What is the drug in this analogy, the $3,200,000,000,000 increased US debt.

randle guill: The President could be sworn in ,and stand before the committee and defend himself ,with any message he wants.

Sally Portillo: Socialists plan to add $ 3 trillion debt for welfare expenditures every year.

Henry Lee: Hard candy

Sinister Veritas: Trump is so full of crap and so is Kudlow. They are propping the economy on credit. The same way Trump went bankrupt 6 times The deficit has exploded under him despite it being " a great economy". Farmers are committing suicide and going bankrupt. Worker wages haven't really gone up other than the rise in minimum wage fought for by Democrats. Coal isn't coming back. And the trade war has everything in our economy costing way more than it use too. There are a multitude of Trump associates going to or already in prison. Including his personal lawyer. And now, soon Giuliani. Hopefully Trump will be in prison withing a year and a half.

Sally Portillo: Abe Lincoln wasn't a Socialist, so no thank you Democrats!

Sally Portillo: Socialism is for Democrats, not for the Republicans.

Terry Daktyl: Hope he's better at that than campaigning for Republikan losers! LOL thank you Kentucky and Louisiana!

Sally Portillo: Blue will be blue, Red will be red, Swing states are our battle, will they succumb to Socialism or be a Red state. We cannot surrender our freedom and liberty with the Socialists.

Sally Portillo: Socialism is for the Democrats, not for the Republicans. I always choose the lesser evil.

DreidMusicalX: Good because that is why I am voting for him.

Paul jordan stasney: We are in the midst of a new government

Um Yes: If you support Trump, you are a traitor to the constitution but not to the fascists you follow.

Fulando Mcclarin: The Democrats retain governorship in Louisiana, won Kentucky. The momentum from the 2018 Congressional elections continue less than one year out from the 20/20 elections.

Ronald Avery: Thank you LOUISIANA for your great State.
The BLUE MACHINE can't be stopped

Rosa Montes de Oca Gonzalez: I like Trump 2020 is good man president peace Justice LOVE....

Chris C: Considering how much government malfeasance and corruption has been exposed through 3 years of President Trump's administration (e.g. FBI/ DOJ,/ CIA, Clinton campaign, Creepy Biden and the Ukraine, Uranium1) maybe it's time the people who are undecided and nitpicking his personality to think about how much more cover up and corruption would have transpired 3 years into a Clinton Presidency with her MSM support had the election gone the other way. You may not like the President's "in your face" style but I will take that and all the progress and exposing he's made any day over the decades of Politically Correct Criminals usurping our government, taxes, military, & well-being for their own personal and financial gain.
Over 60 million voters put this man in office yet the MSM have categorically ignored the praise of "The people have spoken" that they have so emphatically hailed after every other election. One might think the Deep State and MSM were one and the same after all this.

Mike Perkins: Trump is a Belial.
A lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon.
Proverbs 6.12-19

Victoria Godley: He will bankrupt the USA