Rep. Biggs on what to expect from John Dean testifying before Congress

House Democrats call key Watergate figure John Dean to testify at a hearing on special counsel Robert Mueller's report; reaction from Arizona Congressman ...


John Thompson: The dems covered up the FISA.

Peter Menningen: Barr needs to deputize a pair of auditors with top security clearances and give them powers to go into all DOJ/FBI/NSA facilities and open up any and all file cabinets , computer records and data storage and capture and retain any and all information regarding the investigations and Obama era investigations into any Republican. Not even requiring subpoenas He is the BOSS and has the right to demand anything on or in a government owned or provided device.

Matthew Jones: What type of insight could a partisan snitch give Congress

David Lee: And the dog and pony show rolls on...

Peter Surdo: "No one is above the law." Remember that when you see the dems being marched off to jail. Then I want to hear you say that again. "No one is above the law."

cyanidejunkie: Democrats: we can not allow Trump to continue this coverup.
Me: what coverup?
Democrats: the stuff he’s covering up!
Me: and that is?
Democrats: the coverup!
Me: you keep saying that.... but exactly what is he covering up?
Democrats:?????...... RACIST!
Me: ok there spanky, maybe it’s time to resign.

Registered Democrat: Democrats Midlife Crisis.

I Am Moon Man: Democrats are giving are government no respect.... stand for Republicans

Adam Crawley: Now they are bringing someone in who has nothing to do with any of this.. and someone who was convicted of crimes himself!

E. B.: I think the dems should call Mickey Mouse. He has been around forever and seen it all. Plus, Mickey would be a great character witness. (The dems can bribe Disney to make it happen).

Tiyisani Tiyisani: Its desperation from DNC...

Polijuana Cracker: GD 5 more years of this and still no Dem accomplishments for USA. Let the Demonrats pay for these investigations from their pensions. Please for the love and God and country vote red.

American Axe & Tool Co: Democrats are political whores with zero credibility!

Registered Democrat: Tomorrow is the Happy Days and M.A.S.H. Reunion.

Greg Haynes: Hey David cicilline that's right nobody is above the law and remember that when all the Deep State puppets are facing their time of questioning

Ken Jett: What on earth is the relevance of Dean to this so called investigation? Just Democrats spending time and money on a circus show instead of doing the Countries buisness.

Donald Williams: Actually starting to laugh at these demonrats

Love Blues Everyday: I thought he was dead.

You think he might start yelling like a baboon during his testimony like his ‘nephew’ Howie?

Manoj Jacob: Mueller was
planning to run his investigation through 2020 election to help his friends in
the DEM party. Thank God, Bill Barr put an end to it. Mueller was able to help
dems during the 2018 elections. Mueller is mad because he did not get the FBI
job. The weasel Rosenstein disappeared into his burrow.

Donald Williams: And now they want a raise too. Lmao

Shay Houk: By who's standards does a 50 year old case like WATERGATE have to do with Trump?

Chatla Suresh: Added circus to Nadller 🕺🏻circus.

Donald Williams: Demonrats spending our taxpayer money to put on these circus acts.

Donald Williams: The circus needs new acts.

walter pfaff: This is hilarious how does someone you was guilty and turn on his president 30 years ago have any impact on today and is himself guilty of multiple charges what the hell I'm so glad I Did

KEITH Fowler: Dean has no relevance in this ,he is just another washed up Democrat hack from a hundred years. Ago ,, talk about sheer desperation. ,.

C A Beverforden: Another time waster to not do the business of the House.

John Shine: The demonkkkraps are funnier than comedy central.

Donald Williams: Cover up of what ? They don’t want to hear the truth. Dumbo rats

south west: John dean go to a senior lodge stay there tell your stories there u crook

Registered Democrat: Beating a Dead Horse.

Shb Bbbb: I can fly to be care full


Thomas Schmelzer: Migrants are above the Law. What did the President cover up. Democrats are so confusing.

pat moorer: To hell with the Demon crats  , they are division , Ruining our Great country , which took hundreds of years to make the best country in the word .

Registered Democrat: Democrats are bringing in Father Time to tell America how long the garbage will continue.

Rom Ulen: They are terrified. So afraid .. you can taste it .. their fear. I like their fear. They sowed the wind .....

Daniel Malice: Loser libs.

Cappysailsagain: I have a general sense that the DNC is the enemy of America and democracy altogether; they are the enemy.

sharon nagle: What you think don't make it true. Biggs let McSally and Sinema fight over their vote on harsher punishment for child predators when HE voted against it. His criticism of John Dean who came forward and busted Nixon is wrong when he says it was a bad thing.

WMG !: Ciccilweiny such an embarrassment to Rhode Islanders!!

Somewhere In Mexico: If Trump was "Totally exonerated" then why does he have problems with these hearings? Oh yeah, Mueller said he couldn't indict a sitting President and if he found nothing he would have said so. It sucks he puts it this way but Trump broke the law and we just have to wait for the charges.

Robert Hager: What BS and dog and pony show.from Democrats. Dean knows nothing about Russia, Pres Trump or anything. This is all these idiots have

Mickey Andres: Dems are pandering to every corrupt lawyer or felon to continue to try and cover up their crimes.
I guess Avenatti is busy fighting against serving 400 yrs so let’s dig up the corrupt and felonious lawyer Dean lol!
Scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

RivaRidge'72: John Dean - what rock did they find him under? Somewhere Richard M. Nixon is having a big laugh!

Janos: John Dean, really. Who's next, Monica Lewinsky or maybe Kato Kaelin.

Registered Democrat: Next week the Democrats are bringing in the entire cast of the Muppet Show. Fozzie the Bear is set to testify.

TENNESSEE KNUCKLEHEAD: John Dean the convicted felon. Lol ok

Greg Brown: Who cares about dean !! All democrats need to be arrested and sent away to a far far island of nowhere!!!

Ragnar Lothbrok: Democrats are the most useless stupid lying bastards on the planet. Can’t everyone see that this is just a stunt there’s no cover up they couldn’t find anything so now it’s a cover-up this is how they work they hope that stupid people actually believe them unfortunately there are a lot of stupid people out there unfortunately also most of them are Democrats