Napolitano calls on DOJ to denounce what FBI agents did to Flynn

Michael Flynn should be exonerated and an investigation should be opened by the Senate Judiciary Committee on the FBI's handling of the case, Fox News ...


Hank Powell: What's hilarious is that there's still no concrete evidence that the FBI set him up. There's no evidence truly at all and yet fox will run with this story. He plead guilty, deserves the sentence and punishment.

KL CHAI: America is better to split into 2 countries, one for republican, another one for democrats, problem solved, very simple, no point fighting, learn from China otherwise America will be finished in the near future.

hogensan: However NOTHING HAS HAPPENED.....

K. R.: How is it that the FBI doesn't need to answer to Congress? The lawmakers of this country, they seem to act like some rogue vigilantes taking it upon themselves to enforce what they feel like, and not to what the law says

Lonnie Christopher: ....Washington, D.C. just drips and oozes with corruption. If we don't have corrupt "Foundations", we got Uranium being sold out the back door...We have corrupt New York City laptops...Corrupt DOJ threatening NYC cops over Weiner's laptop...Corrupt Samantha Powers unmasking the whole country- side...Corrupt Susan Rice blaming videos for not securing an embassy under- siege...Corrupt ex- Presidents spying on new Presidents...We got fake dossiers being submitted to courts as if gospel...We got leaks to the press out the wazoo for political gain...We got a ranking Pentagon official leaking conversations with Kysliak...We got FBI agents concocting "insurance policies" while playing phone- tag and kissy- face......God only knows when all of this can be cleaned up...

Harold Musick: Wake me when anybody goes to jail

Donna Barber: Absolutely fire Wray!!

theodore lovesu: When did Napolitano come over from the dark side?

109ejg: De fund them as no matter who is in charge, red or blue, the abuse continues and escalates. Government run amuck benefits no american. Who will come forward and lead a rethink of the basic role of government in our daily lives?

Bill Goodwin: Napolitano is a damned idiot. Man, what happened to FOX?

Rusty Shackleford: If we have to wait for Lindsey Graham nothing will be investigated !

Jim Farrell: Wait 6 more months to make the correct decision, WHY????

Michelle Mckenna: Just abolish the FBI . They are a gossip con gang at this point. . Create another agency and vet every single individual. I would prefer all libertarians vet each one

Jack leone: All you need to do to end all corruption in the FBI? is to check all those that you suspect voter registration cards!! if they say Democrat?? than immediate dismissal!! problem solved! scales of justice are balanced again!! ( it's as easy as that) just look at the Democrats and their phony news friends?? are those liars conservatives??? NO! Thus my logical reasoning and besides criminals stick together. The Democrats who are honest at least the smart ones have already switched parties.

RM: Flynn lied to the FBI and pled guilty. Too hard to understand?

The End Begins: Denounce it for the millions they've done exact same thing too. Stop this tactic from police and FBI.

great outdoors: Americans just want our disgusting president behind bars

Elmer T Fuddrucker: You really think the FBI is going to denounce their criminal behavior. The FBI's arrogance is on display and Director Wray is leading the cover up. Two years of Wray is enough.

forearthbelow: A London-based Brit here, who likes to think he can view this as a neutral. How Lt Gen Flynn has been treated is an UTTER DISGRACE. He should be exonerated, then pardoned by the President [I watched a clip a couple of weeks back where the commentator said it would be more difficult for any change of administration to come after him, for whatever reason] and then put in charge, if he wants it, of something, let's call it the FBI, where he can have free reign to clean up the disgusting swamp. He could move much quicker than Barr/Durham as he probably doesn't necessarily have to follow due process as they seem to have to do.

Sky Dragon: And once again, nobody's in jail or been arrested. Must be more liberal Democrats breaking the law again. Oh that's right, the Democrat FBI agency only targets Republicans.

Darlene Sigler: Why was Trish Regan fired after telling the truth about the left. Don’t tell me fox is going left. Get her back

Patrick ESQ: Graham is running out the clock - all talk and no action.

Kirt Williams Williams: This is what the FBI does to many poor people so if Flynn is exonorated there are lots of people who won't even get a hearing who also should be examined why is it some people have to go to jail while some can delay

Caliz Iben: Napolitano is a sleazebag!
He's supported the coup d'etat all along.

double down: Enough talk.....the WORLD is watching

daniel nix: Nothing will happen they will all get away with it. If Trump doesn't crush them after reelection there will never be accountability in this country

The Exercise Scientist: Get rid of every one in our Government. Everyone. We need to take our Government back and end the corruption. We, The People deserve better. Make it happen.

Christopher Pohl: Blah, blah, blah.
QUIT telling us what you’re GONNA do, just freaking DO IT!!!
These talking heads are so annoying!!!

Oh yeah, Nappy, lets get Graham involved.
Then it’ll NEVER get done.

Hildebeast Clinton: Corruption is now acceptable FBI culture.

T Tanne: Watch Bongino EP. 1242 on youtube

Beastly Gamer: Ainsley is so...

Scott Johnston: Wray is a DEEP STATE player!!! Still keeping Joe Pientka under wraps!!!

Greg Prince: Flynn should be hired as a CZAR over CIA and FBI ..... wouldn't that be a fun thing to watch when the fallout begins!

joseph jordison: WHO CARES

harold hahn: Napolitano is soft in the head! He fails to ask why the judge has not already thrown out the charge!

jamesdgb1: Come On, look at all these comments below!!!!Everyone here knows what to do.

StreetPreacher717: Edward Snowden already told us that congress creates laws that abide by the stuff they do. They don’t abide by the rules

blaze 2019: Youll get nothing get used to it once the patriot act was passed the intel agencys. Started spying on the senate congress your all compromised and bought by foreigh states and blackmailed youll do nothing your all talk.

James Viice: confidence... go .. talent rise

Rob hadtoomany: Realise Flynn

David Olson: Lock him up, Lock him up. Come on everyone lets chant together. Lock him up. Lock him up.

StreetPreacher717: Our government is beyond corrupted lol

JmBStudio68: Dance like a marionette to the symphony of destruction.
Well said Dave, well said.
Society is a farce.
Republican and Democrats are just two sides of the idiot coin. Doesn't matter what side you choose, you are choosing idiocy.

Fe Rose Marie Hass: WRAY resign if you have the decency

avegoodtime: “What is our goal? Truth/admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?" This is not a scandal. These are the only two options

Charles Rast: WE THE PEOPLE want the FBI disbanded for being a traitorous organization

TheCraftsman: And just think, if the American public should somehow endorse Biden, we will never know what they did, or how deep and pervasive this conduct was.

Just Because: The swamp is hard to drain when the beavers keep building new dams...

Don Schwartz: They gave him an opportunity to break the law, and that's what he chose to do, this is no different than a bait car, that is used in law enforcement all over the country. Oh, and BTW the USSC decided that bait cars were legal. If I leave a 50 dollar bill on my kitchen counter and you take it, you are still guilty of theft, I am not guilty of entrapment. Try and have some logic to these rants.

Jolly Green Giant: Wray and the FBI are still protecting Hilary Clinton and that is where all this leads back to.