Sen. Scott calls for investigation into World Health Organization

Senator Rick Scott, R-FL, member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, weighs in on World Health Organization's protection of China. #FoxNews ...


Monte Burmester: Can you believe this guy how in the world did he get elected I think he might be dumber than trump lord have mercy on us

Neo Bailey: Chinese people have been caught spreading the virus in America

Michael Ealey: 😂😂😂😂

Christian Beard: WHO..Made in China.

Chia Lee: I hated the CCP and will never ever go to China, and especially when my birthday place Taiwan is doing a better job at handling the outbreak than many of the nations despite the WHO will not work closely with Taiwan and even shut themselves up by saying there was something wrong with my internet... really? WHO? more like Communist Health Organization or CUN Communist United Nation.

upanddown1132: We all know nothing is going to happen, politicians just talk to create drama so media will have things report and feed it back to people watching.

Christian Beard: They have to pay for all these mess.. message from Formosa Taiwan.

Eugene Gurskiy: Why don't you fix the unemployment website in the State of Florida so people can file their claims


Christina Briggs: Tear down WHO, UN, and get rid of Bill Gates, Obama's, Clinton's, Rockefellers, Rothschild's, and all else who want New World Order.

Eugene Gurskiy: The government is the enemy of the people that's who the people should be fighting they took our jobs they bankrupt our businesses they continue this scam they called the economy by doing bailouts and then close down the unemployment websites so you can't even claim and people are still complying

Softail Mann: YEAH!!! EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID!!!!👍👍

徐明德: wow. interesting. china really scares the hell out of americans

Kenichi Sonoda: How about this instead:
Just give everyone in the W.H.O. a one-way ticket to the Philippines.
Then tell Roddy Duterte to "SHOOT them DEAD!" XD

Mr Magoo Biden: WHO “World Health Order” NWN “New World Normal”

Felipe Merchan: Blame someone else of course, when will Trump be investigated?

Trent Steele: These people think responsibility is only for other people. They always have someone to blame. Always.

Le DAR: I AGREE!!! WE the PEOPLE of the WORLD have been LIED to!!! INVESTIGATE then DISban them as an Authority!!! NO MORE FUNDING for MISLEADING and LYING!!!

cailloux44: WHO sent tons of warnings around the globe and even proposed tests to USA. But CDC and Trump administration refused it. Why does USA much worse than the other countries? WHO is not responsible, Trump and GOP lies are. They slow played the pandemic for weeks!
"It will go away, it will disappear, it's just a flue"
Who was right, WHO or Trump?

ekphotography: Waterboard Bill Gates and the head of WHO until we get the truth.

Lee Brown: Wow 😮 🤨 NO! more funding for the WHOA
And someone’s need to question Bill Gates in his roll into all of this! He's getting dangerous than George Soros, right about now?

The Sniper: is not a pandemic this is "Plandemic"

charles Rockit: Cut the cord,be done period

adam woodruff: From a guy who was convicted of the biggest Medicare fraud in history. Scott should be in prison

Delia Codums: China did do a great job, Who recommendations on how to control the spread of Covid-19 were based on China's success. Other Asian nations emulated the same policies and have also been successful. What has/is happening in the US is criminal. Deaths are skyrocketing. There are shortages of every medical necessity including test kits. No one is in charge. Instead of cooperation between Federal and Local goverments, there is sparring and recriminations. As for who is lying, it is not China or WHO, it is the US . The US needs to be investigated for its negligence in dealing with this virus and the resulting suffering and needless deaths.

Martin Dodds: Nothing will come of it.

John Brown: This guy tried to hijack the stimulist bill.

Summer Rain: Rock Scott could be President one day if he wanted to run. Sounds very capable.

ph0ib0s1: WHO is corrupt, useless, should be closed and China lied. However this virus could have come from Africa or any other continent. To blame the collapse of our weak unprepared society on China is a deflection from the true causes for this disaster. A stupid blame game only narcissists, children and our irresponsible politicians like to play.
It's one in a life time event, no one could have predicted it. Even if everyone would have been given accurate information, many would have not believed it and fail to react accordingly.

Lisa Malone: I agree 1000%

Spoony Poon: Senator Scott calls for an investigation into WHO, meanwhile the late night talk show hosts are planning to do a show for a fundraiser for the WHO... Hollywood elite strike again

Scott Barbour: Yes yes let’s blame everyone but ourselves for not properly preparing for this pandemic. Seems to be the norm for this government...always someone else’s fault, not mine. No accountability to anything.

Cara Bellerose: Praising efforts in Singapore, Dr. Micheal Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Program, suggested there be medical professionals going door to door to find those likely infected, and “remove” them from the home for “dignified” isolation.

StraightHugo: China will now heavily fund the lefties in USA, starting with democratics. Lame 🤦‍♂️

Scott Fisher: The WHO was a great band. Leave em alone.

Richard Kroll: WHO gets 80% of it's funding via "Voluntary" contributions (Bill Gates) as well as a lot from the US government under the other 20% of revenue from government sources.

Pzk: Wuhan Health Organization
Bill Gates is a globalist, that's why he loves China.

Viking Berserker: So many elected officials in need of a blood eagle

Kate Csillam: Suzanne, this is what I was saying! Cover up! No Bats, China did this!

flamingpie herman: Thank goodness someone is wanting to....they caused a pandemic! And this was intentional on their part....

The fact of the matter is the who used China to further the UN Agenda not the world agenda. Can almost guarantee they struck a deal with China to let this pandemic grow starting from their own country and killing their own people, because in the end it meant World dominance

tom schmidt: W uhan
H ealth
O rganization

Richard Willette: Someone needs to tell this hard boiled egg that the WHO works for China


Ron Pop: Mr do nothing

Higgs Boson: Mr Trump needs to answer for his gross mishandling of Covid 19.
Mr Trump has the blood of thousands of Americans on his hands.

Only the Facts: Bill Gates needs to be investigated

Anna Willemstein: Straight to the point and bold. God bless Tucker and Rick Scott!!!

Hare Kṛṣṇa: None of this matters. Surely Israel has some issue they need help and money for during this time. Let’s go fight another war for them or send them more taxes.

Linux4UnMe: China... You're done.... It's over.
We will NEVER forget.

Patrick: Globalization isnt working if lies is part of trade. Every country must be transparent and must be accountable to each other no matter how great is the nation is.