Rep. Zeldin calls for impeachment hearings to be postponed

Reaction and analysis from Rep. Tom Emmer.


5Minute Major: Trump tweeting 80 times crying

Irate Puffin: How about canceled?

Rip Off: What's new!!!

souls cry: Its so good to see my Minnesota Republican in D.C.!!!
I would like to know WHAT IN THE WORLD Republicans are doing being a part of this sham, unlawful "impeachment" when they all voted NO to the resolution???? Do they NOT stand with the spirit and the law as written??? I am disturbed by this. Their participation in such a sham only serves to legitimize something UNWORTHY of legitimacy. They ought to LEAVE NOW!!! Ignore these insane morons and let them conduct their own phony "hearings" all they want but THE PEOPLE are watching this and they SEE what is going on here. This is NOT AMERICAN LAW but a SOVIET politburo style KANGAROO KORT!

Silvermanna: All talk show hosts need to follow Mike; ask a Q and let the guest answer in full. GOOD JOB MIKE!

Thanks Obama: The Democrats are nothing more than The Political Mafia...

gehnzou1: BWAHAHAHA BWAHAHAHA BWAHAHAHA you will not survive the Age of Awakening!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ You can't hide in the dark when everyone on the planet holds a flashlight in their pockets, one from old might have even refered to it as "a lexicon of all of the world's history in the palm of your hand"

Family Phone: Impeach him or shut up! We Americans need you non working democrats to get to work and start helping the American citizens. The only time we see you do anything is when you think DACA is going to come up again. Then your running out the door yelling, look at what racist Trump is trying to do to you illegal immigrants! So many more jobs can be created if you democrats would vote on USMCA. 15 minutes of your time can give thousands of jobs to the American citizens! But where are you today? Trying to impeach Trump! The person WE AMERICANS voted in!

CPT Integrity: We must investigate all wrong doing starting with the Impeachment of our corrupt Donald J. Trump. Insults is not equivocal to truth telling. Impeach Trump for his lies!

rich s: More nonsense and lies from the state media. Trump will be impeached by the house and you can't stop it


Timo Allen: The Voting fraud is too big for it will see Dems elected big and small, for it will be our demise unless we do 30 days of ballot validation before any race is called even local county races are even more important than we are Looking at...

Vladimir Trumpenstein: So basically Trump brought his own men to break the law...


Prof Grace: Thank you Congressman Tom Emmer, sorry if I spelled your name incorrectly. The majority of American Humans won't be able to understand or grasp what you said but I sure do and appreciate intelligent Christian men like you. God Bless you Republican Congressman Tom Emmer

Barry Sack: The American Communist Party, former Democrat Party, the communist media and their brain dead zombie followers are the real enemies of this nation. Their efforts have been to, brainwash them while they are young to build their army. Now, they are using that army to bring disorder and chaos so as to drive the people into demanding order that they promise their followers. They want a Civil War! They are fighting themselves into socialist slavery. They are doing their best to rewrite the dictionary in order to rewrite our history and the Constitution. You need only to look at what is happening to our 1st and 2nd Amendments to see what the Democrats are doing. The oath to defend the Constitution I took 47 years ago still stands. COME AND TAKE IT

Mike Reiley: Our President rights are being violated its time to stop this criminal investigation.


Eric Lyman: The problem you all have is that you have no exculpatory evidence to prove what these witnesses are saying is false. If you listen you will hear the mob-like tactics this president has used in the executive branch. When you have no evidence you attack the process. When that doesn't work hide your head in the sand! You do not even have moral authority as this president has destroyed your party and its cornerstones of beliefs.

Perro dehont: It's a shame how Zeldin is lying , The secret part was open to republicans .

Dion Peterson: Not an impeachment it all illegal

Deeanna Coy: Its irrelevant to what is going on and another distraction for people with low attention spans. These guys are lobbing smoke grenades like crazy to give cover to relevant issues in the impeachment hearings. Look over there! you stupid twit enquiring minds demographic. They have you pegged.

Russian bot 1013: The mouse wants your children.

Logan Gritsky: Interesting how 6 of Trump's team members have been found guilty for various crimes. Birds of a feather flock together. It's a truth that cannot be spun.

Julia Rickett: schiff doesn't want hem asking ANY questions

Youngstown529: Please provide proof of two things: 1. What evidence did Schiff fabricate? 2. Where is the DCCC doing focus groups? Saying it doesn't make it true.

Ameer Saleem: This guy is clueless

j drizal: Democrats don't have to do anything, cause Trump is already made America great again, God has blessed Trump!!

rebel python: Even CNN has now admitted that the impeachment is a huge failure and will cost the 2020 election.

Sam Home: "God Blesh the United Statesh"...Donald Trump 2019

Jamall Kelley: LOCK HIM UP!

Mike Ray: If you want to commit a major crime and you get caught.Just let everyone know that you are a democrat,and you can get away with anything.

Himself Lee: impeachment hearings should be abandoned not postponed. They would just drag this out indefinitely.

K R: Knock Knock, who's there? Orange. Hello Orange, I'm Peach πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

FREEMAN DECKER: Someone has asked if Schiff, as chairperson of House of Intel Committee, has taken an "oat of Truth"... As the chairperson of HIC is not required to take the oath. Folks are abash with this fact. The TRUTH, here is the Oath he took: Title 5, Section 3331 of the United States Code. It reads: β€œI, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” He demeanor & actions taken as chairperson of the Intel Committee is a flagrant violation of that OAT. Yes he is Sworn. Yes, he is guilty of Treason.

Robert Burdick: Adam Schiff need be removed he lied and corrupted throw him in jail time flush this turd down the toilet 🚽

Toni Snyder: Because the democrats are working for George Soros and his open society agenda and Trump is in their way.


Robert Burdick: Democrats are corrupted scums bag keep making stuff as they go long trying brainwashing America they are a waste of taxpayer lot of poor people in democrat run town do nothing democrat other lie and false narrative

WeAreIt: Katie hill a sexual predator. She had a consensual relationship with a staff member. I’m sure you’ve met a few prostitutes you old fool.

UNKA G Rev: ABC got’s some explaining to do.....waiting......

Kimberly Howard: They've done nothing because their plans and insurance plans are socialism plans and they need Trump out of the way to continue their communist ways.

Lucky Pessimist: I know but Trump is so evil lmao! The Democrats know the public is stupid and they have the media in their pocket. Some top media people associated with Epstein too!

makeitallrite11: Hey Congress, its not your JOB to over see the news, its called freedom of speech.Β  They don't have to report to you and neither do the American people.Β  Just go away Congress.

tired of the problems: If its on FOX its ALWAYS FAKE. The stories that come out of this channel are so worth the laugh they bring, and the comments from trumbo supporters are a riot. I just love how stupid they are to believe all his BS. After all these yrs they still think he cares about them. What FOOLS

Tom Meyers: Even Obama hates the new crop of Democrats. And he's a weasel boy.

WTF Again?: Postponed? They are getting pummelled with the facts and looking for a break to re-group.

Vargas Machuca: ABC is apart NBC Universal, CNBC, MSNBC, and CNN thank you for looking that up for yourselves , Im tired of researching by myself !!!

AYADUMA QONONO: Please do this corrupt media: talk about:

β€’ The Bidens
β€’ Epstein
β€’ CNN, ABC etc a sinking shop of media outlets

Chris Cary: Tom emmer... the only good thing out of Minnesota