North Korean media says Kim Jong-Un made first public appearance in 21 days

As of now only North Korean media is reporting Kim Jong-Un's appearance. #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business ...


John seven: Come on we all know he and trump were playing 9 holes at Mara Largo on Monday.

Raptor 101: Little Kim was in self Quarantine, he’s afraid of the coronavirus

Brett G: “Weekend at Kim’s”


Blanca Esquer: If Kim Jong -Un it's President Trump's friend , he's my friend too because I think that he has more respect for the president and admiration than the corrupt Democrats Leaders and the Fake News Media !

Kevin Sargent: Dam that sucks!!!!!

rosa spanjol: Come on people, nobody knows what happened to him..stop speculating and making up stories that at the end come out as “fake news “

Covfefe in my Chi - Nah: I would rather see this man alive not for his sake but for the sake of not wanting to see the region destabilize.


Agostino Han: CNN = Fake news.

U Haul: Did abc use footage from a gun range?

A W: He’s on maternity leave.

Kevin Vail: The North Korean media said he appeared, you mean the same media that tells the NK people their “great leader” flies around on unicorns?
Ya, that same media

Tsunamirider101: Brett!!! Take your mask off.....we know who you answer to. Kissing up to RYAN and other BM's, especially The Boss, has been noted. Not just by us discerning observers, but by those much closer to you! Your dagger is showing.

Pub Comrad: Regimes of N Korea and China🇨🇳 should never exist in the 21st century anyway.

Detroit Warrior: “Unconfirmed and no pictures” of him in public for her first time in 21 days...yeah, sounds true to me! 🙄🤣

Scott Christensen: I'll lift him up to my Lord I know, for he works miracles in times like this. This I know! Only threw him that we can get transformed and turn from the passed darkness to the light. Yep in times like this I'll left him up to truth, and my he humbly bend his knee. Like his brothers and sisters and me. Thank you that's all. Pray FOR HIM IF YOU HEAR.

Bob Mitchell: Good news...if true. Last thing the world needs is learnIng to deal with a replacement crazy! 👍

Keith Mc: Brett Baier and John Roberts, you are decent newsmen. Why are you sullying your reputations by working at The Propaganda Network?

Fox News is not much better than Der Sturmer.

Thelegend899: His people probably mistook him for a “warhead” and launched him as part of their last missile test.

Karl Johan Lea: If Kim was dead. Someone would've come forward by now and claimed the leadership of the Country.

Used Carbon: I’m sure the slave workers at the fertilizer plant were heartened by his healthy resolve.

RCS motorsports Ron: Investigate Bidon like they did Trump and judge kavanoh. ? Where's the me 2 movement now huh oh that's right Bidon is a demon Dem

livewireOr: Is he alive, is he dead? Or maybe both, sort of like Schrodinger’s Cat.

Subaru STi: Twin, Clone or Body double?

RussiaNukesAmerica3: Hope Jong-un doesn't do anything else foolish like meeting with Trump.

Cult Boy: Pics or it didn’t happen.

No pics=body double

Shelley Garman: He wasn't there he probably has sars covid 19!😶😶😶

l h: Naaa... Yes dead!

4u soul: If he is dead as I believe he is, he will have a tough time meeting his Maker for his crimes against his people!

Hey Now: How bout who cares

John Gault: Trump should just tweet him and be like “you good bro”

macpduff: Why did he miss his Grandfather's Birthday national celebration?

crzykoment: search gma news from philippines, kim has recent pictures there cutting ribon

Rivers: Kim Clement said he would be brain dead years ago

Native2458: North Korea: Our leader Kim Jong-Un is still alive, as he just attended this event.

USA: Cool, where are the pictures/video?

North Korea: We're not going to show you that.

Truth Matters: Drop Don Lemon into North Korea to investigate.

GoDz ReMixx: He came out of the gulag fym

Kurt Elliott: Fertilizer? could it be Kim Done Dung?!? =8^o

Lulu Yannu: Kim is at Camp David meeting up with Trump

BimBamBop Gazoiks: It’d be unfortunate if he was alive, idk why our president and news anchors are going so soft on him.

Andrew Potter: This is his clone,that they bought online.

Martina Jamaica: The favorite meal of Kim Jong-Un is dog BBQ from the wet market

vwr32jeep: He dead. 💀

Alex Chappy: He’s dead,,,his sister,,ms. Sadistic is in charge

GOD GIVEN GLORY: He is and Dems mourning for him.

Alex Duke: Propaganda it was a lookalike

V S: Alguém traduz para o português, por favor?!

Cruze Missile: There was a time when you couldn't Ginsburg away from a camera to talk down Trump but it's been over a year since an interview !! What Happened ???

cosmosdark allince: something smells about that story