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Sharon: Do you think some of the people in DOJ declassifying this are leaking things to the deep state of things in the report

Tiberiusduck: No arrests will be coming till after New Years. It simply wouldn't be safe for the general public if the government started arrests now when most people are travelling in mass. The Deep State would simply use it to their advantage by way of attacks on Americans and blaming it on Russia.

Robsim: Nothing will happen because nothing ever does!

Ren Jones: Damn the Democrats!!!

Mike Watts: Schiff a fish eyed fool

Michael Taylor: Hey, Little Shifty Schiff,
The End Is Near...
For Dummycrat "leaders," RINOs, & Other Deep-State Criminals.
Their Indictments Are Due Before New Year's Day!
- - -
🇺🇸 Re-Elect President Trump In 2020 🇺🇸
The Approaching Storm Is Very Near Now...
🏃🏃 Deep-Staters Exposing Themselves: Out In The Open Now With No Place To Hide...
Justice Coming Very Soon...
Enjoy The Show

YahshuaLovesMe: Comrads, heh... Commie Comrads...

Sam Steen: If these idiots want to impeach a President for him having an opinion as the Commander and Chief it only proves the corruption that’s running deep across our government. These liberal idiots don’t understand, but their old boss did because he told us elections have consequences, so get us to it. He also told Putin he’d have more flexibility to give him what he wanted once the election was over, hum maybe me meant Crimea. It’s shameful that our government is now full of spineless partisan liberals who think they run this country and they’re all corrupt as hell. To work for the government, your suppose to check your politics at the door and do the work for the people and not for your corrupt party. The democrats are not democrats, however if anyone is Russian agents they’re the real Russian, communist socialist idiots that are trying their damndest to destroy our country, piece by piece and screw what we think. Democrats are nasty, spineless, weak minded, leaderless, corrupt, abusive, communist, socialist, country less losers that hate every free thinking American that speaker his or her mind. Conquer and divid is in full effect

YahshuaLovesMe: Welcome to the New Age Illuminaughty [Schifty] Theatre.

YahshuaLovesMe: He is EXPOSING not destroying.

Joyce Campbell: But they think it's ok for the Democrats to fight against our border walls but what Trump does for the good of America the democrat's are against

Robie Billy: Leakers un-redact EVERYTHING about Trump and the GOP, yet refuse to release ALL that which is the publics right to know. Time to burn them out of their holes folks! Well past due.

H Ross Lilly: The President has his maginot line Parallel to his border wall and it's deeply entrenched with his shovels that are made in America

Richard Walker: Hopefully Nancy Pelosi dies soon from Satanic overload.

Richard Walker: Shitty Adam

Richard Walker: Watch the video. It is proof. Biden is a crook and his son is a joke.

Richard Walker: It's not a conspiracy theory Adam Shitt !

Richard Walker: I can't wait to see Nancy Pelosi is a casket. It will have to be closed so people won't be scared. She looks dead now.

Richard Walker: Nancy Pelosi must die !

Richard Walker: Adam Shitt must die !

Richard Walker: The future is very Grimm with Demonrats in charge of anything. They have been destroying our country. Is this what you want?

Richard Walker: What have Demonrats done other than stir hatred and discontent? Apparently their new party platform. Look at the cities they run. They are all a mess. Crime Racism, Hate, Death, Sanctuary, Homelessness, High Taxes, Insane Laws, Runaway Property Values, ect,ect,ect.


Richard Walker: Demonrats are hanging themselves. No facts no statistics no proof. We the people are too smart for their BS.

Richard Walker: WAKE UP PEOPLE pay attention it's all out in the open and VOTE. STOP LISTENING TO MSM IT'S ALL LIES.

Jeanetta Nipper: Adam Schiff WILL NOT stop. He's too deep in his lies. Like a rebellious child, he must be forced to stop.

hi Blancas: Wow from the looks in the comment section I can't believe Americans are that stupid no wonder other countries laugh Act your supreme leader

Tuck Gibson: It cracks me up. Republicans saying the Democrats are going down and Democrats are saying the Republicans are going down. Both parties are in shambles. I wilk say there are a few Republicans that might be clinically insane. Trump has destroyed the Republican party just like Lindsey Graham said he would. And the Democrats have wasted time trying to impeach trump. It seams the swamp has gotten bigger since trump has been in office. Trump did ask for an investigation into biden by Ukraine. That is alone impeachable. Clinton was impeached by the Republicans who are calling this a sham. Qpq, bribery and extortion are pretty much the same thing. I know yall know that. Anyone with open eyes and a open mind knows trump was wrong for asking for that investigation. If biden broke a Ukrainian law then it is up to that country to decide about any investigation. Trump never mentioned corruption in his phone call to pres.z if this had happened when Obama or any other Democrat was president the Republicans would be doing the same thing.

Jas Blick: Follow this closely. Every one of the whiteness for the democRATs represents but a pittance of the deep state. Watch as they expose themselves one by one. At least President Trump is learning just how many traitors are serving in Our government

Billy Graham: ... no bribery, no high crime, not even a misdemeanor.
And the crimes have to be real crimes, not just what the Democrats want to call a crime. This is especially true since the President is no longer appointed by the congress, but is elected by the people. The congress must respect the strict rules of law now, and the plain words of the US constitution. Real crimes must have been committed to even impeach a President, let alone remove him from office. If no real crime is presented as a reason for removal from office that president has a good reason to go to the IS Supreme Court for a reversal.

Viveka 1893: Hi BCP!!! First of all congress won’t dismantle NAFTA because that’s IWO mapping scheme.

You’re spot on about the Dungeon Demons 🦎 plan to get out ahead of IG and Durham and claim obstruction on Trump’s part to avoid impeachment which is ridiculous. But no more ridiculous than HRC going on bbc and suggesting MI6 look at our IA on Russia meddling in our elections!!! They are desperate and joining Liz... I mean Dungeon Demon 🦎 forces to quash all that stand in the way of their world domination agenda!!! I.e. Epstein, Trump, Brexit, Yellow Vests, and all others waking up globally to “resist” their takeover!!!

Keep up the great work!!! Disinfect the Dungeon with lots and lots of light 💡 (incandescent lol 😂)

Have a blessed day!!!


Brenda Higdon: They all need to be put in jail for 20 to 30 years or life

Grant Burkhart: Adam Shitte Will always have a Turd in his mouth .

Jabootie: Where is this all going you ask Maria? asnswer GITMO

Shirley Bowers: You nailed it. Thank you.

Jabootie: If I could be king for an hour.

Bruce Edwards: I. g. report is 500 pages of evil;; rino msm demonkkkcommierat traitors !!!!!!!crimes !!!! !!!!!! hang them all for treason !!!!!!!!!

Bruce Edwards: the evil;; rino msm demonkkkcommierat traitors only won the house by massive 30 mil illegal alien election voter fraud !!!! !!!!!!! hang them all for treason !!!! !!!!!!!

far out Freddy fast: U da Man, BCP. Dawg!

Bruce Edwards: hang for treason !!!!!! all evil;; rino msm demonkkkcommierat traitors !!!!!!!

Meck Stephens: Shaved or not brother we love

Pat Chavez: I call Nancy an Shifft and the rest of the liers Nazis and Communist's and the rest of the liers are also.People if you want that for our country vote for the communists and Nazis. Because if you vote Democratic that will be our country.If you have a Brian don't vote them in Trump 2020

Alana Adams: How dare vindman wear thr uniform of the USA HE IS A TRAITOR!!!

Jim Christensen: Schiff is a typical Califruit, everything he gets his hands on he sticks in his mouth.

Kenneth Bailey: What makes me so upset is that the IG report was supposed to came out last month then it was pushed back until just before Thanksgiving and now its been pushed back again until the first week of December. I'm beginning to think it will never be released and none of the crooks are going to face justice. 🤬

Warren Louis: ya ya ya if you put them in jail will still try to control things from inside just like the mafia does they'll do the same thing you got to hang them for

Warren Louis: methinks bar has enough to toss them in jail but now the next two to three weeks the Democrats will be so desperate they will do so many Hail Marys and building so many Last Resorts or they're all doomed it'll be doomsday for them so they have nothing to lose they'll just start throwing everything and everything they don't care about breaking her anymore lost they're gone they're gone for 50 years you'll never get old that's their plan the Democrats just with Boris and keep on falling cuz I'll just keep on piling them up no more indictments and keep on doing it

Van Green: It amazes me how the Fake News Media's think that we the American People are Dumb.

The God for bid: I'm not as hopeful as BCP. I'm pissed bc I can tell you...Trump is done. It's time for action. Our supreme law BCP is being molested right infront of us. It's time to hold court in the street.

Dan Tone: I will believe it when indightments , arrests.and formal charging of swàmp criminals!!!