Sen. Kennedy: I believe love is the answer, but I own a handgun just in case

Louisiana Republican Sen. John Kennedy says there are lawmakers who want to negotiate gun control in good faith and those who hate the Second ...


Clifford Melton: What would happen if we "REALLY SHUT DOWN: "MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL" and exposed to the public why the CIA has proceeded to covertly launch and sustain an offensive against the 2nd Amendment, bribe and control the narrative of MSM, and engage in black budget activities as if they were O.K..????

Ronnie Murphy: They want to take our rights to control us! It's all about control. Guns keep us safe.

Paweł Skotnica: The only AK47 type used on the battlefield is full-auto, so it's already illegal in the states.

Never Again: Putin implantation, the pig with no shame, the obnoxious spoiled brat that you idolize because you're dumb is going to croak in jail. 😅😅😅

CAK: Come and take it Francis

Jeff Perry: Amen Kennedy.

GW H: Getting rid of the 2nd amendment is the first step by Dems to Socialism, and Venezuela.

amy tilly: Thank God for level headed Senetors!

Michael Flynn: Thank God for the constitution, and our forefathers who penned it. Long live the Second Amendment! Long live Donald Trump!

Grigori One: If my dog got rabies I would put it down out of love.

Gene O'Shields: We love you Sen. Kennedy!

Hatachi Koi: "They need to fill out a hurt feelings report". LMAO!!!

Terry Ingram: Real American's Love You, Sen. Kennedy! Leave my 2nd Amendment alone!

Yahoo Seriously: colt 45 was a military design!!

James lewis: AR 15 is not a military weapon

James lewis: The difference between smart democrats and big foot is that big foot has been spotted

Becky Coty: What's really going on with gun control?? This has got to be a smoke screen for something else much bigger buried in the hysteria of I'm going to take your guns... who's planning the big takeover??

llprima: looks like they are setting beto up as a sacrifice.

Michael Raye: Guns are not the problem. The decaying of our society is

vrnc M: I just love Sen. John Kennedy honesty and common sense answers.

Mike Johnson: Too bad the democrats can’t get a transfusion of common sense from Sen. Kennedy. They could use it.

Michael Rostine: The elites living in gated communities with armed security are going to take law abiding citizens 2nd amendment.???????

Michael Rostine: Beta doesn't have a coherent plan for the economy so he wants to take rights from law abiding citizens.
Do we need an anti-American twerp for president .

Al Capone: There is a third n most popular opinion
Leave 2 admin the hell alone
(((((((((((((SHALL NOT INFRINGE))))))))))))
Take GUNS away from
(((((((((((LIBERAL DEMOCRATS))))))))))))

Alex K.: God bless you, senator Kennedy.

Man Bites Dog: Leftist Democrats going after the 2nd Amendment, the Rights of American people, I can tell you is not love.

f marz: "a hurt feelings report" love this guy

Alfred Capelle: I agree with Senator John Kennedy's comments about the 2nd Amendment. I don't want the amendment curtailed at all. Thank you Senator for your staunch support of the 2nd Amendment. God bless you and your family.

Barney Porter: The good Republican John Kennedy!

Vicki Youngelman: Landslide for Trump in 2020. These Communists live here? Why don't they leave this country if they hate it so much. Take California with them. We will keep our guns !!!!!!

Brent FU: Wow does Sen. Kennedy gross me out.

Vivian Register: I bet the plastic mannequin is the WBlow

crow: THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS NOT A SUGGESTION --- IT'S A DIRECTIVE. In order to repeal the second amendment it takes 2/3 rds of the congress both the House of Reps. and the Senate. 3/4 ths of the states has to ratify it and the president has to sign off on it. THE SECOND AMENDMENT IS SAFE IT'S NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

huddless50: Any additional violations to the contract should be met with expulsion. The American people have done it before and will do it again. Message to the political class, "Reverse course now before it's too late."

its ME: Oh my goodness! I love this man! 🥰

Pacer Peterson: This guy ain’t a man of god he’s no good al about money

Brad Schneider: What the heck are Republicans doing. DON'T VOTE ON ANY BILL unless it's immigration. That is the " line in the sand". No votes till proposals are heard , debated and voted to give border

Moko Robson: OH! by the way Billy Bates Jr EYE LOVE WHAT YOU SAID BRO.....TUMEKE.. Peace & Love 2U And Whanau (Family).

stacey S: Omfg. Fill out a Hurt feelings report!!!

stacey S: Well said Mr kennedy

Bryon Letterman: I don't care what Congress or the president says about guns or what new restrictions they have for the 2A. I will not give up my AR.

Shay Kearney: Don't let them castrate you my American friends. Love from Ireland.

dom chessh: An armed society, is a polite society!

J As Y Jay: The progressive left is hypocritical about everything they preaching. They are divide this country by pitting one race against another, they create and thrive on chaos and emotional sensationalism to confuse people. Identity politics are their choice of weapons, they hate the constitution as it's written that provides all Americans our liberties and freedoms. They care about no one other than power and control they will stop on nothing on obtaining their control. I hope everyone is vigilant about what is going on, never allow theme to get control of this country.

Exculpatory Shōgun: LOVE is the answer. I love my guns lol.

Rickey Robinson: Better get knowing


Rickey Robinson: He won’t live long guaranteed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Downright Dutch: I love you all ❤️❤️❤️ trust only God

JGK29: “If I was able under law to own a firearm.... I would, no doubt...”
Some guy from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇮🇪😎🔫