Nunes blasts Dems' 'unprecedented secrecy' in Trump impeachment probe

Rep. Devin Nunes calls out House Democrats' impeachment probe, claiming that they are targeting Trump for a 'crime they're guilty of.' #TheStory #FoxNews ...


B With a B: If they ram it down our throats without any proof-that would be so bad for our Republic

Playground Justice: House Rules, Nunes. Sorry, for your inconvenience. Elections have consequences.

International Harvester: Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution, that prohibits the federal government from granting titles of nobility, and restricts members of the government from receiving gifts, emoluments, offices or titles from foreign states and monarchies without the consent of the United States Congress.

Matthew Young: He was totally bagging on Mit the Nit Wit Dipshit fuckstick.😁

John Doe: Nut less is a moron!

gary: When you see the top brass in the GOP defending only.....they know Trumps just about finished as a president.

张扣扣: Too bad. The stupid lazy greedy Americans love socialism. They want everything free and send Democrats to dc. They never learn the lesson of Venezuela 🇻🇪.

Muadib223: Faux News morphing into MSNBC more and more every day...

Edward Lewis: The reality is republicans are really good at brainwashing


David Turner: The Democrats sink to a new low. Adam is hiding in the basement with Nancy and Nadler. This is a coup and it is treason, I would like to see an example
made of them They all meet as conspirators planning their next move with the whistle blowers. Will the President and Justice Department step in now?

gary: Trump couldnt fight his way out of a paper bag his only choice resigne...His got a lot of baggage..

G M: blah blah blah

Patricia Brown: COUP!!!!!!!!!!

Alan Biederman: All the Republicans need to start fighting back. You don't bring a knife to a gunfight. Stop talking and start acting.

Joe Mancilla: Trump is history 💯%

Robert McGinn: Nunes,hahahaha, the biggest joke out there.

Plain Mo: Fox News. Lmao Passafire for trump supporters. Dahhhhhh!

JAY JAY: When you’re complaining about process, you’re losing.

Pete Edwards: The MAJORITY of Americans are for IMPEACHMENT and REMOVAL! IMPEACH CRIMINAL Trump and LOCK HIM UP!!!

Teresa Veal: Nunes a patriot.

Pete Edwards: GOP TRAITORS defend CRIMINAL Trump and SELL OUT democracy to foreign governments! VOTE OUT republiCONS at all levels up and down the ballot!!!

Matt Steel: We need to remove those Democruds in the House NOW, SOOO... HOW DO WE GET STARTED NOW? LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN.

The Real BPEarthWatch: Nunes is a rino.

sataniccookiemonster: SECRECY???... I BELIEVE THAT YOU MEAN SHITBAGGERY...

George Fleming: They want the cw2 they'll get it if they keep this up!!

David Dugas: 3 + years of lies from Dems have produced nothing, no solid evidence, and they're not creating anything good for our country because they're wasting time with propaganda. Defamation of character prosecution's need to start. I consider the Democratic party a criminal organization! Lies lies and More lies 💯😡

IT'S ME FROM 713: Trump and his sycophants "We did nothing wrong. Everything is a hoax and a witch hunt."
Also Trump and his sycophants: "we will definitely not be cooperating with any investigations even though we're totally innocent."

Preaching2 Surveillance: Dem strategy? Scream obstruction when their meritless impeachment is denied.  Dems will scream it's only fair DOJ-Barr FISA perjury charges also be😂denied.

d wilson: Nunez is RUSSIAN Dogshit...he is a TRAITOR and Criminal just like Trump and Pence. Fox news is Russian Trump Propaganda machine

alternate reality: A former CIA said that BOLTON gave the info to the leaker and they arranged these convoluted scheme to cover up. Boton's revenge on Trump. shame on him, what a low life.

tim baldwin: Thank you Demacratic morons for giving President Trump another 4 more years!!

IT'S ME FROM 713: Dems being secretive, huh? It's almost like when the president tells members of his administration to ignore subpoenas, forbid them from testifying, and refuses to turn over critucal documents. Sheesh.. Dems are the worst.

Marek Kolenda: China and Democrats plays together long time game and they winning.

Zenith Shpeley: Phoney Impeachment inquiry? OK.. Bill Barr was presented with the whistleblower report, shelved it, said "nothing to see here" rather than have it investigated, so Congress has to do it. Otherwise it would have been buried. Nunes is whining about secrecy which is just what an investigation is. There would normally be a special prosecutor investigating, but that's up to Bill Barr, and he tried to hide it. Sooo.. the Dems have to do it this way. The truth Shall come out, and the truth shall set some liars free.. If the Trumpians have nothing to hide, then co-operate with the inquiry, prove the Dems wrong.

danny breeding: I'm a Republican and yes the Republicans need to stand up and stand with Mr.President Trump.. The big bad RED wave is coming again in 2020 he puts America and the American people first. Trump keep making America great...

alpha: The left party is an illegal parallel government run by thugs

John Escalante: We see it for what it is locally I'm voting Republican down the line the main reason not one democrat is willing to stand on their own for what is right! They are sheep not leaders and I'm voting on leaders.

Curly: If the weak kneed RINOs fail to back Trump in 2020, we need to kick all there butts out.

MaryCR: Fox news has 1100 new followers, all of them leftist trolls. Turn into CNN this is what you get!

Dale Rhode Hard Luck Cowboy: Íf it was legit then there would be no problems...

Sebastian Ortega: We need McCarthy back

James Shinkle: I think the house of representatives need to read the rules of impeachment that republican John Boehner had changed when he was speaker of the house. The Democrats are following the rules. If the roles were reversed the republicans would be doing the same exact same thing. I dont belong to either party.

Blanca Hutchinson: Listen to him stutter,ha".

Old School: The Dems are trying to hurt President Trump for the 2020 election...Thats their goal. It WILL backfire and Trump will return to the WH as our President! It's time to remove those in Congress that are misrepresenting you in Washington DC!

Blanca Hutchinson: The investigation continues,you don't know what the witnesses are saying,so you can't say " There's nothing there".

Blanca Hutchinson: It's not going to get rammed through.

Freedom elf: Dnc can convince new York , California and the other states about impeachment not going to make a difference nationwide most Americans are not stupid we want fairness , integrity a n d our country first , which the democrats don't believe in, so keep it up end your guaranteed states don't matter in the election

IMHO In My Humble Opinion: thank you very much for your time today

You Know: Because the police has to inform the suspect of every witness they're interviewing and every lead they're following, yeah right... 😑