Protesters raise Mexican flag at Colorado ICE facility

Anti-ICE demonstrators protest at an ICE facility in Aurora, Colorado.


Russ Wallace: I am now calling for a Mexican American war... It is officially war .. You mess with my country you mess with my flag your messing with the people that gave their lives To fight for this country.. Now I will put mine on the front line Real American citizens Now is the time to fight Fight for our country fight for our flag... Eliminate all non Americans..... God-bless All-American citizens God-bless the USA

Victoria Morgan: Deport those who raised the flag of that FAILED Narco-State. 😡

Silence is not Golden: Burn that filthy Mexican Flag 🔥 time to Deport the SHlT TODAY 💩

Jared Hover: And this ain't a cultural invasion ok what ever you say it looks like American decline. This is the beginning of the breaking up of the U.S.A

Patriotic Justice: Can we deport these protestors as well? If they love Mexico so much, they can feel free to make room by leaving so that immigrants who want to be citizens LEGALLY can get in.

*gsts*: Everybody just wants this nation. They are trying to use mind games to get it. Think about it like this...the white man has a great toy, and the black man, the Latino man, and the Asian dude is all trying to say how lame it is, so the white man puts it down so they can take it. They will use any trick in the book to do it too. But, unfortunately for them...this white boy loves his toy :)

Itwasme007: Oh look the invaders forces managed to raised their country's flag in our country, this is war we are being invaded by anti American forces

mikatheraven: Treason

Credo-Ape-Thor: If they love Mexico so much they should move there and stay there. No one wants these idiots in our country anymore. Protesting is for lame brain knuckle draggers who think they’re accomplishing something. They haven’t. Every time they do something like this we should make immigration laws stricter.

Jess Webb: Are You Kidding Prosecute Them 🙏🏻❤️💡🇺🇸

El Masquato: Shame

Lola Lola: I cant wait for Trump to sign that major immigration deal, known as a safe-third-country agreement, with Guatamala. asylum seekers from any country who either show up at U.S. ports of entry or are apprehended while crossing between ports of entry can be sent to seek asylum in Guatemala instead. Then we can close most of the detention centers that were buikt by Obumma in the 1st place.

John Mock: I really can't stand these people

The Movie Wolf: That’s treason

Bad Company: Martial law will be needed to end all this sh**.

Kevin Bowers: Why is anyone raising a flag on our country besides ours

Charles Stead Jr: Breaking News. Mexican flag ran up the flagpole. Really?

Anthony Perez: Mexicans take your land back


ballnutz: We need a militia over there today! If you have guns, this is what you have them for.

Jason: Anyone who was there at the rally should be investigated

EasyYog11: Terrific, Head back home. and take Your Country's Flag with You.

EasyYog11: Zero Regard for American Citizen Taxpayers. Paying All the Bills.

Tyree Moss: Is fox not going to cover Vice President pence visiting one of the detention facilities?

Brian Gann: Trump is running out of time to use federal forces to correct this problem before the people do it ourselves.

DesertRatAZ: Instead of taking our flag down, they should have just toked up more. This is your brain on drugs Colorado. 😂

Fenway Park: Manifest destiny, it’s a beautiful thing. Now go from Mexico all the way down to the bottom of South America to complete the chessboard.

I speak The truth: So pull the Mexican flag down and burn it

Indian at your service: Didnt you hateyoutube

Donald Bailey: BernieSanders2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let's get money out of politics and get our voices back!

rich s: That's funny

Justin Ethnostate: Proves where the immigrant scum put their loyalty. They’re not here to become American, they’re here to make America become Mexico

Savannah Tolley: Yall are some ignorant fucks.

Dr Strange: In my honest opinion? You guys could use some culture, not everything is making out with your cousin and eating under seasoned food! Let the Paisanos in! Y’all could learn a thing or two..

Danny S: I don't get it. Why local authorities don't work together with federal.
In UK if you are stopped by local police and they have a reason to believe that you are staying illigally they will definitely arrest you and detain for the immigration.

jwayne2k: This is a prank. This is a photo op probably in retaliation to Donald Trump Fanning the flames Real Americans can see through the lies

Dr Strange: Fly it high! Fly it proudly! Mexicans are the backbone of the USA! Arriba paisanos! Keep up the good fight!

D.A. Risse: Invaders raise their flag afrer taking over other countries ...
Democrats are not Americans anymore.

Robert Joiner: Water cannon those people and kick all the people hear without papers out and empty the detention centers out back to there countrys. GEt them out

Uncle_Bob: In my opinion, the removal of the US flag and the raising of another nations flag over a US facility isn't a protest, it's an act of war. The liberals have now shown to the world who they are truly fighting for, and it isn't America.

Corina Sanchez: This is for all dumb ppl out there Us ppl come over here to have a better life and to do the jobs that y'all won't do and if we were not doing the things y'all won't do half of y'all wouldn't even have a roof over your head or food on the table we ain't here to cause problems we're just here so we could go to school to have a better life then what our parents did.

Mr. Yonny: SMFH

Danny S: Wow, it's just unbelievable. This is sick. This would never in Mexico let's go to Mexico take down their flag and replace it with American.
Those who love Mexico so much send them there.

Political Outsider: Get em the hell outta here

P D: Cant wait to see how CNN and AOC manage to turn this into something to do with white nationalism or some huge act of bravery.

Johnny Appleseed: Racist Mexicans. what if Americans did this in Mexico? USA sees what your doing war has never ended.

Higura Gainishigi: Deport them. This is America, either accept it or get out

Registered Democrat: So pretty much Socialist Snowflakes want to turn America into Mexico.

Rabinowitz Shekelstein: Why not? These w3tbacks already ethically conquered some parts of the US with the help of the government already. 🥴

Joe Bauers: Shoot them on site