Prosecution, defense deliver closing arguments in Weinstein trial

Prosecutors look to focus the jury's attention back on the accusers who testified against disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. #FoxNews FOX News ...


TheGOPforlife: If it involves Elites, you can bet there is no honor in it, they are corrupted with absolute power.

Box Lane Productions: we knew theyd get ill around trail time, funny that

Everything liberals touch turns to crap.: Another hollywierd paedo Democrat supporter

POP: Capitalism repeatedly gives us.
Crack addiction
OPIOID addiction
Bank bail outs.

Socialism gives us:
K-12 schools
Social security
Meals on wheels
Head start
Could give us:
College for all
Bernie Sanders 2020

WizardOfAus: I bet he’s a Democrat

Vincent James: Poor ole Harvey...get the KY ready for thr big house..maybe mayor Pete will give it a swing before you do some really HARD time Behind bars!!!

John Pender: I heard he is going to plead insanity. Why? He is crazy about that stuff.

Octave Durham: Harvey weinstein is not a born male.
He is a ftm female to male
This was big in court last week. Wwg1wga q

judy lee: If he gets prosecuted on some of these charges, it's the chance to send the message to him, and predators like him, that women have a collective voice that will from now on be heard and not the consequences of their actions, however they may be misconstrued, are not the issue. That whoever puts women in these situations and uses their power and prominence to obtain sexual 'favors' at another's expense, will not be tolerated. A plane ticket isn't a free pass to any part of a woman's body or an undue influence on her morality.

Grandpa's Bunny Ranch: Read this joke. bla bla bla Democrats. TRUMP 2020

isaac powell: Where's Oprah and Gayle...oh yeah he's white 🤔

Charley Folkes: These women have set their own movement back a decade.

HoKage_888: Hope he gets proven innocent.

me e: Defense argument, im a piece of demorat garbage and im entitled like the clintons ,when i do this im a better person and not a responsible criminal so i should be let go .

PJ Brown: Weinstein is a Democrat.
(drops the mic)

Michael Ruiz: He won't escape YAH
The real justice
Barr none

Andrew M: Hollywood should also be on trial.

philpott: they all wanted jobs< he offered them one< they took it. now they cry . females in hollywood< suck a dick all the time to get in movies tv shows < fuckoff. i hope he walks.

Kgaugelo Ntuane: I hope he is found innocent.
Theres no significant evidence against him except witness testimony

ninja: Hes acting. He didnt need help "holding hinself up" when he was doing his dirt. If I was a judge, I'd see right through that.

Alan Clarke: Maximum penalty stick your Walker rapist

Sheeple are Lame: Now lets look at how long USA knew about this & did nothing about it <<< SEXCRIMES

Fur Queue: Allowing non-proven people to speak, makes it VERY EASY to produce a group of ideologically-driven people to lie about things that did not happen to produce a certain result. It is VERY very flimsy and open to corruption

NOBULL ziggster: They should toss the book at him..

brie T: I forgot to add that the following three well known actresses went on the Weinstein plan and attained their fame via transactions with Weinstein: Thurman, Hayek, and Theron. Hollywood hohohos!

Drac Rummins: Guy’s a saint

Michael Lester: Total Scum!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬💩💩🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Silvana Torchia: Hi

Freedom elf: Think Weinstein is pure suck but forced oral his junk is in your mouth sounds pretty easy to defend this , just sad greed , had decisions, a predator , but people need to be responsible for their choices both sides ,

Natty Rebel: All these sexual assaults cases are totally fallacious, they only come up to make claims when money is not forthcoming into their pockets. Consensual affair become a crime when there’s no money entering their pockets. How long was the assault? They didn’t see police or court when the matter was at least one year old?

Al Humphrey: That jury decision will be mirrored in November when the swamp cabal feels the wrath of the ‘quiet American’. 😡😡😡

Scare Me Fox: Bern in hell

Concerned European: Munich Security Conference (MSC), the leading international forum for senior military, security and foreign policy leaders.: Water insecurity a global security risk: Climate change-exacerbated water insecurity is already a significant driver of instability, and according to 93% of climate security and military experts surveyed for this report, will pose a significant or higher risk to global security by 2030.

raveglory300: No one is buying the 'frail walker' act coming from a guy who is like a kingpin of Hollywood.

Grant Goldberg: He will die in prison.

Neil Meeks: I dont feel bad for anyone in Hollywood on either side of this story..Prostition is the oldest profession. Buch of privileged dipshits. Who cares?

David DeVasto: Leland Vittert is great at ignoring the obvious and mining the non-existent

PaNDaSNiP3R: He will end up Epstiened pretty soon here.

R. Whitaker: He's a disgusting person.
But the defense makes a good point. These are adult women. I wouldn't go to a hotel with anyone except for my family. There are meeting rooms and coffee shops available everywhere. No need to get into a compromising situation.

Steven Heywood: Weinstein will miraculously ditch his walking frame if he is either acquitted or goes to jail.....if he were you or I, he would not be walking around free. Big bucks rules at least for a while.

James Willey: Trying to portray this man as frail old man that can barely get around. Not going to work. All the leftists in Hollywood Are part of the sick ritual, That's why no one watches your movies anymore Hollywood. Cuz the Chinese bought you out. Look at your nasty cities. The nastiest cities are all run by democrats.

Gavin Coleman: So when will.Trump face the court as he has 22 sexual allegations against him .
Oh that's right the Republicans put him above the law

Wing Ding: The defence makes a good point. Harvey Weinstein is a Rapist Pig. I’ve seen these women gloat over him in photos and videos of Hollywood. Why did so many women praise him when they new he was a sick excuse for a human being? Women like Oprah laughing and kissing the guy in a photo I saw. Some women even called him a god. What the hell was wrong with these women? Many of the women were innocent but some of them are just as sick and twisted as he is I’m sure.

C. T: If he walks with anything left more than his soul , the world will know , even the court system is run by peados

Peados and their ilk seem to get less sentences that someone who steals food to survive , thats worldwide

Robert Eaves: Gotta love it when those who create illusions for a living trot the props out when they need to create a new illusion. He didnt need a walker when he was using the casting couch.

D Hoosier: Here it is, 12:18 AM (EST) & there's 55 dems giving thumbs down to this. Pathetic.

Bee Cee: Jail all the Hollywood pimps and the disgruntled whores crying crocodile tears.

shaun white: Ironic so many woman just kept their mouth shut for years and got ahead by giving head.

Timewalk: Typical Hollywood lib

Mini Liebenberg: They used him as much as he used them. The time has come for both parties to sign a “Consensual Contract” and the guy must keep the contract in a safe place until he dies.