Nadler gets fired up during Senate trial, calls Trump a dictator

House impeachment manager Jerry Nadler delivers argument for President Trump to be removed from office. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC) ...


Granny Grunt: Nadler shift Pelosi humor they all need held accountable for these big mascara they're putting out to the mainstream news media of total propaganda 24/7 it's all a charade folks! I don't believe anything Nadler shipped Pelosi or Schumer says


That Good Gospel of God: Pinocchio would be proud of ya.


Stephanie Gayheart: A dictator gets elected and gets re-elected by a landslide, I thought that they fight or cheat in elections and never or almost never leave and suppress the people that is not happening

Good Speed: Nadler your just a big pile of shifft

N Ex: I'm sick of this weeble.

Granny Grunt: Trump doesn't want to be all-powerful Nadler wants to steal the votes from the American people so Trump won't get elected again in 2020 it's all about stealing the election Nadler gets up there and says Trump thinks this Trump thinks that I've never seen anything like that whole bunch in all my life with shift Schumer Nadler and Pelosi at some of the other ones they say it over and over again if you listen they want President Trump impeached because they want their power back and he can't be bought off

David Adrian: Jerry Nadler needs to be removed from congress

N Ex: Notice how the "House Managers" all read from prepared scripts while Trump's lawyers and advocates don't need scripts. Wonder who is writing those scripts? If they are so sure of themselves, why do they need scripted statements while Trump's defenders do not???

John Thompson: They just lost their minds, crazy democrats

Paul Donnelly: He just lies over and over never able get Trump 2020!

Birch Mahogany: Clown shoes.

Jeff Lectka: Because over-the-top ridiculous rhetoric has served them well so far.....

Kaboom 214: Nadler AKA Wimpy went & ate 2 burgers after that

Barbara Rexroad: Nadler is suffering from being butt hurt because President Trump wouldn't kiss it.

TOM M: Little azzwhype Nadler. Just a throwaway bit player for commie dems.

Margaret Shetler: We have had enouh of this bs they all need put in jail

Jamie Elder: The President is doing exactly what I hired him to do.

AsintheDaysofNoah: President Trump 2020!

J Washburn: Libs are soooooo mad cause they know how this turns Kavenaugh , that's how😆😂

Marco Ana Marino: Ha, look who's talking.

Kevin Tasich: Wow this does not even remotely resemble a legal proceeding. This, in true Communist fashion, is a propaganda campaign in an attempt to convince the American people that "orange man bad". We need to throw these bastards out. They are panicking because the real Ukraine conspiracy is about to be revealed to the American people. We know it all. And it all leads back to Barrack Obama. They know the only possible way to save themselves would be to get rid of President Trump. But there scam is backfiring in a huge way. How anyone with half a brain cell could believe any of their BS escapes me.

Titan12: The Penguin is just upset because Trump is making America better than any of these clowns could ever DREAM of. 🤣

Brad Arsenault: The day President Trump was sworn in Nadler it was over for you and your cronies.

xxdarkslayer lord: Yes, Jery, a dictator would allow an impeachment trial to remove him go on. If Trump was one, your party wouldn't even EXIST

Bobby Hendricks: Nadler can burn in Hell he is a traitor

Budan Tessarajan: Democrats politician Nadler should suck dogs cock's

Philip SC: No one believes a word that Nadler has to say. He needs to be arrested, tried and if convicted, hung for TREASON

Danny Jackson: Your day is coming Nadler. “Nothing can stop what is coming! NOTHING”.

Vicissitube: And Nadler is a_Cunt.

thereppoc: As Mayor of Munchkinland, he has the authority to say that!


Alamo Defender: Definition of a Democrat (WUSSY) …. A person with no guts. A person who whines all day and sits around and cries like a little baby for years over nothing. Will blow anything out of proportion and create drama to forget about their sad miserable lives.

Elazar de Lusignan M.: Nadler exploits his political position to pursue a personal vendetta against Trump. The political arena, is entirely unsuitable for such personal endeavors.

Jim Shook: The smurf finally gets to be someone for 15 min .

AndTheCorrectAnswerIs: Nadler and Schiff are guilty of Sedition. They are unamerican and a threat to our country.

Charles Saine: Nailer , Gulag man , bust the deal face the wheel ! 😂🤣

JOHN DOE: The right wing hates the constitution. They only use it when it works for them!

Bobby Rogue: This moron is fired up because pencil neck ate his donut

B Cool: Awe, poor little troll creacher is mad

War Hawk: This our tax dollars hard at work folks

chuck jackson: They sure have pointed right to where the shadows and swamp rats are located.

Darrell Armstrong: Nadler is a dictator. Just take away the tator.....

Jason Sanchez: C_a clown in action !

American Patriot!: It's funny how he says dictator when the Democrats have been doing nothing but dictating the last 30 years

Delphi Oracle: Nadler has the Napoleon

Thomas kelabob: "If the transcript fits you must acquit".

American Patriot!: The Biden family is clearly corrupt a bunch of socialist pigs that hopefully will be getting caught for what they have done to our country

Momzilla: Well Jerry, if that is the way you feel about it, crawl under a rock!