🚨LIVE: Patriot Hour Panel

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Cave nug: https://youtu.be/gLBcGQXz7a8
You should look into this. Look at the company and who now has their foundation in this. They made the pills trump was talking about. Gates has his hand in it why wouldn’t he want a pill instead of his vaccine. Maybe because he wouldn’t get monies for new development of medicine... the wu flu gates talked about the virus then this couple was found shot?? Now here we are. Just follow the paper trail.

Diane Phillips: I loved that 17 minute clip with Guns, & TP, & clips..

Diane Phillips: ThanQ Patriots..

Jessie Gray: I seen video of a dude that road his bike around filming the hospitals with his phone and all 3 hospitals in his city was empty at the front waiting room and some cops tried to make him stop recording. MSM is lying about every thing pushing fear on the public.


King H: How about Martin Lawrence looks and acts different up to the point he made the movie “Life”.. after that movie he is a different person and seems like he’s trying to act like the real Martin.. 1999 is when they say he “went crazy”. I went through the list of all his movies on Wikipedia then looking at clips on YouTube. Same thing for Dave Chappelle after his Oprah interview. Different person!! I downloaded a face recognition app and they both failed at less than 50% matching! It’s crazy..

Donna Buffolino: Nevada

Perlet Menzies: SOROS owns a lab in WUHAN CHINA.....

SuziQ: This is 13 hours ago where is today's?

rit g: Somebody keeps breathing into mic. It's distracting.

76: It's 20-4-10, still nothing. Q is a hoax guys, I really hope you understand that.

Connie Ogle: Intro music by JT is the best!!!!!

Fritz Guth: Still waiting for the Kennedy big reveal.........

Rams Fan: https://www.theepochtimes.com/ag-barr-opposes-bill-gates-proposal-for-covid-19-vaccine-certificates_3305276.html

alexander nerep: Nothing can stop what is coming, nothing! unlike Avengers Endgame there is no timeline that can save the losers, all they can do is prolong the inevitable! Even does who slept during the storm will wake up!

Q-NaTiON[ZeRo]: Thank you to all the American Soldiers and Veterans out there, for the active duty, retired, our departed brothers and sisters, and our P.O.W.S. (who never came home), for your duty & service in the field and (especially) in combat, to the this Great Country, The United States of America. #SUPPORTOURTROOPSANDTRUMP #Q-NATION[ZeRo]

dauof Yehovah: they don't want the cure, no money for gates, cdc, fda, fema, all other big pharma

dauof Yehovah: Schweppes tonic water has quinine!

dauof Yehovah: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4ThFsxz4wA&feature=youtu.be Game changer??

RICHIE JR: https://youtu.be/N0zZmh-JFyM

ucouco78: So any arrests yet?

Dwane Yocum: The name "Trump" is synonymous with failure. It's in the dictionary. Look it up.

Cw Engle: They killed POTUS uncle!

Cw Engle: Hospitals have been empty for the last 4 weeks

Loyce March: 5g...they are already outdated.. there is a smaller 5g that is safe. I understand pretty has ordered them changed out.

Loyce March: It is crap. Here in Riverside CA they are moving elderly to an old Sears. Only half staff showed at one home and there were too many patients. But they say if you are over 65 you will probably die. They want to eliminate the older people cause they have blown our money. SS is dry. Yet they give it to illegals who are over 62. Sad.

Bozena Mroziewska: New York

Mtngirl 333: I heard they are going to start going door to door forcing the vaccination and testing? In the next week. Can you help verify?

Kathy Machen: Have any of you heard anything lately from Field McConnel

Marc Fullmer: tHE wORLD loves to label us so when they ask what you are I say American Patriot.....not really either party because that's like professional sports you are just cheering for the clothes because the people continually change.

Casey P: How are our Best doing? Thanks for your service. We are safe because you Elite Military enforcement still at it. The nice comforting thing for folks is you understand Mil Intel and have the world's most trusted intel, thanks again. Your intel has been uncertain do to circumstances of anonymous undisclosed unnamed sources, but It will be priceless moving forward. Besides We can tell you are the best of Military.

Marc Fullmer: Hawaiian Patriot Check /*>>>>----------> FBI fROM THE bIG iSLAND

Shawn Deric: WHY does POTUS NEVER speak of BILL GATES..

Shawn Deric: WHY does Q have ZERO drops on BILL GATES

Marc Fullmer: Don't worry about the machines patriots .... Someone has to pay the power bill!.... We are going to make the cabal's money disappear right in their pockets.....

Shawn Deric: addr. POTUS<Q>BILL GATES. PYSOP in English Gematria is 546. Q post 546 "Soros and Rothschild" "Wait until you LEARN who has been talking to you Q."

Marc Fullmer: Love it Guys you are shattering the vision the media has worked so hard to create ! We have great resources like you guys all over America and this is a good way for the younger people to get a view of a possible neighbor that have not taken time to know..

Marc Fullmer: We are the ones that decide NOW...The huge multi national corps and the 3 letter agencies & the Bankster's were engineered to take out the Independent business people effectively wiping out the middle class worldwide.

Cassie Buchanan: Do you guys know why the presidential seal was not on the front of the podium today or yesterday when Trump get his coronavirus update it wasn't there you know if that means anything

SteveR: Seriously Guys WTF is going on? You're live chat is trolled all through the show!!!!!!!! Do you not occasionally glance at it? Do you not have a F***** Moderator with the nous to boot them off? In future maybe don't have the comments scrolling if you have no idea what is on them. Ruined the show so much i switched off. I kept expecting someone to comment on it.

Susan Jefferson: I told my son about you today! He asked me something, like the Partriot hour! I said Look it up for yourself!

B Parr: Love all the Patriots of ALL branches of the military 🎖🎖 ❤️❤️

Susan Jefferson: Thank you very much! WWG1 WGA!

Darren Carson: Sorry i was busy and missed the show ,but as in your Y head thing .Dr Fauci .look at his badge !!

Blue Apple: Mike if you go to the Qmap.pub and look at the last page of the themes. 10=Canada 11=China 12 = Clowns in America CIA. I thought it was interesting regarding drop 3914. I made a video about it. Because in Canada, Justin has been confined to his cottage since March 13. And we have photos of what looks like an ankle monitor. After we noticed it on twitter, the state broadcaster CBC switched up the camera angles so we can’t see his pant legs anymore from the back. Maybe nothing but thought I would share with you. Happy Easter 🙏✝️🌹

Capt: Most people have no idea of the evil that is upon us

Capt: Thank you Sandra this tribulation will be over soon

76: The long haired dude is SPOT ON. Of you got the you know what you now have the cure!!! SPOT ON

SeekingTheTruth: Yes. If you look up quinine, you will see it is effective againt 3 types of viruses - caronaviruses, retroviruses, and the virus that causes AIDS. It is effective against yellow fever, malara, SARS, MERS, and a heck of a lot of diseases.

Jane Doe: It’s the flu stop whining. We have a pill now, why pay to take the shot. I’m not saying shit. I’d rather die at home then in the hospital.
My son dr. Text he does not live with me anymore. He’s grow. They were asking all these question, about his health. I said nothing. I was not happy about that.
Abortions open churches are closed.
I think they are trying to get rid of, If two or more gathered in my name.