Soldiers patrol local markets in China's province; Virus follows communist China ties: Canada

Many wonder about the situation inside China as more countries put pressure on Beijing. Videos surfacing show soldiers in local markets in China's ...


Errick Bien Salazar: The seventh trumpeth: Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and within his temple was seen the ark of his covenant. And there came flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earthquake and a severe hailstorm.

Mark Solarz: Canada’s been neutered for years now,..military? Less then 90,000. Airliner shot down? The prime minister basically apologized to Iran. Say what? Hope Canada changes it’s leftist government. About 35 million souls. Tough,..trusting. Lately.....foolish and weak!

Mark Solarz: Democracy’s tend to be slow to the past. However I feel a change in the wind. This has affected businesses,...and killed citizens. And while elections are the best way to deal with this. As a matter of event this preventable,..and bluntly criminal. Is being dealt with by the whole world. Russia? Iran? All have lost much.....and fines and tariffs aren’t going to be adequate. Coordinated response,..just by global business isn’t subject to voters! There pissed! The Chinese citizens themselves are suffering as well. Keep the pressure on! Only the Chinese can save China. Must be some way to over throw this evil regime. Or? What’s to stop them from doing it again?

AdoreMiyabear: People China stand up take down communist party for future better live

ACB 2K: I find I get mixed messages on this chanel.
Just yesterday 5 3.20 they reported that Intel said the virus was made in a land not un the wet market.

Laurie Swanson: Mental ill

Dominic Simms Jr.: China runs the world and they are bullying white leaders

Richard G: They put this woman up on a multi million dollar mansion while two innocent citizens are in a jail cell.....not fair.

Sleeping Beauty: The virus is made in china to make other countries become financally dependant on china. Cut china ties please

Chefnurse Ako: We are being warned but it’s us not reacting properly and resulted of many people died so many will be saved if handled this properly

NERDRAGE: 73k for one trip jesus f christ.

ccp is a now a worldwide terrorist.
canada need help.

Tom Koller: China deliberately infected the world when they continued to allow Wuhan people to leave and fly to countries all over the world, even though they would not allow them to go anywhere within China. This was deliberate. Nuke China now.

Petar Bijelac: Tiffany , bed news for you, Kim is in good condition , he was making a fun with you , showing how your news is fake , Mr Trump said "Fake News" !!!! For me is important , you are not fake

Stephen G: Knock, Knock ....
Who's there? ....
CCP ....
CCP Who? ....
Yes, that's right.

Marcos Moura: Here in Tianjin is not as expressed in the video. The restaursnts are open and even street stalls with grilled food and the people go shopping to shopping malls. Really crazy.

Donn Nacino: No need to RETHINK my GOLLY...
Just STOP dealing with them period...

Cynthia Gonzales: The Son and Mom prove China suppresses its people!! It's right here in this video!! Is Canada the New China??

Teresa M: Can’t trust anyone who has business or personal interest. With CCP. It is dirty and the problem with Biden

Virgil Santiago: Mao killed 50 million people, rich and intellectuals, and who resist communist ideology, and he called “Cultural revolution “ and send the last emperor into domestic job.

Paul H: Not man made and not genetically modified??? Did ccp pay u to say that!?!?!.!

Peggy Smulligan: Face it, China just sucks.

Thi Nguyen: Don’t compare CCP to animals nor devils; animals and devils are not that bad.

Keiron Kyelo: China's inclusion in the WTO was the biggest mistake the world leaders did in the last decade. This only fueled monopoly of power in china and monopoly of corporations in the west at the expense of mankind. This decade is now a final threat to the democracies won from the 2nd world war. Power should go back to the people and their leaders in the servant's place.

Maggie R: Well what is going on with these scientist in the Labs? First it's from China now it's not from China lab weird come to think who pays who? The big Bully CCP will win again stupid are the ones that is afraid of standing up for all those innocent people who died in their countries God continues to bless and guides the godly

Douglas Brannon: Kim is obviously a double . If so then the sister prefers to stay out of the limelight. As she runs the intelligence services there anyway. So, she would secretly be running North Korea from the shadows .

KJ Presents: In Georgia everyday over 1,000 new cases since reopening

Microman Natola: Find TRUTH here!

Microman Natola: Find TRUTH here!

Microman Natola: Find TRUTH here!

Microman Natola: Find TRUTH here!

Microman Natola: Find TRUTH here!

john haddow: classic CCP at their best , time for the rest of the world to unite and exact revenge by any and all means available , they might think that they are untouchable after developing this virus , so lets show them.

Derick Carrz: virus not man-made???? ARE YOU KIDDING!! ALL VIRUS WERE MAN-MADE!!!!!!

ReptileRescue: Except I believe this Nobel Prize winning scientist who co-discovered HIV, who says that it IS man-made. I think he knows this better than anyone in US intelligence.

Justina Ackah: China is heartless how can African leaders sell our land to China. It means we sold ourselves to China. Let our land be taken back to it owners. It's dangerous to allow China on the continent. Get back home

Trezmi t: Do you know what's crazy they all are involved in this they are just finding a away to make it look like it was certain individuals but people are falling for the ones who are named n public what of those who helped them the ones high up there you dont see like Hillary Clinton who should be in jail by now for child pornography with some of her pizza group members is still walking free even after exposure it's called POWER they would not have access and you would not know about it if it isn't for hackers who do amazing work btw coz we would have never known and the ones who know something show up dead or are refused to testify this is war bigger than all of us citizens every world leader knows more than they are saying it's all a political act I know exactly what's going on everyone after this must retire and let the young generation take over oh wait I forgot you have to be born in to it you have to be the chosen one right it's all a fucking joke they are a cult forcing their religion through the system and the system is a religion their. Please go and watch The Family it will give u a better insight these people are inhumane worse than the ones in jail because they walk among us ..... there is no such thing as democracy!!!! The information is out there google it

Markus King: Communist china loves Canada,oh yeah! Batman has cooked serpent for you

MTstrateG: let's kill CCP in court, they own the judges, they brainwashed the dems with agitprop and want religion eradicated completely.
i mean violently and as vengeance justified entirely as self defense

very good bad boy: 10:45 Dr.Dre is talking

Jack Mais: It is heartbreaking to see the old lady wants to see her son one last time but rejected by the ccp virus.


Sulekha M: U.S.& the Western countries cries human rights violations are happening in other countries but does nothing to stop human rights violations in China

Boost Junkie: Thank God for China in Focus. I don't even watch any mainstream media news outlets anymore.

Judith Carty: Don't buy anything that is made in china. This will help to crumble their economy

Selena Robinson: And File Law Suit Against those who has hoarded away all the masks and Sanitizers and price gauging.

simon t:

Danny Q NGUYEN: Please watch 'Contagion' and 'Planet of Humans

Aubrey Sun: Guessed Xi has promise Trump something for exchanging the saying that the virus wasn't man made.
Trump might has some sort of evidence about the virus, and he's been a good negotiator.
CCP Virus includes not only Sars Cvid-2, but also the virus of the future Hwa Wei which the world hasn't realized yet.

Kok Meng Lew: Chinese can't be trusted...

Cindy Chen: Why does US have the highest death rate? because too much hatred and racisim encouraged and spreaded by their media and politicians in US. Remember, you die or not, it is up to God, not upto China or Communist, it is your behavior to treat other with love and respect or hatred and lies which mark your destination of life, if I were you I would be very careful, not to write or speak any negative remarks on mass media, because now it's cleaning time of the planet, if you don't want to die, stop fuelling the hatred like this this channel does!