Rudy Giuliani: 'Joe Biden has always been a major dope'

President Trump's personal attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani discusses the newly released FBI files on Michael Flynn and Joe Biden's ...


Richard Jennings: He plead guilty.... I don't get it

big Jim: The FBI and the Democrat's don't have to go by the law,why should the rest of us?


Marc Ribaudo: There are so many bought off federal judges. The supreme court as well with fossils in there who are still holding on when they should have stepped down and retired years ago. They are holding on for the lefts nefarious agenda. Obviously the judge who's presiding over the Flynn case is one of the dirty ones. Trump will immediately pardon him. Obama's stupidity by leaving open hundreds of seats thinking Clinton was going to win was righteous.

Cherian Mathai: A gang of thugs from all the various branches of government paid by public money with no term limits. They include corrupt judges, cops, FBI, CIA and politicians. Some are running for the office of President.

bon bon: Says a major dope.

Richard Willette: Isn’t this the same Rudy who uses to run around saying “collusion not a crime”?

Jerry wtf: Shouldn't. ? What the hell is wrong with the JUSTICE department. Accountability

K C: Giuliani is a hypocritical piece of crap! Anything to protect Trumps corruption!

Karen Bittner: AND!!! he is actually ALLOWED TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😳😡😡

Kenneth Schauer: The FBI makes Americans miss All Capone at lest he had honor!!!!!!

William Engel: The FREE press is keeping Hunter Biden from prison! Along with Comey, McCabe, Hillary, Obama, Strzok and Page, Pelosi, Schiff and Schumer, Rachel Maddow, Stephanie and Ali, Morning Joe, Corbert and Cuomo, Seth and the 2 Jimmies, Lebron James and Beyonce, Robert Deniro and John Lithgow, Alec Baldwin and the cast of SNL, and all the Dems!

Deep Black: you know what the f*** that reporter

Ross Michael: Joe Biden!! Lol The name alone makes you laugh. C'mon man!

Deep Black: I've always loved Rudy Giuliani.a lot of my friends on the left constantly attack him and call him stupid and I'm thinking that was one of the reasons I left the left like I asked my left is Buddy that got convicted for growing pot in California . you would have wished and beg to have Rudy Giuliani for your attorney

Scott Aubrey: Major dope Haha, Rudy your being very polite.He is a complete inadequate, clearly as signs of age affect with his interviews and comments, The thing, you know the thing and others. A man you does what he does to girl's most would be held responsible.

Jason Bourne: This 💩head again?

Erik Geldermans: Last century we had 2 wars in Europe, the next wars will happen inside America, and that will be Donald Trumps only adchievement. R.I.P.

Maryann America: Rudy, Rudy, Rudy.....Just a big Thank You here for all you have done! You make me proud!!!!!!
A Deplorable USAF Veteran 🇺🇸 Maryann

E p: Yea don't lie!!!! Easy

the future: Clintons, Obamas and Bidens will never ever have to answer for their crimes let alone be prosecuted for them.

James Conley: I agree with you about Biden

Spewedonyou: The dems could still name Hillary as their candidate. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Trump spank her twice?

Shawn Begley: 👑

Shawn Begley: This is for the distribution of the Hamilton Middletown Fairfield Journal-News newspaper Southwestern Ohio the biggest f**** corrupt f**** backstabbing c********* company in the world newspaper f**** Cyberbully motherfuking Cox suckers Killers cyber assassin motherfukers I hate your guts Justice is coming motherfukers

Jason Brinkman: I think the video evidence of the way he acted around those women and young girls is enough by itself to bring Biden down, but here we are. Several controversial things about the man and the press covers it up. The media is a joke.

Rock Smile: I'm voting Biden. Leaders who engage in 3rd grade name calling, are not worthy of leadership.

George Ryerson: he should ? is the language ! He might ! He could ? weak ! powerless !

William Engel: Democrats have been draining the swamp for 4 years. We already tried and convicted Flynn, Manafort, Gates, Cohen, Popadopolis, Butina and Stone. We told AG Sessions to recuse himself or face prison time for perjury. Now trump needs to get reelected or, well let's just say orange suits him well 😎 help drain the swamp by voting BLUE in NOVEMBER 🤗

William Engel: Maybe we should be working on testing and contact tracing 🤔 Rudy and watters can start a GoFundMe page for Flynn 😠

pmurt pmud: Rudy is still around? What a nut job

Vivian Williams: Trump set a trap for Corrupt Creepy Joe when he released his transcript of his call with Ukraine!

impala tmech81: Rudy's the best! Lol!

Eric Carvelli: Sleepy Joe... All kids stay away from his house on Halloween..

Brian Connelly: Rudy calling someone a [email protected]#$%*^??? He's a dope and so is the anchor. This is not journalism. It's ham acting.

David Howell: i find it hard to believe or hear Giuliani calling out someone a dope remembering this man pass action

Doug DiPlacido: Giuliani, just by the fact that he would be the clown trumps lawyer shows he is the dope. Anyone who comes in contact with clown trump becomes sewage.Fake fox news is the clowns patsy.

Richard Thomas: LMAO AT Guiliani , what a pathetic little DOPE he is .. FAUX news and its asinine "guest" what a JOKE

Dan gagnon: What a could anyone believe this idiot ?

pinch mesh: Democrats, most of the mass media and communism all have something in common.... The US government. All three need to go, or the USA as we know and love it, will go. Our international cabal of PACs (think NWO) and democrats are working together, for the right fee of course, to accomplish it. You want free, go back to being a slave or become a communist. Slaves are taken care of and bought and sold just like a horse; communists never lave legal fees as there are no laws. Everyone gets a paycheck on a regular basis, unless of course, someone else wants the money.

Monte Burmester: Giant smear campaign

William Mcowen: Hey look the deep state Secretary of state is our from under trumps desk

Thomas Beaver: Where is Hunter

Monte Burmester: Fox responsible for most spreading of false information and Rudy is as big a liar as trump Flynn is a traitor and should be in jail they all know that Flynn is guilty but are belly aching about how they got the goods on Flynn

silverlined69: Unless you have a ton of disposable money, this happens to working class citizens all the time

Robert L: And Giuliani has always been a major alcoholic who sucks up to sociopath Trump.

Rick Parrott: brain dead biden, his kid and clinton need to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy G: american politics is so low and dirty which makes it so entertaining lol

James Kennedy: Liberals are cowards!

Helga Weber: Welcome to american politics!