McConnell on Trump's tweets: He should listen to Barr

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell joins Bret Baier on 'Special Report.' FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), ...


Captain Pugwash: Moscow Mitch sold his soul long ago. The pee tape rules...Trump is a Soviet asset. Watch the (once) great USA self implode on his watch...just what the puppet-master Putin ordered...

Marco Polo: Carlson calling his pimps enemies in public is the best example of what a RAT is.

Walter Wiperi: Collins who? - next years conversation after the election. :)

roundedges2: McConnell technically correct, but The Roger Stone situation is TIED to Trump’s original witchunt beef since the same guilty deep state prosecutors sent a swat team to arrest an old man alone out of bed in his house with his elderly wife with the goal of scaring him to incriminate Trump. The outrage was is still rightly simmering from that.

Eva Moia: Brett, you a whinny little man.

Jay Dee: What kinda questions are these? So weak & pathetic!

Steven E. Godfrey: Hey Mitch is Hillary still running the streets because of your deep state ?


sandra burke: Mitch, now you know this is Relaxation time Tweeting. Barr can hold his own. Trump will too. Sticks and Stones!

JJ Groves: CUT THE CRAP!!!!

Random Integer: Fresh news! The Dems are backing away from asking for Barr to appear before Congress ! Hahaha!

David Lawson: Perhaps we should focus on the intentional misrepresentation of obvious facts by democrat leaders and MSM. WATCHING crying Chuck Schumer misrepresent facts time and time again is far worse than Trump tweets. And Pelosi is a head case and is incoherent.

Ryan May: What about some of the taxing sources andrew yang proposed but towards infrastructure?

Sunshine V: Barr can start his own tweet!!!


Rock Landstone: The ravings of the Trump cult splattered all over these comments.

Marie Stark: I don’t understand why mr. Barr said this publicly. This seems it should have been said in private. Hmm od.

Martin: Wasn’t Trump a Democrat most of the 2000s? Commenters in here sounding like Family Guy jokes... the butt of

Draft Lo: It's a BUNCH of corruption in Washington....... Fucem All

MAGA Blog: GOD bless President Trump and America !!!!!!!!!!!!!

inside cat: Trumps not going to listen to anyone except that little voice in his head.

Keke*from* Shh-cago: I have to agree because Barr was on it already and now it looks bad and why give them any ammo just pardon Stone and the rest of them it’s the right thing to do and you don’t need Barr or anyone else’s approval just do it after the election and call it a day

Joe Sacej: Vote for republicans that support our president.
Trump 2020

Dion Peterson: Only in Washington you can get impeached for tweet

James Dluhos: Free Roger Stone!

thor smith: Brett is a leftest political hack!! Boycott Brett !!!

Will T: He’ll still get my vote but to a certain extent.. a superb leader, not just a good one, knows when to use some restraint and bite their tongue.

Aint1S: I'm so glad to see Mitch McConnell being interviewed, no one ever does it.
I like what he said and his final statement was so true, it's terrifying.
I never knew Bernie went to the Soviet Union during the Cold Was!? Scary

Sonic Salt Slug: Nope. Don't try to fix what's working.

Midge Barker: I agree Trump needs to listen to Barr at least in the short term. At least long enough for Barr to do his work.

Steven E. Godfrey: Barr's problem He has can't bust His deep state buddies the way He has been told to do !!!!

Marek Kolenda: GOP support Sanders in Democrats election campaign.

Jim C: Can Barr walk and chew gum?

Joe Fischetti: Elizabeth Warrens voice is so annoying. She speaks like a sneaky liar. I can’t wait for her to go away.

Wadah Alyemeni: Haha they always have to go on tv and cover and try to walk that thin line but it just doesn’t work

Jesse Salai: The "SHUT UP AND DO WHAT YOUR TOLD" party

We, The north: No one feeds crow to the fake news networks (CNNs) like trump is able to do! Enjoy 😉

Steven E. Godfrey: McConnell does know thank Barr works for the President doesn't He !!!!

Karen Lloyd: i think the attorney general should listen to POTUS

John Rider: I think you guys need to listen to Trump And the AG for sure needs to listen to Trump. And if he does not like it, he can go. Trump is tired of the BS. Stone should be at home living his life and not worrying about going to prison for a witch hunt BS case. A setup that we all know is a setup.

supersecretsquirrel0: where are his eyebrows?

Charles P: Trump says the same things on camera!

ALOE Eman: He has bigger things to think of. Hope ye because humble

Steven Corey: Trump dangling another carrot, saying to the Dems, "This was fun, lets do this again!"

0 0: Well when Mueller got Comey that Lockheed Martin contract for millions, you know they had their heads up each others , They're best bud's and to commit crimes to protect each other is no crime at all in their eyes. It's called " ABOVE THE LAW"

Ron Forman: The constant investigation and harresmant of president by democrats only hurts country and American people no politicians will ever be elected to president again!

TheGOPforlife: Time for a new AG.

Gene Garbis: If the President is guilty of Abuse of Power , why are, SHIFF AND PELOSI ,,,,NOT ARRESTED ,,,,,??????

Canadian Progressive: Trump is so dumb he interferes in investigations through social media

M C: Barr is a blackmailed punk..