Rep. Meadows: James Comey's problems are just now starting

North Carolina Republican Rep. Mark Meadows says it is time to hold former FBI Director James Comey accountable. #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX ...


Chris Matthewson: You people are nuts! Focusing on this splinter when you have a log rolling around in the Oval office. Your Traitor-in-chief acts against your interests every day with lies, criminal self-dealing, conflicts of interests, and policies as idiotic as his tweets. You have been taken in by his Snake Oil act and, like all gullible victims of scam artists, you would rather deny and deflect rather than face the reality that you supported a goddammed criminal. Good luck, fools!

Daniel: What a surprise. More propaganda spewing out of Fox News. Show me some actual 'facts' - not what you 'feel' the facts are.

Raul Ramirez: At the very least this comedy guy is a flight risk take his passport. He will declare he has to leave the country on a book deal!

cedrict: Comey,the criminal he was sworn to incarcerate.

G Michael: I want to see this tool sent to prison, NOW!

Della Bryant: Rep. Meadows, thank you for reading the fine print letter for letter to find the discrepancy in the testimony of James Comey. Please get to the bottom of this. Make sure that you procecute Comey for all his crimes and lying under Oath! This is obstruction of justice by Comey as well. Holding him accountable is imperative! Please have the Inspector General appear before Congress for ALL American's to hear and see once and for all! Thank you Sir! God Bless you 🙏

taty fonseca: Who can charge Comey other than AG BARR ? If it can be done let's do it because Barr won't charge his friend <><~~

Ann Brown: Just do something about Comey! He is a liar!

Propeller Head: Take down the whole Democrat party. Filthy assholes.

regenerated wordsmythe: Former F.I.B. Director Comey............thank you fellow Tarheel Meadows and a handful of others who won't give up on seeking justice!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trump 2020 and beyond!!

Galileo Shift: republicans will do nothing ..only talk!!!
the republicans are less effective when playing the political optic Nader Circus.... tricks but no justice accountability. the dems attacks are more effective on % public oppinion...Republicans are too msm "soft"

Matt Nelson: We all know Comey is a lying, treasonous bastard that should be swinging from a tall tree somewhere. What really needs investigation though, is how he ever became the FBI'S director in the first place.

K wags: He needs to go to fail. But if he does it'll be a miracle.

John Barney: It was an intentional backstabbing smear of our President !

Space Exposed: Tired of being sick and tired of hearing the mumble jumble.When are we going to see some indictments?

Space Exposed: We don't want to be the judge, we want to be the jury!

Christianity Boxing Mafia: Bastard needs burning alive for treason

Helen S: so far this morning i've tried to listen to many fox videos plus other conservative sites and the audio is barely audible?????? All other types of videos have perfect volume

Richard Nationalist: Man do the wheels of justice turn slowly, here's hoping they grind wrongdoers exceedingly fine.

IK Rico: Comey was the initial dog whistle alerting our nation to a corrupt president. The forewarned actions and investigations proved Comey's concerns credible and warranted. The subsequent results of those investigations netted convictions, indictments, arrests and obstruction of justice on behalf of the Trump presidency and his 2016 campaign. This retribution from the Barr Justice Department is divisive abuse of powers. No way will Comey face credible legal repercussions because they don't exist.

Cool Guy: Where’s the god dam Sheriff ?

808hardwrkr: the whole world is laughing at the House Judiciary.
Time for a Vote of NO confidence against Nadler.

hans hofer: the don going down first

terry hill: yes ,and there going down,i have goosebumps,i can hardly contain myself

Keifer Alford: I'm surprised no one has aloha snackbar-ed Comey. Maybe this will really just be the beginning, if Republicans can do it. I'm very skeptical. Don't know if anything will ever come of as dead end as Dems going after the president.

Archie Cunningham: Our elected president was put through their B S Russian collusion investigation because of this made up nonsense. Not okay

John Wood: Remember the important facts : No exoneration and can be charged with obstruction of justice after he's out of office ⚖️ 2020 🇺🇸

John Wood: Individual 1 problems are just about to come. Just wait until we reach election time... It will all come out.

Trish Mac: Withholding evidence. The irony is Comey has made a whole career out of pointing the finger at others and locking them up for less.

AUDE SAPERE: This should be laughable - But it's like trusting someone to drive your good strong car, and their just out for a joyride..grrrhhhh

MrConsitution: Wait and see!!!!

Charles Mwinga: Rep. Meadows- Thats right. I have Identified that also. Comey even after meeting with Trump, in the congress he said , no one was obstructing their witch hunt even macCabe said so. After the firing of both of them, they quickly changed position and began a revenge crusade. Sad

imateapot51: Look at all the frcking idiots posting. Trump is the biggest crook out there. He will be in prison in 2020. Not president. Fox is run by billionaires to fool stupid uneducated morons.


kywy1984: Comey is a lying sack of 💩!!

Denise Groleau: Comie is guilty of collusion. He created a force against our sitting President. This man is a disgrace to the country and must be prosecuted.

Denise Groleau: James Coumie is a traitor. He should be prosecuted for all his attacks to this President, for doing such damage to Our Nation. He was undermining this President and lied to the American people.

keith brunner: Hopefully...but i doubt anything will happen

Summa Rhein: Comey ‘s problems are now out in full View!

Rodger Harrison: The democrats need to stop chewing on the same old bone. You are not winning more voters and even people who are missing part of their brains are no longer buying this clown show. I used to be a democrat and believe you me I will never vote for you clowns again ever. You just handed the election over to Trump you Dumb A***s. I am ashamed to have been so fooled, for sooo long.

Tom Jackson: Live by the sword➖die by the sword...oh Comey,why ?✖❌✖™

JesusChristisGodintheFlesh: It is very interesting because God Almighty shall get His revenge against the wicked fighting His choice to led His America.

JesusChristisGodintheFlesh: Democrats are destroying themselves.

Juice Rabbit: You dummies. Comey is never getting charged. The USA is the most corrupt country in history and the common people are simply slaves of the elite.

JesusChristisGodintheFlesh: James Comey must be thoroughly reviewed.

Needs More Toys: Blah blah blah. It’s all meaningless noise until there is an inditement.

PJ JP: Yay O Yay!!!

Don Hardcastle: Now the swamp will really start to drain!!! Yes, it has taken some time to start, but at least the draining will be though! As Comey swirls around the vortex, he'll grasp at ANYTHING to save himself.........
Including the Hildabeast!!!

Schutzstaffel Hastag: Dems are working harder than Reps to reelect Trump.

pinch mesh: Comey and HRC are both guilty of sedition and espionage. It all hangs on intent. He is guilty, and so is HRC based on what we already know. He HAS to be convicted and tried , just based on the credibility of our government. The political reasons no longer count. Period.