"Obama, It Was Obama Who Told us To Do It"Clapper Admitted Live On CNN

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Plutonium: For supposedly very smart people they sure Act Dumb.

Chas Peking: Spoken like a true Pilgrims Society member. There are at least two Obamas, one or more clones, that is. COMPARE the scars on Obama's head in several different photos and videos. Either these scars are moving, or there are at least two Obamas out there with customized head designs. tese scars are LONG. either from three or four big men with shovels, or the CIA experimental hospital just across the border from Connecticut in Canada. Check it out.

Thomas Smestead: Bathhouse Barry gave the orders to spy on Trump, his campaigners, and other U.S. citizens. Bottom line.

Lee McCrea: Brennan was the orchestrator with Obama's approval. John McCain gave traction to the treasonous endeavor with a multitude of foreign actors being involved ?

Fork Lift: Good News Everyone. Good Times Are Coming In America. For now as Q would say "Dark to Light". #The Trump Effect

Fork Lift: #The Super Great Awakening

Brandon Miner: Wow... thank you patriot hour. Thats how you do a video. Right to the point.

outside the rattlebox: Blaming trump for russian collusion was to Cover the fact that killary and obummer got busted selling usa ranium to russia
and needed to divert the attention so who better than to blame Trump ? Fast forward Now the New and improved Blame game is The Bidens have done corrupt business with Ukraine and once again the demonrats are spinning the narrative back on Trump. So when you hear stories of the Demon rats blaming trump for anything its them Rats shiftyshifting on trump in order to defame him. suprised they have not blamed hurricane dorian on trump farts....Obviosly they the dems are Desperate for obvious reasons

Edmond Casasa: They only did what Berry Obama told them to do. So Obama was in charge of all illegal activates.

Chris Anderson: oh sure,i believe this crap.... they are all in on it and how stupid are they to throw obama under the bus to buy more time. the us government is doomed. mark my words and this turkey syria sitch is the beginning of the end. something is coming and i pray for it daily. BRING AND END TO THIS MADNESS.

Giarc66: So much information thrown onto illiterate americans. End result they will probably vote in clinton.

Janice Foundas: Clapper could have resigned! They are all guilty and should be in gitmo!

A patriot named Jeannine: It’s every demon rat for themselves lol

MotoJerry My Cat Freaked when I tell: BABY KILLERS HAVE NO PROBLEM LYING ... Abortion of perfectly healthy children is MURDER. Accessories to Murder if you vote DEM

Jose Anibal Sotto: The commander i Chief!! He is scare as hell.!!

Gb11Pack: Clapper is scared to death!

luther in Vung Tau: Once Clapper is charged, he will fold like a Walmart pup tent.

Steel Mill: Looks like is starting to happen these crooks are starting to turn on each other just as we had planned

Karen Reaves: Obarry is making his way to Kenya, claiming Kenya Citizenship? See his Tweet. Calling for help.

Paul Greene: GITMO!

Computer Guy: Hey Clapper, Obama just said for you to jump off a bridge!

Robert Hillnom: Hi difficult? You poor man

Robert Hillnom: Hi is Clapper going to forfeit his wages?

Indiana Joe: Clapper is still lying. But it is nice to see him dragging down others, just as any POS rat will do.


True North: Interesting we haven’t heard from the ( dis ) likes of Schumer , “ not so “ Feinstein , probably covering their asses , Clappers freaking Jihadi Johns freaking Comey s freaking lol just bought a ten pack of Orville Redenbaker let’s go!

Debbie F Barney: So let me get this right, Obama and his administration sets up the the Russians, sets up their own CIA, FBI and the Trump administration ?
While the Obama administration walks away joking and smoking?
So we now have a whole turmoil of the working people trying to do their job is all being pulled apart and thrown to the wolves.
While the zookeepers sit back and watch the feeding.
It's no wonder this whole thing is a total "BUMFU<K!"
I hope and pray all the working people roll over and take the head of the snake off!

Music Sponge: . . . "and to pass it on to the next administration" . . . . .Yeah, right Mr. Crapper.
P.S.: Obummy is lookin' for you . . . . wants to catch -up.

Roy Davis: THX ⚓️

Sherry Bolton: O by the way, that's a treason ious coup.

Darrell Goodman: What gets me is where he says we were to pass this information on to the next Administration. Which meant they were going to give it to Killary because they were sure Trump couldn't beat the Fix they had in place .It sure wasn't given to the Trump administration because these TRAITORS to the Constitution and the Republic have fought tooth and nail to keep this information away from the President when he was elected .

Joe Heinemann: Hang em all HIGH

Joe Heinemann: If someone told u to jump off a bridge would u do it

Gerdie Albers: Arrest him anyway.....the first witness to break must be made known...immediately...! Barr and Durham should not come back in the same plane.......or they will have an accident....that's how they ( the Rothschils & CO ) do it....remove witnesses...! x

Shirley Becker: "Commander and Chief, President Obama"?!?!? Where these idiots during Trump's inauguration, or on election night 2016?? And why, two and a half years later, are they still listening to America's first illegitimate president?!?! Are they all a part of the deep state??

R&D Tower Berlin: “Just following orders”, isn’t that what the Nazi’s said before they were hung at Nuremberg. Finally, we now know where the stink started from, Obama.

Daniel M Connolly: I'll take that as a confession.

Say What?: This old fart is scared, he is almost Schiffting in his pants, he and the Kenyan Fraud knows the gig is up.

nadineisat: James clapper will bury obama soros michael and bankers. Obama is in bed with gps fusion and openly told putin after he steals second term they can do what they want!

Jimi Henrod: CNN/C.I.A is trying to get ahead of whats coming. The deep state media needs to be brought to justice for being complicit in Trumps coup. Many on the left know they're going to lose the 2020 election so they'd rather destroy the nation then to lose power/glory. Trump is the best President ever.

Say What?: Look at this old fart Clappy boy, still lying through his fake teeth. Go get them President Trump and send their corrupted Asses to prison for Treason. Yea right, blame it on the black guy.

Eric Chandler: Then never thought she would lose....pass it on to the next administration that they were spying on his administration doesn't make any sense.

Freeta Think: Clapper needs to get fitted for new dentures😬

velda Jacobs: Such a lier choke on hisl words every time he opens his mouth.

cary joslin jr: Why didn't Clapper just resign instead .. he knows right from wrong

Queen Eve R.: Wooow

William Allen: Micheal you should put the Henry Rollins video where he's singing it and it looks like he's in hell screaming "Cause You're A Liar" for all the Traitors that are spewing lies of their Treason. Clapper is a "Weak Link" that will sing like a Canary.

ed perkins: Same defense used at the nuremberg trials. "These people are stupid".

L. S. Whitney: The Hangman cometh!🤣🤣🤣🤣

Randal Bohnet: CNN trying to cover their wrong doing!!! MSM committed treason and need to be disassembled and held accountable!!!