Pelosi defies Trump, leads delegation on surprise trip to Jordan

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Just Facts: Nobody in Jordan gives two shits what Nancy Pelosi has to say!

Nate Taylor: Wait, has Pelosi accomplished a Coup? When did she become the President?

Raul Ramirez: Stop the wars!!! 20 years is enough!

Joseph Miller: she is a traitor

my Life: If we would just arrest one of these liberal Democrats it would send a huge message but they must be prosecuted to the fullest.

Carlos Campos: She is a treasonous, untrustworthy person. She is not the President and the other countries should scorn her presence. Time to remove her and her cronies from parliament, as they like to say “by any means possible”. Enough is enough, this overt coup de etat, this blatant disregard for the elected President of the USA, cannot go unchecked. She is not on a mission to fact check. She want political points. Karma is everywhere.

Joyce Branning: So, who put their stamp of approval on this fact finding "mission" 2 spend tax payers 💲❓❓❓❓

Alice Johnson: Impeach Pelosi

Kent Allen: Pelosi should be impeached under the Logan Act. Any American that supports the Left agenda at this time hates America. Enough is enough. These haters are blatantly destroying our democracy right before the American people. The media is undermining President Trump 🇺🇸 yet giving a pass to the corruption of the Left. Father God, I ask that the eyes of this Nation be opened by your Divine power and heart 💓 s be changed. In Jesus name Amen.

Carlos Hernandez: Foreign policy is a power given to the *EXECUTIVE*, not the Legislative. But once again, Democrats get to violate the Constitution and rule of law in an effort to grab one more scrap of power. They are a bunch of addicts committing crimes for their next fix.

Friedrich Nietzsche: Pelosi and her democrat delegation want to entice war in the Middle East.

socom54321: She should be jailed for treason

Bernie Sandpapers: Lock Her Up!

Kenneth Davis: Nancy probably looking at the poppies crop.

The Krazy Red Show: She is a f**** idiot wish we could have peach her


iga ninja: Do you really think it was a surpirse. Im sure trump let them.

Илья Тарасенко: Чмошники бипартизаны!

Kevin Garver: SHE CAN ONLY HURT THE U.S.A. !!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Farris: Bipartisan? One outgoing Republican who just wants one last holiday and the rest socialist democrats who want to have their third vacation in the last few weeks. Have to spend those tax dollars some how.

Ivan Bottom: She should visit the Mexican town where the drug cartel rules, oh she has direct connection with them.

Mikey: If you ask me...the Democrats are so scared that they are becoming psychotic and unpredictable. Just watch them fall.

Neon Rogue: Nancy Nancy Fancy Pancy. Insubordinate treacherous usurper and all on your DIME.

James Lewis: She is certifiable!

James S: maybe she will get grabbed by Iran

Kieron MacLeod: More distraction. Let’s talk to a Republican strategist about something… Goodbye

Nana Yaw Otchere Adjei: It seems the US has two head of state 🤣

77Victory1: this lady is a back stabber, she should be taken out of her position, she should not be the house speaker.

LilRed M.: Why aren't these traitors not in jail, it's treasonous act's against the presidency, why are we soft on political criminals, get the military and arrest these traitors with a military tribunal, stop fu#%@ng around, the works is watching.

Antney Fatts: Revoke her passport and let her stay there forever!!

Frankie Elan: So Pelosi couldn't sit through a briefing from top level US military and govt experts on what is happening in Syria but she can fly thousands of miles to a foreign country to find out? Pleeease.

James Lewis: Should have revoked her passport while outside the country. Coup activity. Treason and sedition.

james turner: May the Lord strike her with confusion in a Faraway land

Joan Kamp: She needs to stay in Washington DC and bring the USMCA up for a voice and work on legislation for the citizens of of this country instead of spending thousands if not more of taxpayers money going overseas. She is getting nothing done in the House of Representatives.

Mandilo23: If the liberals want to fight so bad maybe some of them should enlist in combat roles......

summers9911: They should be arrested as soon as they step foot bk on american soil

Tex Red Tech: What will she do when they tell her she must wear a Burka..?

pukus mucus: With some luck she, and her delegation, will get bombed....and never return

1IndependentVoter: A minor irritation because in the grand scheme of things her Speaker gig is almost up and she'll never hold that type of position or power again. The most important fact here is that President Trump will be re-elected and we all know that and the Democrats know that too which is exactly why they're in such a 24/7 panic mode. They know it's over.

Guitar Collector 12: The Logan Act .......Anyone heard of that?? She makes great women in politics look bad. She needs to resign and go back to the kitchen and bake cookies for her great grandchildren......

Matthew Rand: Did the President tell her not to go? It's not her job to go there and needs to get to work here passing the USMC trade bill and fix the border

kate smithers: she will undermine anything and any work the that Trump has done because of her hatred even if it has no logic. She needs to go- how is she allowed to do this without presidential permission?


Earl Haines: Isn't this a violation of the Logan act.?.....

tammy Tansey: Nancy Pelosi had no right unless she had permission from our president she’s trying to do a coup on our president and our and assassinated our President that’s her plan she needs to be arrested when she comes back ASAP

Tom Zmit: tre--ason, A ha--ng-ing is in order arrest her as soon as sh-e lands and sets foot on our land.

A Cost: No one around the world takes the DumboCrats seriously. They are a bunch of clowns !

Mister Timmy: Maybe Pelosi and her party will end up getting themselves blown up while they’re there. It would be good for America.

Reload Fire: I hope they come back with a Camel , forgot they already have Kamala

Mikey: Why doesn't this old woman stay home and pass out candy corn