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matt canning: Hard to believe that Mitch wants Trump to do a Quid Pro Quo so as not to surrender to false charges of doing a Quid Pro Quo. Hello! Is anybody out there?

joe Archambeau: So sick of all this Drama Called news about the actions polisicktions in our capital..the bullies...What great things we could do as a Nation, as a people to better ourselfs and the world. What a waste of time.. we the people need to stop this insanity we the people need to stop this cruelty perpetrated on each other and our leaders that we have elected. The past is our teacher for how and what we need to act upon in our future and today. Our past will be our future if we allow it. The enemy has infiltrated our country and our government at many levels...

Franken Stein: This should be a hearing into vice president Biden, his son and thier corruption, not an impeachment hearing. I have no problem with how Trump handled this. President Trump was absolutely right to ask for Ukraine to investigate Biden further. Our government is upside down and I've had enough of their corruption and lies. And also, I can't believe what cowards the republicans have been through this mess.

Franken Stein: I will never vote for Sessions. No he doesn't support our President. He's a total scumbag. He did nothing but undermine President Trump. What the hell is wrong with that guy? He thinks he deserves our vote because he didn't go out and write a tell all book? He already did enough damage. No fcking way. Fool me once shame on George Bush...fool me twice shame on Jeff.Sessions.........I meant won't get fooled again LOL!

NEWS FOR LIBERTY: I do not think Sessions is a strong enough voice to persuade much of anyone to change their minds - ESPECIALLY after his lackluster job as AG! He's does not have a strong personality and is not a charismatic person. Unless there was a grand theater going on, with him putting on some sort of act as a weakling - when actually doing powerful things in stealth mode - I feel he was a colossal disappointment as AG and would do the same at his old role as senator.

David Lindstrom: Mitch was part of Hawaiian disaster. Check out his hydroelectric plant's drill pattern and where. When does two much begin to not be a coincidence!?


Makkaru112: Whistle Leaker. Good one! Also, why do dems meet in a basement with armed guards at door and DENY Republicans own witnesses/whistleblowers openly? Oops.. fuck you dixicrat kkk founding DEMONRATS. Fuck your new world order. We are taking our world back and reach our highest potential all over again! And permanently this time. 💖

Richard Royce: Nice tie! always enjoy your show!

Margo Thatcher: President Trump is not going to say he did something He didn’t do ever because he is more than than clean more than perfect he only thinks of America and Americans. And want to get rid of swamp people Like Biden and Pelosi Chucky and crack pot Pelosi nothing to do with the the campaign or vote Biden is know where near as great as President Trump he has a hope in hell wining in front of Trump, Biden is a mouse and a Coward, he needs to own up to his crap. The mansions and everything else is not on a wage to own this stuff he talks of middle class bullshit and no saving account or investments what s load of rubbish talk. Everyone has a card of some sort but l don’t have credit cards. He doesn’t need cards because he has millions hidden in cash hidden in security boxes. Also he bums off the taxpayer. Trump is a real man he doesn’t take money he had a real job all his life. He doesn’t fill his pockets with bent money and use Airforce one to take money from Ukraine or China or Russia like Obama, Hillary, and the Biden’s who are all crooks, wake up democrat voters you are being led on by people spending in the Democrats and wasting taxpayers money.

Antoinette Elish: Steyer is in the Wikileaks emails, talking to J Podesta about how he likes “Walnut sauce” !!!!!!!!

Dan lickel: Soon I as nonmmmssrf

Katherine Cassell: Sessions you let aalot of Americans down by removing yourself from aall investigation

1969flyboy: bcp, i live in AL. still doing my research, but would sessions have your vote if you lived here?


Maxx134a: Sessions needs to redeem himself for recusing before when the heat was on he left.

OhioIrishman: They are domestic terrorists.

Elaine Blackman: I agree with you about Sessions. If he knew the goods with his investigations, though, why didn't he turn his investigations over?

iga boa: I am not sure if Jeff Session is trustworthy? Might be he is? I just don't like his actions that are questionable and don't give me assurance of his honesty. Yet I might be mistaken! Good day

iga boa: I like our president Trump, because he is honest and care for people. He will not play any games of any kind. He does what is good for everyone who is honorable as him, regardless of color of skin.Yet politic is still pushing topic of skin color,and He has to do what is necessary to win election, so He would be able to take good care of all people. Be well

iamlight: God bless you. Very good analysis. The President needs to keep his guard up and not trust people like Mitch McConnell

Knitwit: WTF...what happened to the Articles of Impeachment being DEAD ON ARRIVAL? As McConnell said last week...
Thank GOD for Devin Nunez, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, and the other Republican Patriots!! Obviously Mitch misplaced his balls again. Just when we thought he was wearing them...

Linda Sanders: Mitch is part of the swamp...Stay strong President Trump...Get rid of the turtle... Put another candidate in to oust McConnell 2020.

Ronnel Vickers: Damn, you talk too much ,we need actual real clips from real conversation !!!!

Jose Melendez: When is someone going to jail

iga boa: Once I was asked to help in election on low level (commissionaire), by convincing others that he will use my designs to "save beaches sands on Miami Beach", and I helped him to get his position. I asked him (lawyer) later on: what he will try to do for people and the beaches sand problems? He said: don't worry, you helped me to get influences, and I don't care about anyone or anything else. I asked: what you mean? He said: I am paid just few hundred dollars / year for my position, but i will make billions by controlling all others. I answered: I am sorry that I helped you, because you don't have any honor. He said: now I own power to: hurt also you. Yes, and he did hurt me many times in small or large topics, from using his powers to write me undeserved "parking tickets" to "help in theft of my identity". I still have photo of him with me helping in his small election, on which he (Bruce Singer) wrote: thanking me for my help with his signature, but now I am ashamed of this photo and of my naive trust in his smooth political and legal: talks, to: USE and ABUSE: PEOPLE.
Our great president Trump isn't that way: he is HONEST and LOVE to help PEOPLE, but he have to fight against such lawyers as that liar: Bruce Singer.


Terry DeRush: Shit like this is what the 2nd amendment is for. (WE THE PEOPLE) NOT WE THE GOVERNMENT

Michael Binder: Unfortunately posting here with people you agree does not work. We need to get on those liberal sites and reply to their bullshit.


Leopard Woman: By recusing himself, Sessions did not waste time in the Russian hoax, leaving him more time to work on real indictments. Recall that there are more than 100,000+ indictments. This is unprecedented. Of course not all were in the news, but look at the Nixivm, human traffickers, drug arrests, etc. during his term. Sessions is a southern gentleman. Do not mistake his quiet demeanor for weakness. Recall that he took down the KKK. Sessions is known as the silent executioner. He is methodical and persistent. Oh, and Q said trust Sessions. I agree.


Johnny Gee: arrest killery for treason , and high crimes......quick trial and hang her at gitmo. or in New York !.......:0)

Jeff Craft: Jeff sessions is a Traitor MORON. The state of Alabama should throw him out. ELMER FUDD IS A LIAR & WILL NOT SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP.

Old Foot stool: Seal team 6 can handle this

Scott McMaster: Jeff Sessions is a material witness !

III% 24_7: I have absolutely no problem with what McConnell said. He's a great tactician.

Joan De Freitas: Hell No....Jeff Sessions Showed every one that he is a hillary puppet..

susan aiken: Why are all these losers elected. Wtf... its time to clean house !!!

Tom Steck: BPC Thank you.

islandnites: Backfire on them - you bet !!! The Schiff is about to hit the fan . . .

beagle8boy: McConnel does not have to even schedule a trial. Especially when the victim has been denied a semblance of due process.

Earl Tate: Pennsylvania voter...
Voted Trump/Pence in 2l016...
Gonna vote Trump/Pence in 2020.
Keep America Great!

Tom Tucker: I believe God has his hand in what is going on in America. Donald John Trump was elected, because of the destructive road America was going down, orchestrated by the Obama administration!
Only a person with actual living life experiences, and who knows what has made America a Great country, is
The right person to lead America out of bondage!
Life long politicians are out of touch with the reality of what people really want! When you have never done anything that promotes, life, Liberty, and the pursuit of the American dream, and happiness, you have no track record or platform to speak from. Democrats put the cheese in a trap. They want you to believe it taste good, and is good for you! Once you take the Cheese, you have begin traveling down the path of lies, deception, and Satinism! There is no free lunch, only false hope.

Joanne LeCours: Amen BCP.
I completely agree with you about Jeff 's inner insight would contribute immensely within his Senate seat.

Joanne LeCours: #TheHONORABLEjeffSessionsForAlabamaStateSenator

Joanne LeCours: #MitchMcConnellGrowAspineAndDefendAmericaLibertyJusticeAndOurDulyElectedPresident

eyes open 5: I love how democrats accuse people of doing exactly what they, themselves are doing.

M Bb: Sessions wasnt the greatest AG. But he makes a good Senator. Its a good move. He could be running again based upon info learned as a AG. He has had my support for a long time, even though our President conflicted with him a time or two. That is part of the recklessness of the game. Easy come, easy go. Different perspectives are needed to cover all angles of a problem. The fact Sessions slapped the hands of Biden, seeing the perversion is a good sign he is not a supporter of Handsy Joe.

Judy Landmesser: You are so right clean the house,no more rinos,no more demorats.