Newly-leaked dossier makes claims about coronavirus origins

A research dossier compiled by 'Five Eyes' intelligence alliance reports China intentionally hid or destroyed evidence of the coronavirus pandemic; reaction and ...


xu chuan: looking through comments lets me know there is no medication for idiocy

Unknown Person: Democratic governments must seek payment for deaths and damages. Start by removing sovereign immunity in lawsuits such that if China refuses to pay then legally seize theie fixed property and businesses assets on other sovereign territory. At the same time increase tariffs upon Chinese goods and services. Then to encourage manufacturing and supply chains to move out of communist China start a corona tax on every western business providing goods and services to communist China. Include monthly corona taxes upon large companies such as Google and Apple and Tesla to encourage them to move factories out of China. Also, revoke Chinese student and worker visas so that they don't steal western technology and in this case biological information like they did from the level 4 laboratory at the University of Texas in Austin. Investigate all financial connections to the WHO and communist Chinese government. For decades the western nations have been building up the Chinese economy and technology hoping they would turn towards democracy. Well, now you see the result. The communist Chinese allowed this pandemic to spread to reposition global power into their possession. Shame on China for destroying the health and wealth of others for their own advantage.

Katy: im a bit confused, i dont understand english so well, but what does this mean?

Ghost Ghost: Good thing I'm past the draft age limit.

freese: why can't we just not buy anything made in China prepared in China or another from China wording

I M Corp: Ok, chill out, grab a warm cup of Cherry Lysol, inject a little Clorox, nap under a UV light then attend a Trump Cult Rally, don't forget the AR-15 in case a Corona jumps out at you. Fear, greed and God the foundation of terminal conservative moral and intellectual bankruptcy. Love the alt-reality.

Etheric Zone 11:11: Bioweapon!

Bobby Acred: Trouble is at are door.

Bobby Acred: Thanks Fox for reporting news.

Bubba B: The English Speaking world not 5 European Nations. The British empire is still intact. They’ve just delegated duties to the US to be the project manager. Not complaining I’m all for it.

Amazing Koala: if china is found guilty by the international courts, china will simply say, "we refuse to acknowledge any ruling or decision by the international court," and continue to go its own way, such as expanding in the south china sea, and monopolizing american real estate and industries.

Wally Wally: Mafia after Xi Jinping and his officials I guess communist propaganda disinformation campaign failed.

Haller Hans: It is time for concrete accusations and proceedings, it is long overdue. The credibility of the entire US judiciary is already in question. People like, Hillary Clinton, Joe & Hunter Biden, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Chuck Schumer, Georges Soros, Bill Gates, Maxine Waters, Al Green, Barack Obama and many more, (accomplices like Comey, Clapper etc.) must be held accountable. - It is about the credibility of the USA, the US judiciary, the media (CNN, MS-NBC) and nothing less.

Zach Wells: You think they hide everything

Steven Pham: Anyone got a link to the actual dossier?

adrian sharp: Leaked documents we might have to arrest someone for being a Whistleblower

Rod Arbogast: .01971707% deaths for entire USA population due to virus. Manufactured crisis....

Chris Facts: Why does Fox News turn off they’re comment section sometimes????🤔🤔🤔

adrian sharp: Leaked documents you guys are full of s***. What like them weapons of mass destruction remember those reports and all those bunkers full of weapons of mass destruction and then millions of innocent people dead!!! For some more funny money

Joe Trump: Clearly bioweapon to attack the USA as revenge for the tariffs

Glenn Vanzuylen: China 🇨🇳 owes the world 🌎 lots of money 💰. They must pay 💰

Erick Thomas: If only Trump had been told about this at the time... oh wait he was and still believed what president Xi told him and openly praised him instead of trusting our own intel and doing more at an earlier time.

Jack Sparrow: Remdesivir didn't work at all, and the side effects were great. Chinese doctors and scientists have long published papers, and the U.S. government, in order to make the drug effective, has taken the Americans directly to do human experiments, very good, this is very democratic, can surpass this only 731 troops.

beNatureable: The fake new agency is just like a fly lost its eyes to find no target, but shoot in dark. Did you tell us the Corona virus is a hoax in February? Have you told American people this is just a flu? What a shame! America people have right to suit you for such misleading information and distorted reports.

Marcus Aurelius: I only hope the world does not believe that the USA brought the virus to china. Every human on this planet does not believe China.


Jay Ramsay: Nuke China Now !

felix mendez: I got used to see Oriental people walking down the street in Canada with their masks and I thought they were being squeamish, i..e. that they were exaggerating the danger of some little bug hanging in the air. But about a month ago I stopped laughing and started paying attention and doing the same. There is the problem and the root cause of this mess lies: White Europeans and Amurricans didn't stop laughing neither they paid attention, they kept laughing at the Asians, by an automatic racist, superior, arrogant attitude toward yellow and darker races, they just dismissed the threat, deaf to the warnings. And here we are now: they are not laughing anymore but the spoiled brats are certainly pointing their fingers at the same Chinese they were laughing at not long ago.

LVRT: Lol, sad to see the civilized west use media to brainwash their people.

Xplor Fever: Never China again

jimbo boogie: tasty redhead

Juan Esteban: She was exactly right, this is nothing more than a "Story" the administration desperately hopes will advance their efforts to vilify China. The virus could have just as easily originated in North America, or Europe. In reality, sequencing of samples show a majority of US cases originated in Europe. Let's hear the news for a change

shaolin Justice: So basically TRUMP calling it a HOAX!! And waiting 2 months to start preventive measures is criminal negligence ! Nice to know

Brian Walker: With the coronavirus lock down and the blue state governors alliance on the east and west coasts, the failure of those in the military to see the perfect storm strategy for a USA takeover is astounding to me! The perfect storm of defiance and to hold hostage middle America has been overlooked and I have heard no one speak of this! Both coasts hold access to supplies and resources to trade, both coasts had the keys to foreign infiltration an access to the United States, creating the perfect pincer move against middle America should it come down to a point of revolution in our great country. The first line of defense would be those Patriots that live in those states, but to what degree? I see the possibility of a very large possible war theater shaping up as the left appears to be ratcheting up their push to communism! With Canada to the North, and Mexico to the South you have the perfect storm for the classic pincer!

Looking at the 11 points of military protocols and objectives in every war theater, most have been achieved to this point today, it takes little imagination to see just how this all fits as a giant puzzle, why our military professionals are not calling this out, or advising Trump of this is beyond me! Look for yourself and see the objectives and how they fit!

#1 infiltration 

(☆) Already been done!

# 2 Air superiority 

(☆) The leftist control the Media and air waves!

# 3 Take out communications 

(☆) They shadow ban and remove our ability to communicate!

#4 Take out leadership 

(☆) They're after Trump, Infowars, The NRA, Conservative leaders, and News organizations!

#5 Take out munitions 

(☆) Gun control, ammo shortages ect!

#6 Decrease mobility 

(☆) Already done under stay at home pandemic orders! Pushing the "GREEN NEW DEAL" while we are supposed to be in a pandemic!

#7 Cut off supply lines 

(☆) Starting to see this happening now!

#8 Shock and awe of force create chaos,

(☆) We could be seeing this soon!

#9 Take out the enemies ability to mobilize and form a front

(☆) You're seeing this happen now as tyranny sets in, in blue states!

#10 Hit high value targets

(☆) This would come in the form of infrastructure, power water, fuel, ect!

#11 Mop up resistance!

Food for thought as we watch this pincer get formed, Its time to get people active, to force them to open this country for business

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pamela collins: Hillary Clinton asked China for help and she got the help she asked for

Fannie Chen: Wow

Alla Uddin: Get over empire curse.join the full body or flow.come mamy
Come here.let me hugg you.

ArchMagus Warlock: This is not news. This has been known and reported by several other news outlets on ALL sides for months. The doctor who tried to warn others died.

alex black: We are sick of China, and we don't care if they don't trade with us. We want everything being made in America by Americans. WE DON'T NEED CHINA, AND NEVER DID.

millieo: But because you support a malicious habitual liar, trump, I cannot believe what you say.

K K: Let the communists eat sh*t and die.

rhaven50: Seems like she has too many teeth

G B: Trump's 2020 MAGA plan=More American Graves Arranged

Den Bei: The virus gonna wipe out all of you idiots.

SuperDexteroo: What are you saying?! No foreign country is responsible for another's border! We should have shut our doors or screen people entering our borders! Our response to this pandemic is a total failure! All states! Just the long awaited clinical trial of HCQ is a total disappointment,why can't we do testing right? We actually come out with a flawed VA testing. Now we come out with a suspect Remdesivir study,stopped the test early and announced an early conclusion. I don't agree with Trump on everything, but I must applaud him...He's the only president that I feel, cares for the American people. Why? He dare mention HCQ,we all know press briefings are rehearse and stage,he did a surprise! Fauci face palm😞

Den Bei: America is a laughing stock of the world now.

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White Pig: Five Buttholes

David Lee: GFYS