Naval Operations Chief says fired captain could be reinstated

Admiral Michael Gilday says he will not rule out putting Capt. Brett Crozier back in charge of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. #FoxNews FOX News operates the ...


Kim Jakab: Once again a sign of that the corrupt White House doesn't care about US soldiers nor US citizens. Just keeping on maintain the lies to save this false proudness?

Remember folks what Trump said "The corona virus is a hoax by the Democrats!" Why just not step down on the ground and start building up USA again from scratch?

The fall will definitely be less harder if USA take action directly rather than running the blame game and that the corrupt US political elite taking advantage of the chaos to fill up their pockets!! Nasty behaviour!!!

Ralph Boyd: Fire Trump and hire The Captain.

M K.Hancock: Yea i knew he was going to be back,his crew loves him, the president is not the type to take away that great relationship for long, blame the dam media and the leaking motr fks.

EMS: That is great news. Modly overreacted when he fired this good man, so I hope he gets his command back.

John Phillips: By revealing that his ship was compromised he put a target on every sailors back.

Mono Munchies: Hillary for prison 2016 is the only cure for Corona virus
Boomers hate the truth

J Hughes: Massive global strategic operational security mistake.

Mike Schnobrich: The Chinese communists vote 100% for reinstatement. He did nothing wrong by looking out for his crew.

DickEr Down: He should be given a Dishonorable Discharge ! If it was an Enlisted Member they would have been tried and sentenced .

Anastasia Zoldak: Trump needs to clean up the military! That captain is a national security risk!

Ekon Rekon: Our military must oppose the commanders of the rex 84 coup that has us on house arrest

Chief Louie: If the Captain quits, the people under him will quit.

mikean1123: The cover up didn't work.

Leon Kennedy: He should be reinstated.

Charlie Brown: Hopefully not on a ship, assigned him to desk Duty. If he was attacked by Somali pirates, he have to send out emails to the press to figure out what to do. He is unfit to command a naval vessel.

1abcrr1: The captain gave aid and comfort to "THE" enemy , by allowing the letter to leak . What potential enemy you ask , enemy's dont identify their intentions , children till after the attack begins. Or dont you remember pearl harbor, ww2

J C: Long as we get it straight. Not the best time for musical chairs

Beatrice Greene: I pray he is!!!!

Marius Thefaker: Some administrative punishment for breaking protocol was all that was needed. The Captain didn't panic, his boss did...

desiderata next level: I don't imagine there are alot of qualified people to fill such a role, firing him is what weakened the U.S, not the letter. Finding out where the leak came from, should have been the Top priority...

ROTTEN RICKY: Hmm just curious as why the Captain had to write a letter that got leaked when most Captains have secure communications back to superiors. lol

Ross Meldrum: He should be re-instated he was only doing what was in the best interests of his crew. That is the kind of leader I would die for.

V: Bone spurs wanted this guy fired so his flunky took the job then resigned to save the fuhrer. The stupidity starts at the top and trickles down.

charles mccormick: Court martial .

LS O: Du-u-u-h.

Keith Mc: Trump won't get away with stalking behind Biden.

Biden will turn on him and Trump will run back to his corner like the little girl he is.

Beachcheeka: That’s unfortunate...

D P: Reinstated the man ,chain of command knew what's going on in that ship but too slow to act, failed, he did what he had to do to get his crew help and it worked. This was never a security Guam has a Navy base on one side of the island and a Airforce base on the other, the only danger ship had was the virus which spread fast, less then a week of docking they had over 30 confirmed on ship, now over 200 including the captain. Leadership was mad cause public knows what's going on, it harder to cover up anything if everyone knows. New mission save his crew mission accomplished.

Apples Nuage': Great news, Thank you for service Sir

Otto Nomicus: So what happened to the leaker, got a promotion?

Carl Manis: The whole crew should have left with him.

forza juventus: Nah man he should not be.. He did the right thing by doing career suicide...this i the culture which can't be changed.. Military is not like other jobs..he knew he will be fired and he did don’t change the culture. He is definitely a Hero

Eat a Dic: Sounds like he should be reinstated as our President of the United States he deserves that ‼️

Suvo More: Reinstate the captain


Digital Nightmare: Wheres all the fox parrots screaming BAD MAN.

Ghastly_Grinner: That's outrageous

Hugh Hammell: ,I h0pe HE gets his job back EVERYONE needs a second chance.

Kevin Stiffarm: After the wat he was treated,I don't think so

Will Hopkins Hopkins: This man is a danger to our country,,, plain and simple,don't be stupid!! No, do not reinstate him!!!!

Dennis Lawrence: Remove the Cokehead P.O.t.u.S from America's life forever.

Seven .8: Why does America run its affairs on airwaves

rick miller: What a joke our military has become. Full of leakers and traitors and pussies.

Dennis Lawrence: It's Trump that should have been sacked. His continued assault on the Military His undermining of Military discipline outrageous.

d p: Reinstate the captain and fire the pitiful ignorant president..

Seven .8: Yep no incompetence here - a perfectly working unit

John Burns: Let’s Hope He Is.

Gihan Panditha: hotcool

KAFA *: Get ready for the recovery of the top 1%. Trump government just spent 10 trillion dollar your kid's money to pump up Trump stock market for rich.

Dennis Lawrence: Trump said the Hospital Ship has a 1000 rooms, when obviously it should have been 1000 beds at Press Briefings. Dementia?.