Radical Democrats demonize Border Patrol and ICE

The left plays politics at House Oversight Committee on immigration; reaction from immigration attorney Gunther Sanabria, former NYPD Commissioner Bernie ...



Nate: Or the title could read "Alien people scream "RACIST" at the American people...again"

Fuck You: So funny seeing her be crushed with logic at 1:50 .

Fuck You: Democrats make me sick. They simply are evil

Inverted Reality: Democrats wrote these laws too and passed them. What a disgrace!

Itwasme007: The face of the enemies of this country that infiltrated our congress.

Liza Jane: I hesitated to click on this video because I cannot tolerate AOC and that woman,Talib or whatever her name is,btw is either using her potty mouth or screaming and crying! These women are idiotic and should not be where they are! Nice to see this wasn't just about them!!!
Anyone who believes these women and their theatrics deserve to be escorted to the border,booted out and told GOODBYE!!!


michael ludeke: The DEMS have MANUFACTURED THIS

Fuck You: What a pathetic display of bad acting . CNN is pure trash for morons

Greg Delotelle: Vote them out!!!

Laura Gianfranceschi: Hey crazy Alex Cortez and her crazy Posse and Democrats. No one asked him to come here but you guys did you promised them money and freedom. So it's not Trump's fault or the Republicans thought it's your fault parents are separated from the kids. These parents who came illegally new the risks what will happen to kids if they didn't the stupid then. Just want to say Tom you did a good job yesterday and I'm sorry what did Democrats do to you

DeltaLion1: Females should not be in positions of political power.

Fake News Maggots: Tom Homan, the DemonRat Destroyer

Dan Salmond: Those 4 women are the NAZI'S they make me sick to my stomach they should be thrown off Congress they hate everything about Americans and America!!

Patrick Nwadike: Seems like the 4 radical democrat reps are all out for the show! Thinking that their PR goons have fed them with the idea that making a show by touting unhinged ideas will get them popularity and assure election subsequently! Just so much clowning!!

Ted Thompson: I mean, maybe if we showed them what Auschwitz was like but gave them the opportunity to go home if they didn't like it they would.

Bad Company: Martial law is needed.

6105ELITE: Now democraps care about babies?

Gillis & Associates: Child Abuse starts the minute that foreign adult takes that child on the trail to the unknown. Thank you US media for looking to others in America to blame. Layers of BS. Our politicians have failed the country on immigration for 30+ years. You have one Non-politician as POTUS trying to fix it. There are a lot of professional career politicians doing nothing and obstructing our current laws and not making changes to fix this problem. Giving aid does not fix the problem.
Investing in foreign counties to stop the flow is more BS. Let's invest in our borders to secure and protect our AMERICAN citizens. Let's invest in our Homeless citizens before we start to worry about other countries problems. I'd rather give free Heath Care to a homeless American citizen than someone from another country.

MotorCitySean: AOC got destroyed. What a clown! 🤡

Fr Louie Goad: HOW DID AMERICA BECOME GREAT? WE FOUGHT TO KEEP OUT SOCIALIST! "COMMUNIST"! OUT! Now they cry to defend children? While supporting "ABORTION" ON DEMAND!

Eric Ferguson: Baby Marias parents should have kept her in mexico...she would still be alive the parents should be charged with homicide

icemule: I wonder if that immigration lawyer is legal, dude could barely speak english himself. PASS E-VERIFY!

Ejb954: These people are traitors.



snow man: Like asylum is the magic word

Peter Rezba: Clowns voted against border funding and are now complaining ?
The Democrats are the ones that have created these conditions by not providing the funding.
They want to create this situation so they can do what they're doing right now.
The majority of Americans aren't falling for it ..

Sylvia: UNTIL REPS DO SOMETHING TO HELP 👶🏼AMERICAN INFANTS, THEY CANT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY! Aoc has no idea what “all due respect” is. 🇺🇸🙏🏻. God bless all ICE & CBP agents. Our reps in the swamp have failed us as people. Thank you L Ingram for your approach on this.

EasyYog11: Who do they Work For? And Pays Their Salary? these people are delusional.

Joe Hackney: One bad apple spoils the rest. Got to get rid of the few bad ICE people.

ez1913: The three stooges!

David Tannert: If you want to help poor immigrants you may offer them your home, your food, your pleasant company. But hypocrites never believe that saving one soul is worthwhile. They prefer to save their pennies and force everyone to pay to assuage their own confused sense of human decency. Not a one bleeding has sold their cellphone, SUV, giant home in the burbs, to help an immigrant. Shame on them who have so much and share so little.

steve streitz: I love how all these people from different countries come and try to control our country

Fuck Liberals: These whores are uneducated and follow the agenda blindly! It’s time for war!

Fake News Maggots: Tom Homan 2024

DLTD: Laura Ingram ....🤮

You are filth!

I’m glad I can tell the difference between a German and a Russian.
Russian chicks are leagues ahead!

simon pulis: can't wait till this boil over....can't wait

Donald Zorniger: Globalism equals communism.

This country will never yield to their ideology.

Jim Gibbons: These people have not earned the title of Democrat and are NOT Democrats. Rather they are socialist infiltrators.

Thyme4Coffee: John 10:1

Just Some Guy: Radical President demonises courts, intelligence agencies and free press.

Lora Roark: The parents should have thought of their children's safety first don't you think? What about the separation that goes on day in and day out with Child Protective Services hmmmm?

theyetti90: Wow talk about talking points. (MENTIONS CHILDREN) He doesn't talk about the children...

AnAceism: oc is sooo fing dumb and to think she gets to live the rest of her life off your american dollar seems pretty fing stupid as well.

Janet Stewart: Walking out solves nothing, ever! Homan and border patrol agents are heroes! Democrats do not want to fix the loop hole problem!

BiffBonswain: Homan shut AOC the hell down.

Kenneth Turk: Those three do not belong in our government I am sure the majority of Americans agree!

Armored Anvil: Enemies of U.S. citizens right here, not representatives.