NBA’s LeBron James Continues to Sell Out | New US-China Trade Deal

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers is accused of being a sellout to China after criticism of a tweet from Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey ...


China Uncensored: And for more on American sellouts to China, check out the latest episode of our China Unscripted Podcast!

Nash Ng:
if interested

BadNews Kelly Leak: Fuck LeBron, the NBA and the NFL

Casey Mizokami: Lebron is a piece of shit

GamerFromJump: To borrow from Linkara, Lebron, YOU. ARE. A. HACK!!!

怪しい外人: Iran did nothing wrong

Anon Nimus: LeCunt James is a typical racist, low IQ degenerate. He'll harangue all day and night about black issues while on the court, but as soon as human rights abuses afflict people with lighter skin, he's suddenly on the side of the oppressors. LeCunt is China's good little slave.

John Armenian: So the Chinese shouldnt do something just cuz the US said so? Fuck off

Knute M: Another great video! Just curious...does Ms. Lam speak HongKongese (like Cantonese) to her constituents, or does she only dare speak Mandarin (the semi-mutually-unintelligible language dictated by Beijing)?

CSXRockford: social engineering, just keep pushing the lie until its seen as true.

a u g u s t u s: This man is doing Gods work

Rabid Farmer: Lebron should just dribble the what he is paid well for. Damn Liberals.

Keith Underwood: Chinese organ harvesting has finally reached the US. They have cut off the balls of the NBA coaches and players.
NBA = No Balls Association

Tenmil: Lebron James is an uneducated spoiled brat !!! If he loves China 🇨🇳 so much, why doesn’t he go live there and try to behave like he does in America !!! He’ll see how fast they will throw his ass into a hard labor camp !!! Lebron knows NOTHING about China 🇨🇳 or anything else other than bouncing a ball which anyone can do !!! Lebron is no special !!! He is a complete utter IDIOT !!! 👎👎👎👎👎😖😖😖😖😖😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠


Korya Iine: Gud damn, HK is amazing.

Mary Tadros: LeBron such a disgusting loser what a follower

Cătălin Iosif: You're great buddy !

David A: Hey lebron you big dope what do you mean by not thinking about others they're not thinking about your precious little multi-billion dollar contract with nike and how it might be harmed you coddled piece of size

Steven Nault: Sounds like LeBron James is for slavery...he needs to recheck his priorities...

Rational Dreamer: without a spine?!!! LOL

Miles C. Anthony: Hahaha, James has millions upon millions of dollars. He doesn't have difficult weeks. I hope he dies horribly and soon.

It's Private: Next the NBA will be kneeling

Peter Greco: Honestly I never liked Lebone. He barely made it out of high school, no college, why don't you just move to China and take the failing NBA with you. After your sellout, the American people will no longer support you or your sport.

EVIL PUCK: He knows where the money is at.
He gonna jive on that platform as much as he needs to.

yiming li: U know what's a true freedom country? Is where James can just state his opinion against the government or media without any risk. So certainly US isn't, Africa is

jcannoncraig: If they get their heads any further up the commies' asses, they'll be chewing their rice for them. On top of that, they have Mao Le Bron as their bobblehead ass kissing puppet. How disgusting

FruitNDoggie: LeBron James calling someone out for being uneducated? Pretty funny. Saying that somebody else supporting Hong Kong was wrong to exercise their first amendment rights because of the consequences it would have on others? Hilarious because boo hoo hoo, thoughtless cowards like him might lose out on some China money and not get as many millions as he's accustomed to. Shame no sponsors are bailing on him.

Kevin Cole: Le Bron Fake. When one billion isn’t enough .

Geoffrey Curtis: If it wasn’t for a game that seems to need abnormally tall freaks, this piece of crap Le Bron would have no use!

Ricardo Santos: I am not sure if The Don will sign that law. After all he just signed a deal with Emperor Pooh.
But he should.

Ricardo Santos: "Professional Basketball without a spine"
Shot fired. :)

Rey Ramirez: 👍❤️🙏China uncensored

LING FANG: I'm not his fan, but this time, he did a right/fair thing !!

Brad Sakemi: He cares so much about human rights, yet does business with the Chinese government.

Jay S: Since Lebron is patriotic towards the CCP let's ship him over to China and confiscate all earnings and future royalties. He can play as LeBing James

Yul Hubbart: Interesting fact: when Vietnam was devastated and trying to rebuild after the Americans left, China thought it would be a great opportunity to invade...and they were so badly flattened by the Vietnamese on the first wave of that invasion that they gave up all plans of military intervention altogether. That being said, 'though, I'm sure Xinnie the Poo has plans for Vietnam.

Bob1942ful: I quit watching CCP controlled NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Jason Chui: I always wonder how much money or resources is enough for a company or individual to feel satisfied and thereby look for higher pursuits in life?? What is the use of having billions of paper notes but no freedom to use it as you please??? Are celebrities and corporation really that stupid to not realise that their wealth only means something when there is fair rule of law to safe guard it???

raahkaa: Most of them are licking China`s boots. Having a backbone and a set of ethics is quite hard and rare in today`s world. Most people today are either pussies or hypocrites. Or both.

John Batcheler: I would have told the supreme leader....just chunk me in the sea or cremation. Without coal. Or grind me up for organic fertilizer. Since I'm organic. Or whatever bone crushing technique he wishes. Because when I get out of this reality and move up in the world, i will come back and ethericaly choke you out. Then the next guy. Until anyone who wants that job will do right after a few get choked out. I love how the toughest talkers can't do shit in the ring.

John Batcheler: You are God damn right he's a sellout!

Matt Castle: LeBron is a whore.

Bill Bill: 15 % of America is black LeBron be careful who u piss off $$$$$$$$$$$$

Bill Bill: LeBron sold out Cleveland 2 times sold out Miami... Single handly pissed off 80 % of all white people... Bad for NBA

Peace and Tranquility: This is why we need economic nationalism. The NBA selling out to China is a literal act of treason against the United States.

bzacon: Good for Vietnam.

bzacon: Destroy Piglet.

Bob Gil: Leebron your mouth shows your lack of formal education. Shut up and play ball bro.

Laker Madness: Komrad James, "We the people"
don't like your morals.