Lindsey Graham: Trump whistleblower needs to be named

Senator Lindsey Graham on what he wants to find out from the whistleblower and why it's important for them to publicly testify. #TheStory #FoxNews FOX News ...


A. v.G.: Is Eric Chiaramella, Strzok's and Page's CI in the White House being spelled with or without "h", AND WHAT'S HIS ADDRESS?

Daisy L: If there is no victim, there is no crime. If the Ukrainian President has already stated that he didn't feel pressured, then there was no pressure. This whole impeachment investigation is a sham. It's disgusting to see that politicians such a Schiff and Pelosi would even attempt to pull this stunt against the American voters. They (as well as the rest of their circus entourage) should be under investigation for a coup attempt and all involved should be facing treason charges.

Harvey Harveyness: Mister Rogers has more bravado than graham

Martha Williams: Come on Foxx news- there is no rule that says the whistleblower has immunity from being identified. Caramelli is his name.

patrick3870: Disgusting can this guy keep a straight face. Flip-flop; lying & spinning has become the mantra of these conservatives. Spineless jellyfish The bloody evidence speaks for itself

Arturo Hernandez: The police finds a dead body. From an anonymous tip. And we don't prosecute? Welcome to PARTISAN USA!!!! Writing the book on corruption. Ban witnesses from appearing in court. Why did the Al Cappone not think about that sooner. Partisanship is ruining our dear country.

Dr. Abuze: Yet Graham can't digest the fact that Sonderland ADMITTED there was a quid pro quo. He admitted that the money was withheld until they started making up dirt on Biden. Its really amazing how Graham manages to put on a straight face.

Tim McDroyd: Its a hugh Communist Network..All major news and Social Media..Politicians..Judges ..Education..Cartels..China and many more..Its a take down of North America..Its why people are so bold boosting corruption and censorship...Its Gods Judgement..Look at California..Repent or really bad will take over..A third of the world will die then 2/3rds.Trump is doing his part the undemonized must do there part

Sandy Young: Impeachment inquiry based on GOSSIP! ( The laughing stock of the world ) A nine year old knows this nonsense is just WRONG !!!! Why the heck does Fox spend so much time on this pure CHILDISH NONSENSE ???

C Sil: It's Mike Pence

wolfen244: "Adam Schiff is full of crap."--Lindsey Graham

richard miller: I just say line everyone up in front a firing squad while hooked to a polygraph machine ask 1 base question, then ask 3 actual questions and if they lie on 2 of three questions put a bullet in their head. Done is done. I'm so tired of this BS.

J.L. Klamer: Asking for whistleblower's identity is violation of US-law. The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989, 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(8)-(9), Pub.L. 101-12 as amended, is a United States federal law that protects federal whistleblowers who work for the government and report the possible existence of an activity constituting a violation of law, rules, or regulations, .... Every whistleblower deserves protection against public prosecution or threat.

Hong Trinh Tran: The whisper blower Is Adam Shift himself if he cannot reveal the name so American people should demand who the whisperblower is.

Drew Leon: Sen. Graham...Good job!

J.L. Klamer: What if Sen. Graham comes from the camp of Mr. Trump? What about the situation we, the people are not trusting all what is said (or anything?) by Mr. Trump?

Sen. Lindsey Graham "it is a yoke" but why are you thinking that? Of course a president of a state under attack may say "no pressure" if his strong ally asked so. I have never met a thief who admit his crime. Why account on Mr. Trump? He has a history of "altenative truth".
The case about impeachment is clear. But Rep's are trying to hide truth by all kinds of noise and dust.

Margrit Kaminsky: The whistleblower is no longer important. He did his job, showing the way to the rathole. What distractions the GOP COMES UP WITH, ONE AFTER THE OTHER TO NOT SEE THE BAD FACTS. FOX viewers, please listen to other channels to balance the FOX picture.

2fuzy: Well Lindsay I know at one time ya took an ethics class .....time for a refresher

VISIONINC63: Eric Holder ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€

CSC 4/502 INF: Graham, YOU work for "the people"(not the kurds)! Do YOUR job!

WyleCoyote1961: Lindsey have a vote in the senate to put Schiffty in front of a firing squad, to pay for all of his treasonous acts. The man is total scum.

Family Phone: Trump was never worried about Biden becoming president! All Trump wants is to know the millions we send them goes where it's supposed to. Not in Biden's and his cronies pockets!

5argeTech /\: Trump French Toast on sale at Walmart.......


Audie Murphy: The Anti-Trump and Active Member in the COUP Eric Ciaramella needs to be officially named.

Susan Blood: Schiff absolutely needs to be indicted. Everyone in congress knows he is lying and most in media. All who give credence to his lies should be held accountable- especially the media who would prefer an extremely corrupt candidate (Biden) be protected by attacking those seeking to properly expose and end this kind of corruption, regime change and endless wars .
I believe Lindsy (waiting on IG) is controlled opposition and so is Fox.
The focus continues to be on a lyddle man who should have just been flipped into a wire trash can by some ordinary passerby and left as a comic character with his feet kicking in air. No actually damage done just no more attention paid.
That this has not happened has made what is occurring much more serious for him & those who indulge it.

Bradley Short: How bout what if somebody kicks the teeth right out of your ignorant mouth u stupid sob graham ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿฟ

Timmylehin: Lindsay is a piece of garbage, what does he think he's tired of listening to this man...he lost his respect already. You knew people are frustrated and you are doing nothing...this is BS

J Diesel: If Schiff is the special counsel in the investigation, like Ken Starr was in the Clinton impeachment. Then he shouldn't be off limits to the Senate. The intell comittee holds hearings behind closed doors. Schiff is the special counsel in the investigation and can't be called up too questioned. Someone put a lot of time in this scheme.

jaci D.: Lindsey needs to retire. He's clearly not up to the task.


Sonja Voigt: Laughing and denying truths seems to be the weapon of Lindsey Graham!


Carolyn Jackson: Come on, Eric, be a man and show your face?

David Lecker: Politicians playing Politics? Are any of these people worth the taxpayers paying for-or big money lobbyists paying for them?

christian revuelta: I have to say Graham is very clear and articulate about the situation. I dont necessarily agree with his interventionist cum warmongering slant in foreign policy but on this he is pretty good.

100101mint mint101001: There is more than one whistleblower

"Some think they did more wrong than the President"???? Ya think?
President Trump did everything RIGHT.... The Witch Hunt Clinton Cabal = Lawless

Christine: Lindseyย  is compromised.ย ย  Remember who he was best buds with?ย  No name?

R R: spineless lindsey was talking trash about trump before trump became president, now he licks trumps balls every night....TRUMP IS GOING DOWN

Jos Behaeghel: "Senator" Graham, about Sondland changing his opinion. What did you and awful beard Cruz do? What did both of you say about Trump during the republicans nomination rounds? You do NOT deserve your pay, no cent, for your senator seat . YOU ARE A DISGRACE!! Take your hands from Adam Schiff, you do not come even to his heels as a politician, piece of sh.!!!

Rafael Chavez: If the complaint was made by a never Trumper but everything turns out to be true what difference does it make? What kind of argument is that?

extremely careless: Destroyer vs a battleship.

Road Biker: So the media without fail reports erroneous info daily but wonโ€™t give out the whistle blowers name because they canโ€™t verify it? Stop lying to us.

James Bryson: Lindsey...all talk, posturing, dodging...the people are NOT being served.
Thousands of media interviews...little action to serve the national interest.

Decy Johnston: SO OVER SHCIFF.. bloody idiot. PLEASE GOP GET rid of this moron!

GTP: And Miss Lindsay needs to resign.

carole Cobb: Adam Schiff needs to be removed! Dictatorship and abuse of power!

Flee Tyrrany: Interviewer: Will you call Schiff as a witness ? Graham : No , if i call him he can call me . ? Sooooo .. Why is Graham refusing to call Schiff when he has the power as Chair to end this attempted Coup farce ? Because Graham, like Schiff and Pelossi are heavily invested in profiting from Wars ! To quote our President on Grahams character ; "Graham would keep wars raging for a thousand years if he could". Lindaey Graham is a RINO a Liberal Globalist Elite sitting in a Chair he has no business sitting in. It should have been Jordans Chair.. Vote these RINOs and red state Dems out of office. Then we begin to drain this filthy swamp... Vote

s4ss: I love how this guy is universally hated. Thatยดs what you get when you have no loyalty to anything or anyone!