Speaker Pelosi holds a press conference

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds her weekly press conference. This takes place after Corey Lewandoski becomes the first witness to testify in the House ...


Uncle Sam: And I'VE NEVER seen this much Democrat coverage on FOX NEWS !! no one has noticed that ?? Their SLOWLY FAZING TRUMP OUT !!

Michael atTHEdoor: Trump has this...What a plagiarized piece of legislation.

Rebecca Boyd: Where were you with your trust of these committees when they voted and passed legislation to take away our second amendment right? I have never ever been so disgusted with the political system as I am today. Democrats put the working class and lower class in the toilet and will do their best to keep us there.

Rebecca Boyd: She rehearsed all this and got a bit irate when she snapped about the reporter wanting to discuss something other than the price of prescription drugs. They are wasting this hole briefing about a subject low on the scale about what is good for the American people. This is something you had a chance to fix way before president Trump got involved. This year you haven't accomplished a thing but go on vacation and investigate a bunch of BS. If you trust Adam shift and Jerry nadler then you know just how much we trust you.

Joseph Lipari: Needles and Poops Nancy. Potty train your district. PLEASE HELP MAGA

Joseph Lipari: Needles and Poops Nancy. Potty train your district. PLEASE HELP MAGA

Marc Joshmar: they are trying to copy Trump, to no avail...

Marc Joshmar: what are those ice-blocks doing on her neck?

ajrose: Pelosi is bought and paid for!

Carole Boots: She should be the president! Nice to see trumps hotels and golf courses losing money, now he has to make friends with the enemy because Americans don’t want a con for a business partner. It speaks for itself when no one can say anything nice about him.

Tonie Schumann: Can anyone please donate her a strong suspension bra?

J.P. Welsh: How dishonest can be ??? My goodness. So sad, so sad ....

color Sgt pennywhistlepete: Did a good job of hiding the booze and the drool bucket!

G Rated: The Government pays Medicare / Medicaid Claims . I say how does the Government Police itself America.

G Rated: Drug Prices are out of control so is the President what are you going to do about both. Atleast in Michigan there busting the Doctors who write Illegal Perscriptions. Why don't the Feds go get the People in Congress that have taken money from the Big Pharma Medicare /Medicaid Providers Sponsors.

G Rated: Madame Speaker says she wants Legislature to come up with a Law to Indict Sitting Presidents in the Future for Wrong Doings.
Well we have a law in Place already ready its called Impeachment. If you use that to the full extent as in starting it then you can Indict a sitting President. Duh.. thats funny Hud and Duh spell the same way . Reverse them both and it says the same thing..


James Alexander: Get the boarders closed get non citizens off health cate lowers the price!

Raul Sauzameda: Nana needs a nap

Katherine: Uh Trump has already addressed this DEMS!! as Ken said below!!

Michele Mustafa: Thete is no way I could watch 41 minutes of this fraud talk. What is the summary of her main points? Anything worth knowing?


e r: But it is well known that pharmaceuticals are a Democrats best friend and they are going to get something that the public won't know about in return from their investments.

Robert Keel: Pelosi has the same disease that Trump, McConnell and others have - bloated arrogant egoism. In order to retain and exercise her political power, she is watching the US change from a democracy ruled by laws to an authoritarian scoff-law state and doing nothing.

Lala Lyons: I just read that dizzy Nancy will ask Congress that a sitting president could be indicted if that's the case the Congress should pass it's Obama it be stripped of his president title take his benefits away he's just returned at bogus Nobel Peace Prize now the Democrats are coming up with all kinds of nonsense cuz I know they will not win in 2020 Democrats is realized God has more power than they do

tracycolorado: Hows that ObamaCare working for you Nasty Pelosi ? Oh that's right , You and the Other Criminals get Cadillac Health Insurance Coverage which include low pay pharmaceutical coverage

CyBiL: Her voice is nauseating. Blah blah blah.
And she looks like a bottle of Pepto Bismal.

Amanda Brand: LOL....clowns

dnice: WOW finally-these Democrats must realize the circus of the debates and errant candidates are all over the place, and not one of them has it together and the DEMS have done nothing but fight TRUMP!!

Eldon Brown: She sounds as if SHE is on drugs!

Ian A Davies: 💀

Ian A Davies: Maggots the stinking lot
All hail Trump

The Rantosaur: Pelosi fake smile

Ken Ag: The cult Trump network (Fox News) is blocked on all my TVs. Got to figure out how to block it on YouTube. Build that wall around red states. LMAO!!!!!!

Auggie Barboza: Witch...

saffron wetter: Are these Dem's CRAZY?
or do they think the American people are CRAZY? President Trump has already did this....
And you're taking the credit for what our President has already done...yes it has been going on ..untill president Trump took care of it.
Just like lieing DemonRATS....sickening!!

jay roth: DemonRats/ Socialcists are cowards, liars & crooks. Period. For the last 100+ years they've got away with it. Trump is pulling away the veil and exposing you cowards in full color. You won't last long. Your clown circus is over. Lock them all up 2020!!!! Throw away the key 2020!!!!! Send them to China 2020!!!!!!!

Joshua Stringer: Now we won't be researching and developing at the rate we have been if they pass this. That extra cost fuels research and development but the left doesn't want that they want regression.

pradeepa sivakumar: Trump does all the hard work and dems wants to take credit huh.. while you dem rats where trying so hard to impeach him, Trump was doing his work with all honesty for the welfare of this country. You all should be behind for what he is doing for this country. Dumbo rats!!

Snakeyes: LOL! These losers have no shame.

Lady of the Woods: Rattle babble jabber nothing ! That’s too much pink hurts my eyes lol. I listen once again as the Dems makes fools out of themselves. I usually don’t speak negative of others . This gets to a person after a while .. so I speak

Pierre De L'amour: she's a witch with a b...
greetings from Austria

Henry Rodriguez: Why isn't she working on the criminal in the Oval Office's impeachment? You would think that all the Constitutional Republicans who have actually read our Constitution would help her instead of allowing this criminal to continue to violate the emoluments clauses, obstruction of federal investigations charges, nepotism of federal officials, and worst of all collusion with a foreign nation to affect our elections like when he asked Russia to send stolen emails in a national debate or when he helped his son hide the fact that he was brokering a deal to get dirt from people working for Russia and told him that in the emails that were latter released. Any one of these is impeachable. Anyone defending him is a traitor who obviously doesn't mind Russia interfering in our elections and they should go there to live. This country is for true Americans. Impeach this so-called president.

SMART ENERGY EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY: She passes ALL of the intelligent questions, concerns, issues to Mitch.

SMART ENERGY EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY: This KURU infected B*tch, NP needs a fresh cup of BABY BLOOD mixed drink....such an evil-doer.

SMART ENERGY EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY: It would be great if the Press didnt ask any questions about this subject of 'low cost drug cost".
Just dismiss them or ask them about treasonous subject matter constantly.

Caius Postumius Turrinus: This lady is a geriatric

SMART ENERGY EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY: M A G A >>>>>> K A G and beyond with Ivanka & Jr not far behind. :-)

SMART ENERGY EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY: D I S G R A C E & wicked smiles on their faces.

SMART ENERGY EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY: What the American People want is the Truth about your Non-profits orgs & GOAT HILL Pizza shops! ....We want Q PAIN JUSTICE for ALL of you.