Smuck Schumer & Effery Epsteins Money

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Nicholas Napier: Getting very close to getting very close I was waiting for that one Chuck Schumer just open the door to all the rest of them that are opening their mouths and one of them said one of our own has been arrested she was referring to Epstein and that she is Dick Cheney's daughter...

Nicholas Napier: Got many of the vampires in the government.. but what they've done you can't put a brick in their mouth keep them from coming back from their stuff still haunts American people no matter what...... just like John McCain what he had done to the American Indian when he was head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs we need to start looking into that how connected was he to Epstein just saying.....

Nicholas Napier: I wonder if Chuck Schumer was the insurance plan to making sure Epstein didn't live past that just just a question there maybe?? he's in New York hmmmm

Nicholas Napier: All Republicans and Democrats in Congress and in Senate should be background checked on all this stuff they're all following the pillow King and he left his crumbs for us to pick up and see Dirty Laundry everywhere!!!!!

Nicholas Napier: Thank you for the video and sharing to spread the light I knew that Chucky Schumer had something to do with a lot of this stuff I've been accusing that in my mind for a long time I always thought that joker had something to do with it and all these people that are coming out and speaking against the Second Amendment we got to be looking at that why are they all speaking like that why are they so scared what are they trying to hide this is why they're going after the American people we should open this door wider about the pedo King and his followers.... money always does the trick.. greed ridden ....

Nicholas Napier: Will you look at this picture is real close with Bill Clinton in there waiting in the water outside that place there you get a bunch of famous characters in that picture of you look real close you can see some very important people that with Bill Clinton there...... and yes I've been waiting to see the connection with Chuck Schumer and the pedo King Epstein

jodie mitchell: so giving that amount to a charity, well and fine.. however what about the profit he has made from the donations in the time that has passed??? plus , what is the % out of every $$$ gets spent for ADMIN fees with the charities that he chose?

Dee Snider: You let these vampires into the country and then allowed them to flourish. The petri dish that is the American experiment has been thoroughly contaminated at every level of society and government by those pathogens.

Gaius Baltar: We all know Chuck Schumer is a lying degenerate shit stain. it is no surprise he went to paedophile island and ejaculated inside babies.

Denise Bott: "Is their a place for the hopeless sinners who have hurt all mankind just to save his own beliefs"...Bob Marley, he knew!

maritimer Man: Schmuck Schumer is dirty, very dirty,,, an honest DOJ investigation would prove that in a heartbeat, but they are not going there. Comey walks, Hillery walks, they all walk under the " protection of criminals act" of the DOJ. Barr will throw us a couple of duds, just to please a few, but rest assured none of the big players were harmed in the making of this government farce.

xVSupremacy: Dirty old Chuck Schumer , I knew there was something really creepy about that double act.

Rebecca Nyseth: I already thought he was a pedo. He's disgusting. Him and his friend Jeffrey.

Terry R: Chuck should resign !! We all know these demonrats are Pedophiles !!

tommy webb: What a hypocrite

Johnl White: Oh Chucky boy do you feel the walls closing in around you. ? It won’t be long boy you will find out what we already know about you and it ain’t good 😂😂😂 when you are sitting in that prison cell you better not sleep because people in prison don’t like people that have done what you have and I for one am gonna make sure they all know

Julie Roop: You dont get a power position in the swamp without getting really slimy!!!

Rhonda Beebe: Nice

canndo1: Perfect sound effects. Sounds like snake rattle every time Schumer’s face showed up

Wayne Watson: Of course he did, he's a pedophile, tied into drugs and human/sex trafficking. Chucky and Bride of Chucky (nancy) both. It's why they don't want the border protection. It would reduce their access

Kathy GARBEŔ: Lying pig Schummer , drunk Nancy Pelosi , etc. ,etc . All the deep state pedophiles , baby killing , baby eating , adrenochrome junkie , devil worshipping scum and those that trip around behind them YOUR ON NOTICE...TIME IS SHORT ...AND YOUR TIME ON THIS PLANET IS EVEN SHORTER !

Dalek 2150: where's the De-Class? 👀


Renee. Wilkins: Miss u 😢

Debby Roberts Schabes: Guilty through association?? Follow the money trail. Epstein or Soros donating to Republicans?? Evildoers

thomas ackerman: I guess if your anti pedophile your also antisemitic? Bwhahahaha!

Max Kammerer: All traitors for the past 100years of lies, corruption and treason-! And some of you think Trump did that in 2 years you all may rethink that.

Lyn R: Time for Chuckie boy to go down. Can't happen soon enough or too a more deserving deviant. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

LaZer Troll: I completely did NOT get a notification for this video - SO SICK OF the YOUTUBE Social-Manipulation!!!

#QArmy #Angry


Modus_ Operandi: Never get a noto Mike ,but watch + like from home channel,susan sucks

Beth Bryant: So this is how the demonrat politicians got rich???? Epstein making payments ? Haha too funny

James Dunhill: Fuck Shmoozer is exactly what he looks, sound and acts like - a 100% bastard,

Brian Conner: Inthematrix is...…………………………. DOWN....No Videos available??????????????????????

Melody: Schumck Schumer !

Melody: Love the Munsters grandpa picture,lol !


Hondo: Schemer ur done!

Roman Hoax: Those who scream the loudest #WWG1WGA #TrustThePlan

Captain Hook: We already know what Schumer is and what he has done. I will comment regularly and hope and pray I turn out to be a bafoon. This is a hamster wheel designed to keep loyal Americans chasing their tail while the scrum continue their evil. Both me but I don't believe a damn thing about white hats I know hope is a tool used against us. They are ALL DIRTY. God Bless you for your faith but don't let yourself get too excited. The truth is God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever would believe on HIM would have eternal life. May God have mercy on us.

I Want Facts: I FOUND this - was not notified, Michael!! You keep it up, you are apparently getting to them! ;-)

Renee. Wilkins: ❤❤❤❤

Amy Dye: Chuckie, we are listening. Crickets.

Kathy Degraaff: There HAS to be Justice for these corrupt politicians! They are NOT above the law! They should have a more astringent sentence than the rest of us, as they are "leaders"...

maria levita: What a bunch of SNAKES........

Margaret Dell: Chuck U Schumer and all your cohorts. Karma is a bitch. You have lived off the public trough your entire life now it is time for you to go back to your Brooklyn brownstone and stay there.

Marie Pierre: Villian politicians were guilty to do ugly things. This is ok for their behavior.Audacity is montage their evil dreams.They are not going to resign.They become monsters of their ugly skin covers.Time to clean.Enough is enough.

veronica flores: Get that joker out of congress!! He’s done nothing for “WE THE PEOPLE “ only lining their bank accounts !! AND is but a disgusting diverter!!

rauchlorraine: Chuckie has manoobies!!!

Gail Harris: Schmuck Schumer.