Patriot Hour Live On The American Joe Show Now! Link Below To Feed


Pinkfox56: Just watched it at last! I loved it. Very interesting about the border coverage. We love you over the Pond, too. Thank you very much, Mike. Much love, many prayers and respect. 😘❤️🙏✊🏻🇺🇸🇬🇧

P.S. Oh yeah, just remembered something, that aint no radio voice you’ve got there, it’s a deep, rich manly voice. And, that’s also perfect on any mike, Mike...

fawn999: hi Michael. glad to hear from you as always!!! God speed!!!!

Diane Phillips: God bless you Mike..

Secture Vero: patriots in control Q my ass....Saudi Arabia...half of it's oil refinery capacity...destroyed!!

Secture Vero: 24 HOURS AND ZERO ON THE HUETI CLAIMED DRONE ATTACKS ON SAUDI ARABIAN OIL REFINERIES? When did rebels acquire drones US military can not detect?

Susan Peterson: Im guessing General Flynn's charges get tossed out then welcomed back National Security Advisor General Flynn. He was already confirmed by congress, no charges no crime. Boom! Boom! Boom!

hanna S: Mike, the comment part on your American Joe Show... the comment section is not coming through. It looks like slow internet but the video is playing fine.

Lee REDNATION UNDERGOD: You have a new SUBSCRIBER saw you tonight.

Phillis Ahasic: Loved you Mike on the American Joe show! God Bless!

hanna S: Mike, it say's you have 163K subscriber's. I believe I am shadow banned from FB. I haven't had any likes or comments or the video's I share for about 3-4 month's now. I recently asked a few people I know if they they have seen anything from me on FB and they said no. I share certain video's but I guess it doesn't help now. Is there something I can do about it. I am a simple person that shares videos... I'm not a protestor, radical or anything like that. I watch video's on YouTube and share them. I hardley get on FB anymore. Maybe I'm shadow banned from youtube too??? lol... somebody, please comment if you do see this, lol. On my tv youtube... I have been getting negative ads about President Trump... why is that allowed?

studio developers2: American joe show? Patriot hour is better. Not very nice boots at the end. Ugly ass nazi boot stepping Sounds at end

studio developers2: LOVE the intro music. Absolutely the best.

Karen H: How could Trump Twitter a 'secret' picture from satellite? You know it's hard to defend him when he does stupid stuff!

wow #: Hey UMM, some guy says microchip started Q and that us is a (hoaxs) to show just how easy it is to fool People into believing in something that isn't real!
You never no,.

Thumper Rose: this aint 5 any where

Red Blanket: The full moon is rising here in the beautiful desert under the stars.A big ball of orange on the eastern horizon

Eric Gibson: Yeah where do we find the link

Red Blanket: My favorite Michael following Saint Michael the Arc Angel

Ken Sod: WWG1WGA... MAGA. ... Brotherrrrrr

Eric Gibson: Hello Mike

Red Blanket: Top of the evening Patriots

Darla Tidwell: Ok,...hello!

K Landry: Happy Friday 13th!! WWG1WGA

Yellow Byrd: Where's the link?

trkrla 51: I'll take second!

W Collins: All in one sentence !!!
First the 2nd and then the rest !!!!