Petraeus: Trump meeting Taliban at Camp David would be 'troubling'

Former CIA director General David Petraeus on President Trump canceling peace talks with the Taliban. #TheStory #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX ...


--: if you think any of these groups are willing to abide by any deal then i have beach front property in nebraska I want to sell you

Lore Strahan: We should never trust terrorists. Common sense.

gotarmadillo: It's Dirty Dave Betrayus. Talk about a Blast form Past. Dirty Dave running for POTUS or just Clowning for Devos?

Tina Hall: Petraeus you should go away, loser!

Crappie-Master RC: How many dead American Soldiers is enough for these idiots. Pull the troops and unleash a butt load of MOAB's. You hit them hard enough and they will be scared for decades,, i.e. ask Japan!

extra solar: under conventional circumstances, perhaps, to constricted criteria of concern, not pledged priority. in any event the state department relationship with obama era intel agency 'expertise' and the intern impeached senate 'service' is more than troubling and relies on unacceptable tactics of anti constitutional calculation. including the cover ups.

Donna F: Petreus opinions are irrelevant! He leaked classified info to his girlfriend. We deserve better commentary news!

jasmine k: Trump has other ideas in getting real results here on this issue than these arm chair past Generals, ...who are exactly the people that got us into this mess in aghganistan to begin with! After over a decade of fighting senselessly in Afghanistan, meeting with your enemy, at least once in a different setting, seems just about right...and smart. It's about time!

Java Man!: The King of the jungle never meets with the vultures!

Mike Turco: All troops home, stop listening to the Generals
Tulsi Tulsi Tulsi

J K: He was a huge security risk for his ego. Petraeus - the general with such bad judgement.

Kelly Lennon: Martha McCallum has really crossed the bridge over to the Darkside. Every interview I see her do she comes across as being very anti-Trump and asking leading questions or putting words in her guests mouth. I don’t like watching her anymore

C: Asking the Military Complex about peace is ridiculous. 12 of the 16 terrorists were Saudi and we need to beat on Afghans?

Wutsa Hammerfir: Petraeus was a Hillary supporter, a deep state military industrial complex general who has been neutralized by Trump. No longer dangerous to our society, thanks to Trump.

MisterTwister: Paula Broadwell

Bobby K: No more gossip. Do actual news or don't broadcast!!!!!!!

thinicer: What’s “troubling” is that we are still stuck fighting a war in a god-forsaken hell hole for 18 years spilling precious American blood, a war that globalist sociopaths like Petraeus wants to continue indefinitely.

The public wants out. OBL was killed eight years ago. Bring them home.


freewillobjector: All to put a pipeline in controlled by America and Israel and to cut off Russia and Asia. But he won't tell you that. The troops aint coming home. They will never run out of excuses. A the pipeline isn't done. B when it is, we will have to secure it to loot Afghanistan... But first, we have to make the taxpayer pay for it, with their money and their kids.

John B: Petreus is in the war business, we can't have peace, he would lose some money.

Swamp Pappy77: I was so far from the front I saw General Petraeus.

Tree: Petraeus... betrayed the American people and his wife.
That is VERY troubling to me.

Cannabis & Conspiracies: So two enemies.... Meeting to squash their beef is troubling?

olzt100: Trump is willing to talk to any criminal minds like himself., But pulling out of the negotiations was stupid. This is about lives, not business. His stupid tactic only means more US service members will die. He is so stupid!

Iam Negan: From a man whos wiener ruined his life. Lol. TRUMP2020


Thunder: "If US troops aren't guarding those poppy fields it would be very troubling" - General Betrayus

Iam N.: Goats are triggered.

John Allen Lauridsen Jr.: Troubling is when your cia director is banging the reporter he's leaking classified information too...

Soldier American: Former leader of Secret Material, DEEP STATE/Builderburg Member, WE THE PEOPLE don’t care about what he says.

Dave Dispatch: What we have done in the past hasn't worked - why not try something different? Why not? or maybe a better question is to ask "Why?"


Frankie Fernandez: Sooner or later you have to meet the enemy face to face. Most presidents have done it...too many examples too cite. Probably just another Trump hater.

M S: We are like those Japanese soldiers Post-World War II who refused to acknowledge the defeat and they lived in the jungle of Asia until dead just saying "we can not abandon the mission". Our troops are stagnant in Afghanistan thanks to our leadership since the beginning of the invasion.

James Skaggs: Remember the General's affair? Remember he pleaded guilty to mishandling classified material? He was fined and given two years probation. Are you going to believe anything out of this man's mouth.

Doug Shaw: The Puppet Master! My President owns you saps. Fock Snooze is unawake! These posers posture, postulate and defecate the premises! ...saps! Did you guys give up on journalism, like investigating where $trillions$ have been going? 16 days to the next CR 😵

SquirrelyBlake: Me seeing my comments not getting likes because of tampering:

Thomas had never seen such bulls*** before.

drulloyd82: Petraeus your a liar

jesse leon: He was successfully trapped by a honey pot. Everything he say is suspect. Blackmail makes people say anything.

Joshua Jennings: Fox always thinks it’s a good idea to put on pro war people. They should have on Ron Paul and see what he thinks.

Steve Morgan: Blah blah f**** blah this is nothing but lies , this is about money these guys are making billions off this. Remember dumbass humans this is about money not about you it doesn't matter if you die as long as there's money to be made, you swallow don't spit.

SidEffecT: Donald “I will end the war” Trump says peace talks are dead. Well there’s a big surprise..not really 😂

Red Pill: The Afghan people should in no way shape or form respect or adhere to the fake government and laws and fake Constitution imposed on it by the Empire.

alan bird: Ain’t no reason he shouldn’t meet with them if that is what he wanted to do. Pseudo controversy.

Kognition Wings: Isn't Patraeus a deep state puppet?

tmc che: Glyphosate the poppy fields general. Then maybe we will listen to you, to determine if you are objective and sincere.

Andre Vlasov: As the Russians say. If the mountain doesn't come to you, you walk to the mountain!

Red Pill: The United States created Al-Qaeda. The United States created Isis.

Stuart Mcleod: Didn't this guy go to jail & was Hillary Dirtbag in times of Need ??
And why is America doing the policing of the world , the Military industrial cabal ..don't want peace !!!!

rick miller: The deepstate doesn't approve? They need their boogeyman.