Report warns China faces global backlash over virus; City with 0 new virus cases declared emergency

More countries are suing the Chinese regime over the pandemic. Many wonder about the people inside China. We spoke with a lawyer in Wuhan to find out ...


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JERRYR708: China started PESTILENCE with Covid19 and FAMINE with Asian Giant Hornets to destroy all of our honey bees.

Michael C: Sadly, the EU and Australia backed off from inquiring for investigations against China.
China has sleazily and slyly responded that their industries, education, food, trade, will be impacted if they pursue any investigations against China.
Guess the EU and Australia have become the CCP China's mistresses and will enjoy bending over and being on their knees from now on towards China.

Nor: Guyz , there are chinese loyal to the regime that are trying to negate our messages.. have courage and dont let them affect your insights.. be safe😂

Robin Phillips: UK has a high number of cases due to the number of souls per square kilometre The highest in Europe..

TheCybersoull66: nuke them now if we don't get rid of them were all gonna regret it

netsavey: why isn't russia sueing china? cause they helped create the virus, that's why!

Maria Rose: Governments like this are so sad. You get ONE life and it is destroyed by Psychopaths.

Mezza: CCP =horrific =lies lies lies beware of $$$ the world has paid enough GOODBYE CCP your OUT

Manuel silva: In America the government had the chance to keep the pandemic at minimum. But they neglected all information, and made so many mistakes. Most Americans are having a hard time. And many people are dying. Everything is recorded on videos. still they are not listening to science and the experts. We should sue Donald trump and the American government,

Free Spirit: Chinas influence is like former Soviet union! I think America created a monster for its own greedy financial gain. It's hard to feel sorry for the US imo. But China needs democracy now !

paul castle: Please don't buy Chinese products and put more money in their coffers to expand their army , much better to give Taiwan a shot at giving you much better products .

paul castle: I should bloody well hope so but how many countries have been bought by China so that now they are forbidden from criticising China or that those on the take and pocketing China's money will find suddenly that the well is dry ? Their offshore bank accounts will stagnate .

Mahindadasa Hewa Mannage: free hong kong, free africa no mafia china in africa,

godstomper: prepare for war. Its coming sooner than you think

E.: Taiwan knows the truth about CCP.

E.: Biological warfare by CCP. Wake-up world. The Wuhan Virology Lab is a Chinese military installation. Divest from China until the Chinese people take over the Imperial Communist totalitarian tradition & the "save face" mentality. Like the 1930's Nazi Party in Germany, will total devastation be the solution? Propaganda &" the Big Lie"=Chinese, UN/WHO corruption by Chinese money, US traitors like Senator Diane Feinstein & most western mediocre mainstream media.

Newyorker Mortal: well, this chinese lawyer will be vanished too , she speaks out to the world.

Andrea Kirk: At the very least we should cancel all debt bet is owed to China America is going to say you're not getting a dime come get it

ThatCanadianGamer: China is beyond crooked

Andrea Kirk: Hong Kong once freedom democracy we're halfway there I think America should stand up and drop something on communist dictator and once he disappears let the people decide they want freedom to

Andrea Kirk: Drop a couple on Beijing

Keto Diet: The CCP has absolute power over the Chinese people. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.

William Baynes: I'm hoping the world will flatten China!

Sarge Kowalkowski: Time for regime change in CHINA - take these evil commies to task.

Yangkip Hongtsg: I used to be the director of the CIA. We lie, we deceive, we steal, and we have a course dedicated to teaching these. This is the glory of America's continuous exploration and progress.

Old Soul: Another "TianNanMen Massacre" is coming, more people will die to CCP crackdown than the CCP virus.

Tania Mara:

Jacque Rowe: Evil, try diabolical. I wouldn't want to live there and I wouldn't want to be in a war with them. Fallon gong atrocities against their own people are the stuff of nightmares

Paul Funk: I hope china meets the same fate as syria

Paul Funk: Nice knowing you china!!!! Not!!

Whats New Online: How can the Chinese people allow the CCP to runs their lives, dont they know that they are suffering and blocked out from the world by the CCP, Chinese people need to have a good think about where they are going with the rest of the world.

Greco Veritas: China allowed it to happen because they stopped flights into China and allowed flights out knowing it would spread to every country in the world and cause world economic chaos, and it has put the US back from its successful economic recovery because of Trump, now all his hard work has been put back and China thinks its going to be business as usual, well China your going to be in for a shock when this is all over, the world will not forget and will boycott your business and goods, your in for a very bad time with misery and gloom no business no assistance no trade no aid, nothing, that's what you deserve until you get rid of that horrible communist party that caused all this to happen with their cover up and lies. That is what they do, lie, cheat murder, and deprive you all of your freedom, so the Chinese people need another revolution but this time not to throw out imperialism but  to throw out all those low life communist scum that will forever put the good hard working people of Chinese down, your all going to suffer because of your crony communist dictators.

K M Miller: China in Focus = Falun Gong = Evil cult !


Babe Pillay: Trump has the right,not to pay WHO one works in order to get payment,here no work done no payment

Yin thin chen: Nonsense paid propagandists with plenty of hate & racist messages not working anymore.
These are chauvinist Chinese as well as caucasians out to make some Yuan bucks.

KateLady13: requiring everyone wear masks is going too far? FFS. You know whats going to far, the fact that we could be done and over with this IF everyone wore masks. You should not be free to be stupid if your stupidity kills people.

Dot Town: If you talk about NY, why not mention how the NYPD isn't enforcing social distancing for the white population in the park?

Annet: Govts shoud not accept chinas money. Anybody who uses money know evil is behind it. China coud not protect its own Dr who raised alarm then cannot use money to save anybody on this planet.

mm gg: China Taiwan population: 23.7million
China Canton population: 112million, about 5 times TW's.
as of now, TW 439 confirmed cases, 6deaths, Canton 1589 confirmed cases, about 3times TW's, 8 deaths.
Which of the 2 chinese provinces did better in containing new coronavirus?
if you want, you can compare TW with other mainland provinces. you will find TW didn't do any better than them.
ok, i know what you will say: They lied.

Julie Thao: Damn over 200 CCP trolls thumbed down?

King Trump: Pastor Hyung Jin Sean Moon = 2nd King (Heir of Second Coming Sun Myung Moon).

jdoexrayvision: 22:00 That dude squared himself to the cop with balled fists. He's lucky only one cop fecked him up.

Mentula Magna: China Start This
China Dont Warn Other Countries about Gravity of this (Actually hides Dead Number)
China Let Spread The Virus WorldWide
China planned the Solution For This Pandemia since last October but for Itself only
China Still Lies about Virus Origins and Number of Cases

China was and will be always dangerous if not "educated" and "controlled"

doorran: the CCP should have thought about that before they lied to the world and the people.

Rujian Christford: 😎😎😎🤗🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lol had one r two cause the same things is slowly creeping on us down there where china influences strong around hmmmmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😥😥🤔🤔😥😥🤔😥😥😥🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😥🤔😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥🤔🤔🤔😥😥😥😥🤔🤔😥😥😥😥😥😅🤣

Martin Tv: you make good point and then undermine it by praising trump. I thought this show is prodemocratic and anti dictatorship,
U know russia and china, shady-helped us, but helped, while USA put fukin taxes on our goods

Curtis Reynolds: Who remembers when no one in the USA was allowed to conduct ANY business with a Communist country? I do. I can't believe we've allowed ourselves to become so dependant on the CCP.

Legend Salbahe: Did anybody in the communist party member got infected Varus ✌️