Queen orders private meeting with Prince Harry, Prince William, Prince Charles

'The Next Revolution' debates Harry and Meghan's desire to step down from a senior family role. #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), ...


Alex Ocasio-Gomez: What happened to my comment?

Female Ranger of Norrath: Dear Fox News and friends,
Thank you for posting.
Up to Minute 0:54
"I'd say in a given week..
I do about 15 minutes of real, actual work"
Quote from the movie:
"Office Space"
The plot thickens.. 📚👀
Love from 💕
USA 🇺🇸
Peace 🌿🕊
True Story
My mom worked in accounts payable before she retired.
But.. her name isn't Mima.

Sarah Garcia: Stupid Lizard Queen...Kamloops! What happened at Kamloops orphanage in Canada!? These creeps are evil

Valient Six: The house of Spencer was never considered actual royalty jtluk

Corndog Killer: Harry found out the Queen's been covering for pedophiles for 60 yrs. It's ok Harry, she wouldn't watch my kids either

Janice White: Prince Charles didn't "raise" the princes.

Blackdogsmatter: Oh my! Two married 40 year olds moving out of mommy’s house, and starting up their own “Clinton Foundation”...how will they make it?...LMFAO! And the fake news media acts like they’ll ever wipe their own arse...let alone fly coach with us “normal folks”...lol

A Fig: Galactic


End Times Watcher: Who cares...??
They live in an alternate world!!

Seeker Of truth: She said she loved the queen? And that it was Apparent she did a good job raising her sons? What has she read scandals?

Biff LeGrosBoeuf: the French had it right. Chop chop, off with the useless head.

1A Supernova: Trump Republicans are fake Christians and fake Patriots

rich dunn: Avoid folks who have a high staff turnover? Do you mean like pResident tRump?

daniel bailey: Cut em off n kick them out!👌

pir8prod: The timing seems related to Prince Andy/Epstein saga.

Nose in the air Elephant: Harry was her meal ticket! How many people heard of her before she married Harry? She disowned the WHITE SIDE of her family; and now manipulated Harry to leave his family. Megan is a SPOILED NARSSTIC WITCH🇬🇧

Ruben Gutierrez: Meghan Markle is a stunna!

Adam wiggins: Anyone here... take 5 min and google 1964; Kamloops BC ten missing native children. There is an active warrant for the arrest of the queen and Phillip.... i think this is all coming to light and the younger ones are distancing themselves from it while they can.
This family does some evil stuff

Chella Taylor: Rachel Meghan Markel named her company Archie something b4 she married Prince Harry ! She has trade- marked tons of items a lot of her clothes were donated to her, to show the persons name yet Charles gave a lot of $$$ for her pregnancy clothes (2 million it is being reported ) Didn’t invite her Father or sis or brother ! No part time Royal please ! Very disrespectful!
She wanted fake 44 at the wedding, Major no no,as they are ( RF ) not to be political, a 11 month pregnancy, NO pre- natal care no Dr’s signed the
Royal announcement, the, Queen did not give “” Archie HRH, status,”” her security details ....
Quit how many times ? & she also flew back, with Harry, & left “” alleged “” baby there in Canada, if you say anything you are called racist, she was NOT a star actress, suits was a large cast, and WoW was a
Case opener on deal or no deal. ! Even Grace Kelly, who was a STAR and a Princess
Was beloved, like Diana, the people’s princess ! They have plenty of $$$ Harry got a huge
Inheritance, after his MuM
died ! Why did the Father raise
Rachel Meghan, where was Mom, all those years at ? LoL
Now she is a millionaire and hanging out with the elite !
Let’s see if Fox & google will allow this to post or the error
code 404, there NO hate in this, NO PART TIME ROYALS..... Jsmtol

Mictla: Lol so Prince Harry cannot make his own choice?

Anonymous Fitness: 🤦🏾‍♂️

marco sanchez: They're gathering to finally make the sacrifice and drink Harry's tainted blood🦎

TheeKidd Unknown: -Someone Ask Prince Harry What’s In Antarctica....🤔

Jeddie Merrill: Stop doing stories like this, no one cares about these people

Troy vonklingler: I bet they would all agree to come if there were underage girls there.. the queen knows how to set a honeytrap.

SJW libtard wrecker: the queen does nothing. she is pointless. im a direct decedent of the duke of lancaster. get rid of the welfare queens. its all show...

Daniel Friedrichs: LOL when you use turnover to justify not liking a person, but you're on Fox News so you turn a blind eye to Trump's turnover....

juan perez: she had a private pizza ordered with prince toppings at princey pizza palace

Valeny Ortiz: Proof it. It sounds like a talk show throwing opinions. People this is entertainment not news. No facts,
No inside sources to mention off. I smell lawsuit.

Brute Better: Oh don't forget about Prince Albert, he's in the can. Lol

kerry the truth: Pedivores

peter murphy: a family with a long long long evil history

Brian Sullivan: They’re disgracing the family these days.


Peggy Mattie: I say they should do what they want. It is no one's business but there's. Stop blaming Meghan for everything. Live where you want to.

Bubba X: What better example of self serving disrespect is there than than Megan can't be bothered to jump on a plane to meet with her benefactor over an important issue.
Send her packing!!!

TJ Phoenix: Sad to hear Meghan died in a car accident.... RIP 👀

killersushi99: They are out smoozing with the Disney CEO's for jobs.

Cleroyster 2: The Kennedy's gave their daughter a lobotomy. Prince Harry better be careful......

Bob Smith: Who is this guy? Dumb a*s ex 👑

Max Mustermann: "you don´t work for people with a high staff turnover" HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA
.... Trump got owned by her

Shingwedzi Langa: Let's be honest! Harry married a runt!

Eliza Beech: The monarchy should be abolished. They are like leeches.


KoldBodiez: Fox News: Everybody loves her!

Me: Megan who?

For your Eyes: They are a crooked family😔

iBiana Doubt: I'm only here for the Megxit jokes.

JAMIE CARGILL: She gets the blame because things seemed fine until she came along.

rob379: Justine Trudeau echos this for sure.

Street Cat: I wonder what little Archie thinks ?