O'Biden Bin Lying

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The Patriot Hour: His memory has failed him his whole political career. That's our whole point.

music2306lover: Joe Biden needs to remember is that once he's caught out as a liar ....... He will always be known as a liar ....... And his behaviours of today do actually prove that❗️❗️❗️

John Bear: Biden like Nancy are nuts..

Milissa Mackenzie: Of course he's lying. Come on. The way he is so touchy,feely with children and women,its clear to see he's a perv.

BringOn TheCrusade: JoeBama Bin Lyin'

Robin Thomas: His native language: lying.

Sam McQueen: 😂🤣‼️


Love OfGod: Please someone help me to get eyes on a new, highly sus Twit account @ PastaDrop - it looks like a cp/trafficking site! Ty #SaveTheChildren

charlie orosz: Sounds just like the "claims" made by his lover Barack Ohomo!


Randy Smith: DNC is priming for the old switcharoo.

Joe Morales: #1 DOUCHEBAG"

DoorKicker: 😂🤣😂🤣

thelastcashew: He's fed himself a steady diet of crap his whole career that it's warped his brain.

Amanda Hallman: Memory failed him. Lol
Still happening

Raeanna Frasier: When you forget your first wife died.......

iam Me: WEASEL AND FRAUD! WHAT KIND OF WOMAN MARRIES A DAMN FRAUD ?, MAYBE ONE WHO HANDLES HIM , and they taught their son well, the rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Benny Walker: Biden is and always has been a LIAR! Why would ANYBODY support a LIAR?

nowonyuno: So we still "trusting Sessions?" Whatever happened with that?

Jonny Rambo: That’s when news was news not propaganda and lies ....

John Cappelano: Thank you for doing that. The year was 1988. Walter Mondale had his shot at Ronald Reagan in 1984 following Jimmy Carter’s 1980 defeat. The field of Democrat’s in ‘88 was wide open. The two front runners were Biden and Mike Dukakis (you know, the son of Greek immigrants). Biden was caught cheating in the February and March primaries. Basically the biggest issue of the day was the fact he ripped off JFK’s 1960 speeches and used them as his own. The law school stuff you mentioned was just a sidecar to that main attraction. In humiliation, Biden was forced out of the presidential race for these ethical questions. He became a national disgrace. Dukakis later became the Democratic nominee instead and went down to defeat against Popppy Bush and his ventriloquest dummy, Dan Quayle. Can you spell potato?


6stringgunner: Joe Biden is a legend in his own mind!!!!😂!!!
Joe Biden is a Court jester who identifies as a King!!!

Byte Me: Did all of you see Q post 4117 ? It's hilarious.

Sioux B: When are the public hangings...we waiting patiently but patience is running thin now.

jake pryor: Where Been hiding this one !
at Hillary Clinton’s house where else

Brandy's Birds: Hilarious that you found this! Oh, and the title!😅😅😅
🇺🇸 #WWG1WGA means he gets to go? Or go to jail?

Shareon Rivas: BYEDONE

Steven Roach: Biden is a clown and will get crushed in the election. He is at least as honest as Trump though.

aussiewomen: Still telling BS.

FretNot TrustinGod: If you sat Biden in a comfy chair with his right shoulder toward the wall, gave him a magazine with pictures and said, "I'll bring your driver to your quarters in 2 hours when we arrive in DC," he'd ask, "What time is it," and, he'd not budge.

Susan Clarkson: This can't surprise anyone!

Carolyn Ross: 😂

its me223: kek...biden lies alot, to this day.

Michele Ellis: How in heck does your memory Fail You about your own Life! Fail You on how many Degrees you got ? OMGoodness that’s totally Ridiculous !!! Biden has always been a Braggart and a Liar, a womanizer/without consent, I’m older and have watched him do this for YEARS and his Idiotic Sympathizers just say, “Oh Joe’s a good guy though, he’s a nice guy, all while he’s Sniffing and Feeling up little girls, and boys !!!!
All these people do is aid and reward this Disgusting Behavior!!!

Raybabin Raybabin: Ole joe if he was lying then and his memory failing him at that young of an age wtf is going on with him now. just say No kids no to joe.

bobathan fizzypops: Wow all this memory loss...its a wonder he knows his own name...its just a way to cover for the lies but he's got so many he cant keep track.

Crash Override: I want to know how are you teach your children honesty is the best policy. When our elected officials are lying cheating and stealing from We the People. Freedom and liberty.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Cheryl Hyman: What’ a horses butt

J H: Biden has been lying to us for over 30 years. Sort of the same as us being told it's only days away here. When you are lied to, it shouldn't take 3 or 30 years to find it out. And the funny thing is the #1 most accurate source of intel here won't tell you that most of the bad actors like Comey, Lynch, etc have already plead guilty to their crimes against this country. They are on house arrest since 2018, singing like canaries, hoping for a reduced sentence of life in GITMO. Also major actors have been detained and held at house arrest for child trafficking and child abuse and murder. Tom Hanks, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Ellen Denjeneres, Jimmy Kimmel, and the list goes one... But you heard it first not here. Just go anywhere else online and it's there. Two examples, Alice Down The Rabbit Hole, and Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast. It's all out there now.Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBoSeUmEFw8

Cedricknowledge: He got hair now?

Cedricknowledge: He’s got hair now..

Scot Affleck: I wonder if this is where Jon Lovitz got his idea for his schtick "Pathalogical Liar"? Jon is funnier though.

Ja L Pa: He's NOT FIT mentally or Physically to be our next POTUS....Smelly biden..! =)

Nadda VEGAN: His memory failed him a longggg time ago..

RICHIE JR: https://youtu.be/4Yab6d19puc 🏁🏁🏎

R Tex: So, why was this not exposed back in 2008 when McStain ran? I believe he was part of the plan for getting Barry in office!

Everi Lastone: Joe Biden is a Psychopathic Lying Perverted Bigot who quite simply is a Liability to America. He has made us a Target for any infiltration operation designated by a foreign enemy! 
He is still in the process of Treasonous Acts and should be held accountable, regardless of his current cognitive absence.

Nice To Meet You: All these fools and their “honorary” degrees. And fudged accomplishments. Bunch of 💩