Stay Out Of NYC Hospitals [Tearful Nurse]

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Mary Lynne Rasmussen: WHERE is this money GOING? NOT this nurse.

John Hook: I wanna know who the 43 thumbs down are ? have you no soul ? or just evil ?

Christine Chandler: This is horrible😱 & there's a Bill or something being signed to cover businesses & hospitals if someone gets sick or dies... What can be done???

Jane Mahaney: Soon, it will be known that Trump was right all along. Get them HCQ-Zpack-Zinc early on and they will recover. Quickly. This is so sad.

Shawn from Communist NJ: She needs to start recording the medical malpractice and malfeasanceand making copies giving it to the press giving it to the attorney general of the state the prosecutor of New York. this is insane something needs to be done Cuomo needs to be charged for murder considering he sent infected people to senior homes he sent infected people to the most vulnerable part of our population if that's not murder I don't know what is

Jane Mahaney: This gives a whole new meaning to >>> "These people are SICK" !!

opchick05: What exact hospital is she working at? Get ahold of Rudy Giuliani. He can help, the guy is a pitbull and does give a crap about New Yorkers.

Lisa Rossiter: If this is about COVID -19 - The problem may lie with the governors and medical establishment; and not likely with the caregivers at the bedside. I’m sure there are many that are incompetent and many who are highly skilled. If a treatment or cure for COVID has been held back and not made available...then their hands are tied and the caregivers are in a terrible situation, in an already strained healthcare system. Unfortunately, everything is POLITICAL...including the issuing of guidance for treatment, etc... Very unfortunate situation!

Don G: I wouldn’t even doubt this is going on.. and yes I do think it’s happening.. BUT... you notice how she is pushing a “Racial Narrative”?.. black lives matter? Black guy? Small Hispanic lady? Contacting some racial agency? Be weary on this person.. could be trying to concoct a some kind of backlash .. she also looks up a lot searching for her story.. but as I said... this wouldn’t surprise me at all... they are trying to get the death numbers up!

Deb4130 Bolen: So Sad! I would love to share this on Facebook.......they prolly wouldn't allow.....

David Quinones: Those sociopathics doctors will be consumed by the light if they stay in the dark. Main event, is coming, the Solar Flash is coming, and that is the great true great awakwning.

Tammy Atkins: My understanding they get more money with people on respirators

rdml1125: What about the board of nursing? Erin Brockovich? She’s a whistleblower. Sad that a CV DX means $$$, so they don’t care.

Gary Eckroat: Death by design, kill the poor, old, and the eaters, Everyone needs to read Operation vampire killer 2000

Jerry Jazzbo: Wonder what happens to her starting tomorrow? I hope she is protected.

Tammy Atkins: You need the evidence these people need to go to jail

Bradley Short: Elderly folks with pneumonia/sepsis many times their temp will be low and THATS your clue. From what she is saying it appears like folks are being euthanized...I would be surprised if this brave nurse doesn’t get fired or has her license threatened, etc....

pipes: I've seen people with degrees that couldn't pour piss out of a boot with directions on the bottom. I don't know. It is like living in twilight zone. Until people start caring for each other as human beings we're doomed. Pray.

Gary Eckroat: This is the NWO at work

Gary Eckroat: Thin the heard and get paid

Ana Pena: And here thinking, that same thing could have been happening with the doctor who was supposedly made suicide?

tim allen: Backlash will come to this brave hero I'm afraid . I pray for her and her family

Dexter Mingo: As a paramedic of almost 8 years with experience in the back of an ambulance, ER and various areas of healthcare including at a medical school, I can say that we need more healthcare professionals who care about minorities. I don’t care what color you are but if you don’t love people that look like you but love others...that love ain’t real. Don’t tell me you have love of the God in your heart but don’t have love for others. Now is the perfect time to go to school...become a medical professional so you can make a difference.

Harley Cat: It's all about money. They (the hospitals) get $40K for each ventilator patient. I worry about her safety. God help us all! REOPEN OUR COUNTRY! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

* FLMAN: No one's saying it but these people are being murdered straight up homicide!!!!!

JR T: Just like Joans death folks...and same Hilly run state ...

* FLMAN: TWILIGHT ZONE !!!!!!!!!!!!! This s*** is so crazy I don't even know what to think anymore??? the evil is openly showing itself!!!!!!

Jer111 Louvelle: If your bring truthful you need to call the governor

Jer111 Louvelle: I hope this isn't a setup or a fake nurse this is unbelievable and criminal if true

JR T: What we all knew from day one of this scam- demic

* FLMAN: We are being punished for electing President Donald J Trump into office and they've already threatened us until we remove him this is how life's going to be look around you open your eyes everybody this s*** is serious !!!

* FLMAN: They only care about getting TRUMP out of office !!! The more deaths from the virus the better chances they think they have of winning the next election it's all about power

C.R.M: I’ve in and out of more hospitals than I care to remember since I was 2 years of age. One nurse pinched me every time she past me and she left bruises all over my body, I was a 2 year old child with severe gastroenteritis for fuck sake. Then I fractured my ankle when I was 3 years old and the person who put the plaster pares on my ankle forgot to put enough cottonwool on it, to make the pain worse I was in traction, resulting in my heal bone being scrapped daily for 6 weeks. When they were removing the plaster pares the heel bone was scrapped so badly and it was all espoused. I could go on, but I empathise with what you’re going through. God bless you and keep you strong 💪 you’re a lovely caring lady. 😘

Dona K: We need to help get her out of NY!!! I am in the medical profession and I understand her despair bcuz we go into the profession to care for the sick from our hearts. She is not safe after posting this video. I gave her my email address in hope that she gets it and offered for her to come to my home. I think it will need to be NG to help get her out of there safely! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💯

Debbie Harden: The hospital has taken away any family one to protect them from what she is telling us. This woman better take some more videos to protect herself from management coming down on her head.


Elizabeth Cooper: There are ways of quietly fixing this murderous crime spree against Humanity. And, this fine Nurse should not be going through this type of psychologically abominable experience because of the criminal conduct among her paid off and immoral colleagues. Many of us know that what she is saying about corrupt hospital administrators and their minions is indeed true.

Constance Turner: They get money for the dead people their was a Black woman from there said it happened to her sister and she blamed Trump because they didnt intubate but I left comments that it was Cuomo cuz potus made it state to state decision wise You need to get out of there


Constance Turner: Nurses need to strike this is why they dont want the family in their call the president or something try calling out of state

Debbie Harden: My does she even have a job???? Most nurses know to keep there mouth shut or loose your job.

Aleeta: So was she on a long break, seems kind of weird that she's not tending to patients rather than complaining. She could complain elsewhere such as at her home. So hard to trust people these days.

Level One Properties: Tell the patients family.

Karen Otte: blessed are those poor at ❤

Deborah Simmons: Why aren’t these patients getting the hydroxychloroquine that President Trump sent them????? They are just starting to use remdesivir ???? This is outright murder dressed up as medical malpractice !!!! Everyone needs to get on the horn to Cuomo directly and call him a murderer, especially if he is instructing these hospitals and doctors to not prescribe HCQ!!!!

mirimar69: In my country, this would be a major shitstorm! I feel for that woman, trying to maintain her sanity. I do hope something comes of this for at least her own wellbeing and faith in the healthcare system. Otherwise, she may just walk away and I wouldn't blame her.

Karen Otte: it shows how very few are are God's People and she is one.biessed be she on that great and terrible day

Destruct the construct *Josiethepatriot*: What they did to General Flynn really pisses me off. Not literally though because I'm not giving these lizards sloosh to feed off of.

J Raymond: We've all seen the lengths the Democrat party is willing to go through to destroy President Trump and his supporters (lie, collude, invent fake crimes, frame political enemies, put out fake news, plan a coup to overthrow our duly elected president, disappear people, etc). Are we really so naive to think doctors and nurses who don't like Trump aren't willing to sabotage treatments to make this scamdemic worse?!!
These deaths must be investigated! All of them!

Tc: She sounds and looks like acting