Spy Tactics Used Against Trump Backfiring?

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Germaine Ludik: Couldnt understand why I wasn't seeing videos from you. Was unsubscribed!!! Grrrrr

Norma Pepper: What's with those flying eyebrows???

Just Common Senze Yo: Someone should changed it into " I abused my power to my own political benefit...!!! hahahah

julie Payne: I had a real time believing there were people as stupid as Pelosi, all she has to do is oprn her mouth and and it just falls out.

Mary: Here’s a very interesting story: http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=114135

Mary: Melania standing up for her child just proves Melania is a good mother. She was attacked for that? These people are stupid! The attack on president’s children has Never Been Allowed!

So the Horowitz report is coming out Monday and YT is going to silence truth on Tuesday? Naziisk tactics. Worked for him. We have to find a common area not under globalist control. There is brave and bitchute. Whatever platform is chosen, it has to be easy to navigate or people will give up. All of you need to be on the same place, like we find you now. Just my thoughts.

Richard G. Wrona: Attacked By A Scumbag Professor! These Libels Democrats Like Biden And The Scumbag Professor Seem To have A Sick Child Fixation! I wouldn't Be Surprised IF Her Name Pops Up In A Child Porn Or Trafficking Investigation🇺🇸 👍 🦅

nathan glover sr.: 15:38 uhhhh that would be Mr. Aleister Crowley now wouldn't it you evil rancid sin ridden soul. I pray you see your err and find Jesus or a cell in Guantanamo.

Nancy Jaynes: Is that a bot of Nancy? Sure doesn't sound much like her...

Mark Born: Pelosi is drunk AGAIN and got Mr. TRUMP CONFUSED with biden.

Mark Born: @Tina Gilbert you are so right, I agree 110%

Glen Parker: Just think of it, 4 constitutional lawyers, all democrats, and one ☝️ actually is intelligent enough to be a real professor. The others are merely political hacks & should be prosecuted for presenting false evidence!

Sally Kaley: They hit only when he is out of Country,

David Gustafson: Pelosi's alcohol induced reality is certain different than anything I've witnessed. Oh, well, it's her political suicide.

Jeannette Hooper: Nancy you are twofaced. You & your family used Ukraine to enrich yourself

Buy Bitcoins: I feel a mass Epstintion coming soon for the Libturd Dems

Scott A: If the media was 💯% Right wing owned. The left would have already found a way to shut it down.

Adam Bomb: RBG is on ice and Epstein didn't kill himself... Bart Simpson would be proud of this!!!!! https://youtu.be/RUPKMwcsCUg

M Taurus: As long as our President does not start executing these lunatics pathetic corrupted Traitors Dems - these Dems will keep on twisting back to our President & the Republicans all the corruptions, the stolen money & on & on - all the crimes the Dems did - back to the Republicans ... Start the execution & let's see how these crooked corrupted Politicians gone disappeared in no time - for good ... Demolish the DEMONCRATS Party & let them be GONE FOREVER !!! START SENDING THE SPECIAL MILITARY TROOPS & SPECIAL POLICE TO THE TRAITORS HOUSES & ARREST THEM ALL WHILE SLEEPING & BEING TELEVISED DURING THE ARREST ALA ROGER STONES ... EXPOSED ALL THE MONEY THESE CORRUPTED POLITICIANS & THEIR WHOLE FAMILY ARE DOING TO DERAIL ALL MONEY TO THE DEEP STATE ACCOUNTS & OAID TO THEIR ACCOUNTS USING THE GOVERNMENT FUND & STEALING THE TAXPAYERS MONEY - TO ENRICHED THESE CROOKED CORRUPTED DEMONCRATS ... SHOW IR TO MSM SO THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS HOW THESE CROOKED CORRUPTED LIARS ARE STEALING MONEY IN EVERY COUNTRY !!! DO IT !!! AND DO IT FAST !!!

John Larouche: Mr.Pesident,wwg1wga

RamblingRose: Hey Nancy; how you gonna frame Trump for what your senile buddy son and yours did in the Ukraine? Total TDS. She can't even keep her teeth in her mouth she's so corrupted

hugo w: And Adam Schiff posts a happy Thanksgiving photo with Eric C and his daughter . Funny how he doesn't know him .

TL: WW2. Who did the US get out of prison to help the US invade Southern Italy? Lucky? Do you think that deal was one way? Who Did the pope side with? How did the nazis exfil people out of Germany?

imladyt: God father 3

Sharon Santoro: For all that have followed Q, isn't it amazing that Trump has had to face these people & restrain himself from not punching the shit out of them or at least blurting out a little detail like: How your stay at The Standard Hotel,Pencil Neck??!!




sissyreed1: Thank you for the sermon at the end Craig. It really touched me & made a lot of sense. God Bless you & thank you for all that you do for us, to keep us informed. It's much appreciated.

MrTkkoti: The videos i shared also get deleted on my facebook. most of them are deleted

A F Mac: I'm praying God will turn around all the evil on the democrats that they're doing to Trump.

jcf ferreiraalfredo: For these people , lying is an Art .

rick: Where's the latest propaganda proving Trump ain't a pedophile and Zionist banker controlled puppet ? I bet ol Q ball can whip sumpin up . Has Trump exonerated his pedo buddy Nader yet ? Naw, the charges against Nader are too fresh I suppose. .Ah he will . Give it time . Like he's given Hillary . Just like he spray painted Epstein blue and gave him a whole new life & identity for burying the shit he's got on Trump . Drain the swamp ? . What a goddamn joke . Yeah it was converted to ice water for satan to pass out to everyone in hell .

Cynthia Drockton: Piglosi is a sow. She grovels in filth. San Francisco example.

Debra Nice: Pelosi face was malfunctionsing 🥴😳🤥 .. Evil one.. Thank you 🙏God bless all💞 Glad God put Donald Trump in to Drain the swamp & Disinfectant it 😷🙏💞

Mena: Hello Craig! Hello Patriots! Always feel sane here!!! Cheers!

Whicket Williams: she can not save herself, and she knows it you can see it in her attitude

Paul Garrett: It's interesting watching them all melt down.

Freebird1: Where is a rotten tomatoe when you need it, to throw at Nancy's face

Dana McGuire: If you see the domino as a 1 and the BE BEST as a backward 7, you have 17 again.

deb lambert: 1998 Pres.Clinton signed TREATY was Signed w/UKRAINE for both countries fight & report stop Corruption

deb lambert: Adam SHIFF Nancy need drug tested no eyes look like this Coked out of there minds..Nancy voice sounded like she hit crack pipe..Ricco Pedos Traitors Evil devil's..Impeach all Dems & Rinos

U Been Had: Correct me if i'm wrong but the Brave browser uses Google Chrome engine right ?

David Booher: Why does Palosi’s speech seem very similar to Obama speech’s???🤔🤔

J AA: Do you think Pelosi will get an Oscar for that sickening performance? Yuck!

Tammy Blocker: Nancy, you really need to see a doctor. You have completely lost your mind!

Ann Sumners: Nancy has 2 lights reflecting in her eyes that make it look like she has 2 pupils in each eye.

Mike Angelo: I wonder why no one has asked Pelosi how she agrees to kill unborn babies and how does this position line up with her Catholic church? She is a very bad person, one who is full of pride of position and truly full of hate.

Deebs Beekeeper: Nancy Pelosi is as much a liar as Adam Schiff. Second nature to them, like sons of perdition and of the father of lies.

wayne mcclory: The Women (Barren hump) That attacked our future President Barron Trump will find her place in HELL !