New Flaws in Infamous Dossier Discovered

The story of a man who supposedly was the “central” source of some of the most outrageous allegations regarding President Donald Trump in the Steele dossier ...


Manuel Ramos: Great job as usual. Keep on fighting for the truth

MrConsitution: The closer Trump Admin. exposes wrong doing, the louder the DNC Cult Member, Political Media Rats come out with slander, fake news

annacolleen wesson etters: So happy that all of these facts are finally coming into the public, since people in a group I follow released it in 2017. I've been waiting to hear it through a news source.

James Beauregard: Wow, very nice report. Highly excellent.

Paladine: all this was directed by obama, the true #1 traitor to the American Republic

Jeff Gibson: I think I'm getting seasick watching all those photos crawl across the screen.

David: Spider-Man

Coach Hannah: Wow! A second and third flaw, of a document filled with caveats! Imagine...

David: Superchick, it’s on.

sam cogburn: Why are these criminals still running around doing criminal shit? They all should be in prison for treason. They have been caught in the act Hello!!!! Thank you Gina!!!

memikchik: It's all so convoluted.

seanny omurchadha: Thank you for that piece of intelligent work you just unraveled cause that happened a couple times false the phoney text on computers or phones that wasn't real phone or computer generated from the original source of device

ThomasTheSailor Chubby: GINA , We really like when you make videos in person... Your pretty smile really adds a lot to the over all enjoyment..

Kim Kanakis: Wow....Gina Shakespeare....where are you?

Joseph G.: Interesting

Carlos Perez: Thank you, Gina, great reporting

Anthony Tony Francis: Cover this Gina?

ovk8102: Sounds like Steele, Simpson or even the FBI itself could have been responsible for the DDOS attack on the Alfa Bank servers just to try & tie Trump to the Russians. The whole damn lot is dirty, probably should all be in prison.

bjpacas: So, Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussmann (Perkins Coie) is the informant who gave Christopher Steele the Alfa bank lie to attempt to dirty Trump. Bahahahahahahah, just as we suspected. Can't wait for the specifics of what Sid Vicious and Cody Shearer provided. Hey, when will Sussmann be disbarred? Hunh???? Does the ABA even care how corrupt they are looking?!

Amadeo Serrano: Christopher Steele and intelligence in the same sentence seems like an oxymoron.

Al Hackathorn: Melted Steele i /👁💦 beam's,
the new 9/11 T win tower collapse

Al Hackathorn: Christopher Steele
is a paid liar for hire,
street corner disinformation peddler...

Al Hackathorn: Christopher Steele Deepstate lemon peels used to make the treason traders Cuntry / Country time lemonade poison drink

Al Hackathorn: Slaughterhouse meat hook Steele

Rea Ality: It is an oxymoron for there to be so much that only blind justice can see.

Jerry Archer: The Lincoln Project group are never Trumpers and are trying to defeat re-election of President Trump...We need to flood the Lincoln Project website and tell them that we do not support they’re group.

douglas lockard: Thank you Gina and Epoch times I hold you and the Epoch Times declassified and crossroads and American thought leaders in the highest regards and best wishes for you and yours... looking forward to your next report... God bless you and keep you safe and sound

Ric Hochulski: with everything I've been reading the dossier has already been debunked first by the British Intelligence and second by the russian who is the main source of the information and also on January 5 2017 Steele wiped his phone and computer of all the sub sources of the dossier, wait isn't that the day Susan Rice sent that text to herself about, how Obama wants everything done by the book, hmmm

joe trendd: Gina you are great! Your front man doing all the advertising is so annoying I cringe.

MeMe Davis: I love getting declassified updates. I would also like to find out about the real America’s food supply’s . I have heard farms tilling up crops, aborting pigs and killing many of the stock. Check out Shad Sullivan YouTube video.

Bebopper Bott: Crimes pay ask the F B I ..woeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee too those that protect us..i guess you and i will be nexts.

John Bradley: This just goes to show how fucking stupid the Democrats are, as the "Central Source" wasn't even Russian before he became an American. Also, it's not like President Trump ever dated any Russians...unlike President Obama.

Richard Wolske: WOW ! 👍

Shane O: Oh yeah just get the FBI to investigate 😆

Shane O: Sussman is a bit Suss

I JUDGE CHRIST, You Tube: The times flaws is


Ars Umbris: You guys always do superior work, well done

Arrow Phillips: NY nurse needs help claims that there murdering all of the patience

Muzza RESARF: Predictable

Flying Gabriel: Steele won't name sources and there were no "wiped" documents - because HE MADE IT ALL UP.

Bob Beckel: Gee. I was hoping to see updates regarding the defamation lawsuit by Alfa Bank currently being tried in London. Steele is spilling all kinds of great stuff about the Obama Administration being fully aware of Crossfire Hurricane and their motivation for attacking the Trump Administration.

Greg Hood: I mis your face, Gina.

St Myles: Interesting thanks for sharing Gina.

Marvin Montgomery: The EPOCH TIMES DECLASSIFIED is a Ray of light in the darkest corners of the swamp. And a light in our darkest hour and an antidote for the swamp fever swamp creatures as well as the Communist Chinese who are exposed for the monsters that they are

John Hemphill: Gina, I can't help but approve of this story. You are outstanding

Marvin Montgomery: Russia is not the problem it's all about China and the Communist Chinese and their mission to destroy America the free world and enslave the world

Bill Daniels: Sounds like several people lied to the American people in all this but what's funny about it is that we all know it then and now but none of them have been put into the hot seat yet that's really strange don't ya think

rikki campos: All this has been known for more than 3 years. When will there be convictions for these crimes?

DeanGail Wahl: :15 Look at Michelle Obama's face....looks like she just lost her best friend. That was over 3 years ago. Since then there has been a bunch of evidence on how brutal her Husand has been as the President. Looks good on the so called self proclaimed elites they think they are. If it wasn't for all the D.A. democrat voters giving the House back to all those Stinking Lying Scamming democrat leaders we would have most of these problems solved....IDIOTS.

jack torrence: Nothing but one of HRC's used diapers.