Mike Lee on why he voted to limit Trump's ability to wage war with Iran

Senate passes a bipartisan war powers resolution restricting President Trump's authority to launch military operations against Iran; insight from Utah Senator ...


maynunal: In poker, you look for your opponent's "tell" to know when he's lying; Donald Trump's tell is when he's talking.


TheJoint90: Our congress is a corrupt swamp. 100’s of career politicians and lawyers. All crooks

Sunshine V: What a stupid senator!!!

Darrel Burnett: Trump will get the last laugh when he vetoes this bill, as he should
He's the commander in chief and shouldn't have to wait on an inept Congress to strike terrorists. Some idiot dimocrat would leak the plans first. VETO THE BILL!!!!

William Write: I appreciate that we need to react quickly when fit hit the shan. So Mr. Trump & Congress get off your hands and work out a way to work together so communications can be disseminated quickly. I fully support the Congressman the power to wage war lies with the Congress.

Tom White: Is RINOville located in Utah?


Tom White: Because he is a RINO!

dee martinez: Big mistake!

tom lund: Clowns clowns and more clowns... clean house!

Steve Davidson: Can we use Drones against Democrats ?

Steve Davidson: Yeah well this Congress is a Joke and I wouldnt trust them with anything let alone anything to do with War.

Cheryl Fuller: The fact that the amount of corruption in this country is beyond overwhelming. These people can t be trusted do anything right.

James Smith: Mike Lee you have been in Congress way to long it's time retire. Thank you for your service.

Dennis Lawrence: Trump won't start a War unless he gets a cut out of it.

Ron Davis: Isn’t the power or authority to declare war already stated in the US Constitution? Does not this bill give Congress the means to second guess what is and what is not offensive action? In other words, politicizes it?

hope less: Seems to me congress and media has too much power to the point that they are controlling the president and people through a variety of means if you really think about it appears like they are the ones in control not the president.

William Demmon: VETO VETO VETO.... Best President EVER!

Kurochan: You guys in the comments really want us to goto war with Iran? We need no more endless wars in the middle east.

Catherine From Louisiana: One minute they are patting him on the back then The next they are stabbing him in it

Doug Welch: Lee and Romney both need to fall off the edge of the earth!

user used: Can't wait to see the President veto this. You senators can't do your job at representing what we the people want so the President has to make the decisions you are too spineless to make. If Iran steps out of line, we NEED to abruptly and brutally shove them back across that line.

Trigger Troll: Term limits. The way the democrats are acting against trump they would let Iran nuke the states as long as trump was impeachment by the blast.
Democrats are the epitome of weak and corrupt and useless.

Catherine From Louisiana: You are all a bunch of jerks everybody thinks they are smarter than the President and they should be making all the decisions

Jbod: Everyone disliking this video is delusional. In principle reclaiming Congressional authority is an excellent idea, no matter who is occupying the white house. Just because democrats support this act does not make it inherently bad.

Scout 714: Waste of money and time, since it will be vetoed anyway.

Lg Phone: Rom-Lee ... Utah is dead in the senate

Digsby James: Big assumption here. Congress would have to be a healthy and CONSTITUTIONAL obeying, honouring and defending entity. The impeachment GARBAGE just proved it is NOT. With all due respect. FIX CONGRESS FIRST.

Kerry Tackett: IDIOTS

Digsby James: STUPID LOGIC. So in all due respect... war by committee? AND YOUR TIMING SUCKS!

Tom Thumb: Whats wrong with Utah ?

jess horn: i do think congress should be the one to declare war where boots hit the earth but still think the missile stuff was policing actions which was approved the past decade plus

Mary Mary Quite Contrary I: He is toast come next voting cycle, he made his bed now he can look for new job! RINO

President Camacho 46th POTUS 2020: impeach trump again!!!

james markarian: Stay on target and don't limit a quick response by the President which is the intent of what is being suggested. I think there is a middle ground with a fast response decision making process if and when a quick decision is needed for an offensive move. Lets see if Trump comse to the table for some middle ground before this goes to him, remember this is for future Presidents to be in harmony with Congress, it might have an upside.

USNAVY*NAMVET: President Trump.... as you are draining the swamp of rats, don't forget this one.....

Carl Cantrell: Or they could just enforce the Constitution.

S Barger: Someone make and sell a poster of the painting of Bill Clinton in the blue dress.

franklin archambault: well no matter what they say jimmy the furious rabbit killer carter did this with the help of his communist democant friends when he flew the Ayottla to Iran and they started killing anyone who they thought was a non believer now thirty millon dead Iraians later the killings go on and so does their war on anyone that disagrees with them

muzak1861: Mike Lee is right! Offensive vs defensive actions are different.

Gracie Thankful: Et too brute`

JesusSaves: VETO!!

Dr. Abuze: The cracks in the foundation is starting to show. Soon the Trump tower will come falling down.

Electra Glide: You just 🚽 your career!

Tom Thumb: Congress has no time to decide on war or immediate attack issues. They are wsy to busy impeaching everyone, all Republicans.Congress is for Iran before the Americsn people

Justin Morgan: What is it with Utah? Get on the people's side, contrarians! Quit selling us out.

Noneya Business: Vote this guy out!!!!!!

Teri k: He is our President who the hell do you people think you are! All you do is lie and brake all the rules while you brake laws! I cant stand this Government of unreasonable people

Common Sense: All you Monday Morning Dictators on here is really pathetic !