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Betty McNally: Lying crap on trump..if Clinton or other chd killers were president most of us be u research.

Invincibel: Should be called "The Lizards' Project."

Dennis G: Holder is the only AG in US History... That was EVER held in Contempt of Congress!

Brenda Ness: Did you notice they had a black man applying for unemployment? Writing left handed just like Barry!

Allan Caudill0: these are idots talking bullsh%%

Turf Head: Too many adds on YouTube BPC

Guy N: Tom Fitton deserves to receive the Medal of Freedom or some presidential award for civilians for the dogged, intrepid work that he has done. The amount of subpoenas, FIOA requests and court appearances he has made suing for documents is amazing. He has done much of the ground work and heavy lifting, boldly going on where others feared to tread (DOJ).

James Black: Okay Folks. Once again. Joe is running a con, acting crazy so, he cant stand trial, after he is indicted. The DNC wants a Black women (name a good Democrat BW? DONT EXIST), to be the VP and then replace Joe at the end. "THE DNC FIX IS IN, ONCE AGAIN"!=CONSPIRACY!

Jim Lyons: Love it weekend at Bernie's puppet. Hahahaha.

Joseph Bernard Turcotte: Their is a bunch of Rino's just like Demonrats that need to get gone...

Joseph Bernard Turcotte: Your volume ??

Joseph Bernard Turcotte: Holder is a F inng Disgusting POS đź’©.....may He get what he got coming.....

John Charville: US Perversion of the Course of Justice = a serious crime of interfering with public justice which carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment and an unlimited fine. It does not matter whether or not the acts actually result in the course of justice being perverted.

Sadie Girl: Supposedly "ed" not "eb"

Nancy Bagent: Soros is behind this

Susan Kelly: I think this pig face Conway is jealous of Trump!!! His wife has the utmost respect for Pres Trump and Conway can't handle it!!! If my husband jeopardized my job. Like that and embarrassed me I'd say it wasn't love and I'd leave him!!! Plus Pres Trump is much better looking than Conway

Theresa Cian: Well...with Paul Ryan on the Board ...

6string1: do a show on dr mikovitz. her videos have been removed and she exposes all the medical fraud people in a credible way. this is more important than anything because she can stop vaccines


George cushing: dont forget to mention its USA faucci.leftys ....working with same Chinese military lab splicing Corona with AID'S & wuhan lab itself..

james1stful: FIGHT ME NOW ERICK HOLDOUT !!!!

Littlewhite petals: We are gaining herd immunity against the Leftist Propaganda Virus!

Janet Story: Joe is their Emperor With No Clothes, so pathetic. They must be paying him well to be made this fool, for all the world to see!
Go Tom Finton, and Judicial Watch! Thank you!!!

Littlewhite petals: Really, we should rejoice! No we don't have the answers yet, but look at all the light that is being poured on things previously hidden. Surely God is surely working on our behalf to bring at least a measure of truth and righteousness in our times!

mary trammell: These deep state traitors cabal is very sad and hopefully will enjoy their new living accomodations at GITMO!

MultiMicelle: basicly we only have 6 months to drain the swamp. if we don't by november they will not let trump win re election and america is finished....just pisses me off.. 4 yrs and nothing got done as far as stopping all the corruption and tyranny...

Angel Rivera: I can't hear you!!!

Dakota Lori: Do letters really do any good other than making an official document? Seems those receiving them just ignore or slow walk any requests for action.

LT Kell: I'm wondering if it's going to be Eric Holder who is the 1st to go down...publicly?!?

Dakota Lori: How long do we put up with Ruth Ginsberg’s health problems that keep her out of the public limelighThe sightings of her seem to be old photos reused! t ! I want proof of life!

Ted Bergmann: I have a huge crush on Sydney Powell. What a beautiful human being!

Kathy soccermom: Chicagoland has so few patients in hospitals that they are furloughing and cutting hours drastically for emergency room doctors. Wake up America and don’t fear this virus

Frances Cerrone: Why not now put them in jail enough

John Williamson: Please do an investigation to find out if these people were involved.

paul Z: Always on point

Pearl Last: Apparently the US army lab may have something to do with the virus., they. Are not entirely innocent in all this., they too have been dabbling in researching virus!

Richard Wintercorn: Wray very possible white hat sleeper.

James Pollock: of course holder will not turn over documents he was declared in contempt of congress and suffered NO punishment. Hopefully something will finally be done to those doing wrong in the clinton, obama, and biden circles

Alex Kazerooni: For memory loss and dementia, their memory recall also depends on heart and and vasculature patterms. It is better to interact with them in the a.m.

Von Dutch:
Go to the TYT and post facts, The subs are nice people just have a need to see all sides .. BERNIE SANDERS WITHDREW HIS ENDORSEMENT, BAM !.... Cenk has no journalistic Skills whatsoever... Expose those frauds who only exist to hijack the progressive vote for the Democrats

Victoria Bower: They just can’t help gloating about their schemes. Lincoln is rolling in his grave.

Victoria Bower: So why is “Mr. Non-Prosecution Agreement for Boeing” Eric Holder still at Liberty?

Navigator001: The Lincoln Project reminds me of the movie "Mean Girls". Baseless mean comments, just for the sake of being mean, but not smart.

Veralynn Sapp: Every one knows its a lie . Wake up under the leadership of Democrats and the Republicans putting it out there not really Republicans they really left-wing Democrats the trying to confuse you. Think smart . Its all lies there trying to get Trump out of office never let this happen never vote Trump every one knows Trump has done a great job . Look at the , and de Blasio did in New York in there state where they put the coronavirus people in the nursing homes in where the retirement people homes are thats how they all look at these demercats vote them out of office

dave dimartino: PlanDEMic . Dems created this shit . That forced you in house arrest . Trump is a hero for shutting down the boarder ! Dems use the dead voters to stay in office this shit has bin going on every election year ever since they killed JFK . It took Presisent Trump to expose the Communist DNC Treason .

H Grimes: Wrong the worst corruption of the FBI is their abuse of the American people, the media only give a damn because it's happening to a president and what's worse is they cosign the corruption because they don't like POTUS.

Johnny Smith: Holder is a criminal. Should be investigated. If he ever is investigated he will be disbarred.

H Grimes: Fuck those lying two bit assholes!

Nick dSylva: General Flynn has a massive malpractice case against the Covington and Burlington law firm at most, filing a ethics complaint with the Bar Association which could lead to a lawsuit for a conflict of interest. Those phone records which Covington and Burlington are the property of General Flynn when the firm was supposedly working on his case. I would go after them with every judicial remedy available to General Flynn for withholding their fiduciary duty that Covington and Burlington was not working on his case.

Gerald Hawkins: Unfortunately American s Are Asking that Question! Trump hasn't Arrested a Single Criminal Traitor that is responsible for this Mess and Allow s Open Treason and Sedition against the American people and Humanity And All This Tyranny against the American people Has Rolled out Under His Watch Despite All of His Rhetoric BCP!! We Have a Super Police State and A NORMALIZED 2 Tier Justice System and an Authoritarian Tyrannical Take Over based on Lies Deception and Marxists Propaganda All Under The Trump Administration